Eyebleach eyebleach

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

"Hold still, I'm trying to give you a back massage." - Fox

"I'm trying but your claws are digging into me and it hurts."- Dog

the quick brown fox jumps on the lazy dog and one time stays there for a few seconds but overall was really adorable


Jackdaws love my big sphinx of quartz.

My typing teacher was so damn mean. All that counselling down the drain now.

My silly boy (he's always this goofy)

My silly boy (he's always this goofy)

heckin bamboozled

I swear cats of this color (be it Siamese or Persan etc.) are always cross eyed. I know a persan with the same eyes. They look so silly but so cute !


Justifies the name 'eyebleach'

She is so photogenic!

She is so photogenic!


To anyone wondering, her name is Luna and she is a rescue, who may be part australian shepherd, catahoula, or husky...but she is the sweetest girl in the world.

Haha when she gets super happy she shakes her body and snorts, and this was caught right before it

I'm counting that as a yes :)

cats in squirtle costumes

How they tolerate it is mind blowing to me. Both my cat and my dog hate when you put some „pet clothes“ on them. They will try to escape before you even closed one button or zipper. Not working for us.

I want to see the cute faces.

I just want to see the reaction from the cashier when you bought 7 squirtle costumes.

I’m amazed at this as well, but if you look on the bed, one of the kittens is pulling off its suit.

Look at this furball


Not sure this is not a Pixar character

One chubby boi

What is that? A chinchilla? A fluffy rat? It’s Uber cute.

Cat just doesnt care at all

Don't confuse not reacting with not caring. There is a complicated revenge plot hatching in that head.

One that has seen this play out a million times.

It is an electrical cord. Plans are brewing. Devious ones.

What kind of person just lets their dog do that to their cat and takes a video instead of stopping it?

Unwrapping the purrito

Lookit the toes!

Aaaand I‘m in love.


How cute is that!

Saddy two shoes

I completely lost it when it zoomed out.

I can't believe such a creature exists.

Im fairly certain that this fish has evolved a defence mechanism that makes predators feel sorry for it.

sea toad

Apparently he’s a . He looks like he needs a hug.

I've never seen a fish look so unsure.

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