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I installed an app to check if there was spyware on my phone here are the results...

I installed an app to check if there was spyware on my phone here are the results...

When I clicked on more info, here's what it spat out:

Records audio on voice calls

Runs on device startup

Consumes 30% of battery life on average

Also it's 315 megabytes making it the second largest app on my phone

It can tell if you win and reports back to SLC.

Yes. I chuckled.

The content can be large. Delete that crappy app.

But holy fuck that's completely unnecessary--RECORD THE AUDIO ON YOUR VOICE CALLS?

My Wife Said Last Night She Doesn’t Think She Can Ever Be Religious Again

My Wife Said Last Night She Doesn’t Think She Can Ever Be Religious Again

My oh my how life can change.

Thanks for sharing. My wife told me she was out three years ago and we left together. She has no desire to return to any religion either. I'm sensing a pattern in the force.

Perhaps we would all be wise to follow our spouses.

Tell her she’s welcome here!

Congrats. I'm glad your story turned out that way.

And you said, Hot Dog! Congrats!

Where will you go? Exmormon New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern named one of Time magazine's 100 most influential people of 2018

Where will you go? Exmormon New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern named one of Time magazine's 100 most influential people of 2018

Uhhh... maybe take a few deep breaths and appreciate an exmormon succeeding against all narratives that the church leaders portray, especially ones about women limiting their aspirations outside of the home. Or spew your cynical political opinions I guess, whatever makes you happy.

The last time she spoke about TSCC she was openly praising them. She may have gone somewhere, but she isn't the hero this sub makes her out to be.

She will never be able to go to Kolob though


So according to time i guess im supposed to be impressed by this president because

1.) She's female 2.) Shes female. And apparantly shes some progressive Jesus.

And like a trillion politicians before her and after she makes awesome lip service promising to make changes.

I guess new Zealanders will see if she actually good or not or like majority of politicians just another shit head.

But i guess ill should like the rest of "modern" Society and get brainwashed into the cult of illogical circle jerk worship of politicians based off emotional fluffy bullshit and not actual substance.

Politicians are typically worse than your average cult. Political parties are much more dangerous than cults.

So yah heres my thoughts on her and most politicians explained by a YouTube video.

Left three years ago. Officially resigned a year ago today! It's been a crazy year but I'm just happy to be here!

Left three years ago. Officially resigned a year ago today! It's been a crazy year but I'm just happy to be here!

Glad you are here!

Glad that you’re out!!

Glad that your out!

Congratulations on getting out! You look happy!

Wrote an email to my entire Elder's Quorum

Wrote an email to my entire Elder's Quorum

So I stopped attending a few years back but am still on the church records. I still try to be friends with many in the EQ and think they are great guys. I do miss seeing them although it is not worth sitting through church meetings. Each week the presidency sends out a lesson recap. I received a recap email recently that really frustrated me and I couldn't let it go unanswered so I replied all. I had just read an article about the increased rates of suicides happening among Utah teenagers which made this all the more offensive. Thank you to all the great examples in Reddit who have helped me have the courage to stand up to bullies and lies and I wish to encourage others to do the same.

Eq Email

"The other half of class was spent covering the fact that there are critics and non-believers out there that want to bring down the church and plant doubt in our mind.  The first suggestion was to disregard any offers to read material offered.  Why should we take advice from someone who knows very little about our church or what we believe?

If anyone has doubts, which from time to time happens, go to the Lord in prayer and also find answers in the Scriptures.  Don't make the mistake of seeking the advice of men and the non-sense that can be found on the internet.  All of your quorum members are there for each other as is the bishopric.  We are brothers and sisters in the gospel and are happy to support each other."

My Response

Hello Elders,

I appreciate the Elder's quorum emails and although I do not attend with you I do read them and enjoy looking for the words of Christ wherever I can find them.

I was saddened and disappointed with this last email that was sent out discussing treatment of those with doubts in their Mormon faith. I found it incredibly ignorant assuming information outside of the church walls must come from “critics and non believers” set out to “bring down the church and plant doubt in your minds”. Wow. Of course there are some who fall in that category but the majority of people whom I have found out of or transitioning out of Mormonism are some of the best people you can meet. Most will have stories very different from what you may imagine. It is ironic that so many who have deeply struggled are painted as liars or deceivers when they have gone through great pains to find honest answers and follow truth. Non-believers are labeled as those who mingle truth with words of men. Really, who wants to try to promote a half-truth when the full truth caries so much more credibility? I would hope in today's society we would all appreciate a truthful, non-bias opinion.

Major decisions in life are okay to look at openly and honestly. Take for example a career. Is it okay to look carefully into what you are investing immense amounts of money and time on through schooling and making plans to do for the rest of your life? How about religion? Can honest effort without criticism be put into finding answers that you will base your childrens' lives and salvation on? What if you are to look at both the pros and cons? And how is it still considered wrong when looking only to LDS sources? I can't imagine telling someone they are too dumb to research a church issue and come up with a correct decision. In fact, the more you study it in both your heart and in your mind, the more likely you are to come up with the wrong answer?? Should we really just deflect whenever we can to the approved answer, bury yourself in the Book of Mormon and ask God to tell you it is all true. Is it fair to allow God to give us any other options?

Thank you if you have read this and I do not in any way intend to share any troubling doctrine or ask anyone to doubt. Anyone who has comfort and peace in the church with the understandings they have I deeply respect. I mean this sincerely and wish all the best for you and your families and do not want in any way to change this.

I empathize with those who do question and do not feel they have any real support. You may have been told too many times to “doubt your doubts” as if you had not been doing this all your life. This is really not helpful to an attending member. Understanding confirmation bias (look it up in a dictionary or Wikipedia) and that it is a natural thing we all experience helped me understand my struggles and why there are those who will fight so hard for and against the church and all of us in between.

I agree with the email that there is support within the ward. Bishop XXXX knows I think he is amazing and I have found him to be a good listener and understanding with me during difficult times. I also agree that prayer with an accepting mind is an excellent help.

If you did not go over them in the meeting, the approved “Gospel Topics Essays” found on LDS.org can give you some actual answers to questions when others will not. A search on LDS.org on “polyandry” can give you the article “Plural Marriage in Kirtland and Nauvoo” if this is also a stumbling block for you as it was for me. The essays are very limited and church friendly and I wish someone had directed me to them first when I had questions.

I want to say I am always available to anyone who does not feel heard. I will not be one to tell you that I have all the answers but I can feel good about saying lately I have felt closer to God, found more peace, and no longer feel the need to continually rationalize. I would never share anything discussed in private. I just know how I felt alone in my struggles and wished someone had reached out and listened to my real concerns without the awkwardness that their testimony would be threatened.

Thank you and wish you all the best!

My name and phone#

That was so brave! Good for you.

Bravo! Well said!

Well done!

Have you gotten any feedback? It will be interesting to see if you remain on the EQ mailing list or if responses get blocked in the future.

Left 4 years ago and am the happiest I've ever been

Left 4 years ago and am the happiest I've ever been

Hell ya! Congrats on the being amazing. I wish you the best!

I bloody love your jacket.

I bought those exactglasses in San Francisco and I feel so bad I lost them.

Way to be that wild child!

Just saw this on another ex-religion site. Thought it was funny. Sorry if it has been posted before.

Just saw this on another ex-religion site. Thought it was funny. Sorry if it has been posted before.

Hell is such a disturbing concept. And what's maybe even more disturbing is the number of Christians who delight in the idea that people who dare to disagree with them will burn there forever.

As a TBM, I always thought Mormonism was better than other religions because we didn't have the concept of hell, really. Of course, there's Outer Darkness and also the third of the host of heaven who got cast out just because they wanted to come back home. But at least Mormonism doesn't have images of people being tortured for eternity.

Yeah, I used to think that too. And I mean I guess I can say that it is one of the things Mormonism does better.

There's no threat of being miserable for eternity for the most part. Just that you won't be with your family. Both are bad, but one is way less intense. Which is good. I guess.

When mormons would tell me I wouldn't be with my family if I didn't do _, or if I did do__, it would make me laugh.

Really? You think I want to spend eternity with my parents, siblings, and all of the people that brings into the mix? Are you kidding??? Stop threatening me with hell. That would be my hell. I can't even tolerate my parents phone # showing up on my phone.

Hahah, yeah.

Not to mention, how does it make sense? In my mind back then it was like "K I'm gonna be with my grandparents, parents, siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles. Just like it is now."

But every single one of those has a different setup than I did. One that includes me, but also includes their grandparents/parents/siblings/aunts&uncles. Eventually it really just means that you're with your spouse, right? Otherwise everyone's just together, which kinda takes the exclusivity away of being with 'your family' for eternity.

The power of faith!

The power of faith!

TBM DW literally told me that someone probably just moved all the evidence. Mysteriously removing the remains of 2 million people, their weapons, "horses," and armor = easier than changing ones mind about made up stuff that is considered settled by the whisperings of the SpiritTM.

Actually and literally laughed out loud.

Cumorah is Where is Waldo for geologist.

everyone in mormonism thinks the whole world has it out for mormonism when no one really gives a shit usually.

They’re sharing pictures of their books of mormon over on the faithful sub. Shall we join them?

They’re sharing pictures of their books of mormon over on the faithful sub. Shall we join them?

I would typically cringe at any book being burned.

But... there must be something like 15 copies of this book printed for every human being on the earth. The church has made printing copies of this book a sport.

The spirit of god like a fire is burning!!

*base drop

Sharing photos of their copies of The Book of Mormon? Um, that sounds like about the dullest thing ever.

Hey, I wrote a book called My Dog Took A Dump. It's more than a little racist and super boring. I actually plagerized most of it. The cover sucks balls, too. Through telling people they'd never see their families again if they didn't invest in my real estate organization, I've made billions and now own my own printing press. I really like my book so I decided to print 150,000,000 copies and give them away for free (because thank God there's nobody starving or suffering on this planet who that money should be helping instead). This will make my investors feel like I'm important because that's a helluva lot of books, right?! Then I can also brag about how popular my book is, even though most of my investors themselves haven't read the book through once, let alone regularly. I know some copies might pile up in secondhand stores and my distributer's apartments until we can find people who will actually take one. Either way, I think I'm going to keep flooding the Earth with it because the greater the supply, the greater the demand will be!

P.S. if you send me some money, it will make you richer

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