Happy St George's Day, Europe! Patron saint of England, Catalonia, Portugal, Venice, Malta, Georgia, Serbia, and Lithuania

Happy St George's Day, Europe! Patron saint of England, Catalonia, Portugal, Venice, Malta, Georgia, Serbia, and Lithuania

Am I the only one noticing the Pac-Man on top of the flag pole?

All I know is about the dragon.

And Moscow and Stein am Rhein and probably hundreds of other places.

St George, according to legend, was a Roman soldier of Greek origin and officer in the Guard of Roman emperor Diocletian, who ordered his death for failing to recant his Christian faith. As a Christian martyr, he later became one of the most venerated saints in Christianity and in particular the Crusades.

A photo of Bielefeld, Germany.

A photo of Bielefeld, Germany.

desktop background for german localized win XP

Here we go again. The Bielefeld theory, perhaps even older then Germany itself.

Yeah. It's just a joke. Who would ever believe that Bielefeld truly exists?

It's not a theory, though.

Meanwhile in the EU

Meanwhile in the EU

"Everyone in Europe lives in a no go zone under Sharia law, also please let me into the schengen zone."

Lol. Nice one.

Russia's brain drain.

Gotta love it how people piss all over the disgusting West with its despicable liberal values and open societies, yet they still want to come over here in massive numbers.

Anyone have some recent numbers on Russians moving to the EU/Europe (and vice versa)?

probably this is different people? Russians who are educated enough to be able to move to EU tend to not share this mindset

Russia Putin and Turkey Erdoğan are the sick men of Europe

On This Day, 15 Years Ago:Czech Republic, Estonia, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia joined the European Union!

On This Day, 15 Years Ago:Czech Republic, Estonia, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Malta, Pol...

Technically we joined on May 1st 2004, this is the anniversary of the accession agreement.

A fantastic moment that sealed our fate in a similar direction alongside our European counterparts - one of, at the very least - the ideals of, equality, freedom and prosperity. Looking at where Ukraine and Belarus, and Russia are right now, I am extremelly glad my predecessors took this direction - even taking into account the ''damage'' the EU caused through free movement and limits on certain industries (e.g. sugar).

No, France was already in the EU by then.

cries in name dispute

Winter is finally over in nordic.

Winter is finally over in nordic.

I hate this time of year. Cold in the morning so I wear warm clothes and it rises to god damn 15 degrees during the day. I'm melting!

On the other hand, it's funny to see the guys who don't give a shit and wear t-shirts and shorts during the 5 degrees period in the morning.

I too light my fireplace when temperatures reach 10ºC

I'd rather be a bit cold in the morning than dying of heat stroke the rest of the day.

Fireplace? You mean you start up the barbecue, right?

The Sinking Castle, Rocca Scaligera di Sirmione

The Sinking Castle, Rocca Scaligera di Sirmione

It looks more like an arsenale or a fortified port than a sinking castle. I'm not fun at parties.

That is a fortified harbor, not a sinking castle in Lombardy region of Italy . Still cool, though.

The artificially structured harbor was a safe harbor for the Lake Garda fleet.

It's an amazing pic either way, no clue why OP is lying about it.

Seems like an account that is just busy farming karma. I wonder if he'll soon tell us why Ukraine is an extension of Russia.

Fun fact. I did swim in there when I was a kid. I don't think it's allowed anymore though.

Another fun fact: you can row a bit further in the lake (west) and get to swim in hot natural streams. In the lake. With bubbles.

Yet another fun fact: Sirmione has roman ruins at the northern tip of the peninsula and when you visit you should to bring your bathing suit because the beach is made of LAYERED NATURAL PINK MARBLE.

Truck drives into group of people in Münster, Germany. Deaths and injuries reported

Truck drives into group of people in Münster, Germany. Deaths and injuries reported

Police thinks it's some kind of attack, not an accident. Three people are confirmed dead and around 30 injured.

The truck drove into some people sitting at a cafe in the inner city.

E: It's confirmed that it was a van and not a truck. It's to be said that the driver shot himself right after.

E2: It's confirmed that the driver of the van is among the dead. Local media reports now up to 50 injured, six injured are accordingly in critical condition. It was said that the police would search for two other perpetrators. A police spokeswoman told Reuters in the early evening that the danger was averted. The Police is not looking for more suspects.

E3: Police found a larger amount of explosives in the van, special forces are on site to defuse the explosives. turns out not true and nothing found

E4: more and more reports showing up that the driver was a suicidal, mentally ill German citizen with no ties to islamic state or anything. The police told DIE ZEIT recently, they do not want to give information about the age, the nationality and the possible motives of the perpetrator. Also, the number of victims is still unclear, they would be treated in the various hospitals in the city. The police want to announce further information at a press conference this evening, the time is still unclear.

(I'll wait for that until I update the final statement about the driver)

E5: the Federal Ministry of the Interior official announced four deaths, three victims and the driver.

Final Edit: Local Newspapers received pretty accurate information that the driver is a well known mentally ill person here in and from Münster. At this moment I'm pretty sure the police is going to confirm this information later and I can spend the evening with other things.

As sad as it is and if you want to restore your faith in humanity, here's the waiting line of the people who wants to donate blood in front of the hospital.

I hate that this is becoming less shocking because it has happened so many times.

If you have read these kinds of topics over the past years on Reddit, you exactly know how often people are wrong in that sense. If you just look at all the faulty stuff Reddit (and people on other outlets) assume on the basis of nearly no facts is just mindboggling.

And to address the elephant in the room: if it turns out to be some radical muslim, the entire thing will repeat itself again as clockwork. In the end, the only tangible thing we'll notice is a further divide due to some people being allergic to nuance and others giving up on actually trying to awaken it in others. It is not constructive, nor do these 'discussions' lead to solutions.

Edit: You have already proven to be wrong. This is why we should not assume things. Learn your lesson for once, and the same goes for any other speculator out there. Just wait for the facts, is it so damn hard?

Edit 2: Extremely disgusting how you refuse to admit your mistake.

Wie die Süddeutsche Zeitung erfuhr, soll es sich bei dem Täter um einen Deutschen namens Jens R. handeln. Er wurde 1969 geboren und soll in den Jahren 2014 und 2016 psychisch auffällig gewesen sein. Es gibt keinerlei Hinweise auf einen terroristischen Hintergrund.

Edit: in short, the perpetrator's name was Jens R., born in 1969, brought in for psychological treatment in 2014 and 2016, no terrorist background.

Street in Brno, Czechia

Street in Brno, Czechia

Vidím Česko, dávám upvote.

I see Czechia, I upvote.

Oh, changing from flight to train there on Monday.. Must see if I have a little bit of time to walk around!

The city where Gregor Mendel did his work about genetics !!!


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