Colorado State Student Performing Structural Integrity Test (X-Post r/whitepeoplegifs)

I gotta think him landing off center playing a big part here. Landing right above the support definitely helped keep the table up, but still that's amazing it held.

But let's take a moment to thank the plastic retaining its shape. Had it broken, the metal upright could do some damage.

Trying to break metal at it's strongest most stable point. Murica

I know "Rule 6) No low-effort posts. This includes jokes, puns, etc." Technically the title is correct though.

Seriously the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this was "The engineer who designed this table (able to sustain a ~150lbs(?) weight dropped from 3 stories up and remain perfectly intact) built this thing like a rock"

Besides, I didn't know where else on Reddit to go for engineering humor.


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this gear box

this gear box

Although the concept is really interesting, the video is awful... music volume way too high, voice volume way too low and also voice too monotonous and droning to listen to...

why this isn't efficient or feasible though.

Absolute pain in the ass to manufacture.

Maybe. But there are still some unwritten minimum standards that this video does not live up to...

Thats really cool actually. I wonder if someone after me with more knowledge on this topic will pop in and give reasons why this isn't efficient or feasible though. Hope not lol, because I would love to do away with the regular old gear and chain on any of my bikes.

What an engineer gets his son when he graduates from undergraduate <3

What an engineer gets his son when he graduates from undergraduate <3

Oh we're not supposed to steal them from work?

Just remember to bring them back for calibration every year.

My wife forgot about calibration day while she was out of the country for a work trip, I had to dig through the shed to find the right pair of calipers and then drive them to her work so nobody would get in trouble for having an uncalibrated caliper on hand. I had no idea it was that serious.

Oh, an engineer's C-clamp!

Paper robotics

What type of witchcraft is this!

Don't spread bad information, they are small robots on wheels. They just do a few simple behaviors.

Stop motion animation?

This is really cool. Anywhere I can read about this?

Acrobot (xpost r/interestingasfuck)

The way the robot grabbed the bar again was very impressive and caught me off guard. Well done!

|10| |9| |10| \O/ \O/ \O/ | | | /\ /\ /\


Are you the robot?

This is a mercury vapor rectifier. It turns two or three phase alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC) (xpost r/interestingasfuck)

and now all you need is a chip that you can hold in the palm of your hands, thank goodness for engineers!

It operates on the difference in electron work function between two materials. In this case mercury, which has a very low work function, and carbon/graphite which has a very high work function. So it's easier for electrons to exit the puddle of mercury than to exit the graphite electrodes. Hence it works like a check valve.

The operating principle of semiconductors also operations on difference in excitation energies. However the check valve function in semiconductor diodes is mostly provided by the increase of width of the p-n depletion region when a reverse bias voltage is applied.

But what have we lost? Our grand fathers practiced mad science in rooms full of glowing vials, bubbling concoctions, arcing tesla coils - now where are we? It's just a guy sitting in front of a computer.

Or, now hear me out, 4 diodes and a capacitor :P

My Rubik's Cube Robot executing a solution in 0.76 seconds.

The robot doesn't yet have image recognition so I am using hardcoded solutions. This particular scramble and solution is identical to the one used by the current world record holder (0.637 seconds) and I am using it as a benchmark for testing the stability of the robot and seeing how I compare to the best.

94-year-old Lithium-Ion Battery Inventor Introduces Solid State Battery

94-year-old Lithium-Ion Battery Inventor Introduces Solid State Battery
94-year-old Lithium-Ion Battery Inventor Introduces Solid State Battery

So this potentially allows for smaller batteries of similar range in cars, or similarly sized batteries with 3 times the energy density. That means range could be improved by a factor of a little less than 3. Imagine an electric car went 700-800 miles per charge, and charged fully in a couple of minutes. That would solve the range anxiety problem with electric cars.

6 years & $16 Billion Dollars later, the Hebron Platform is in final stages of construction.

6 years & $16 Billion Dollars later, the Hebron Platform is in final stages of construction.

ITT: People thinking they have a shred of inclination of whether this is going to be profitable or not. I assure you, they've done the math and they think they'll make money, and they know way more than any of us about the specifics.

Bell Siphon Demonstration

It's used a lot in Aquaponics/hydroponics. In fact I thought I was in that sub until I saw your question.

Plants require oxygenation of the root zone, which is a problem if you want to grow in water. Two options, oxygenate the water, which some systems do, or regularly drain the whole root zone.

The bell siphon can provide regular fill/drain cycles with a constant flow input. They are typically timed so that it takes much longer to fill than drain so that roots can never dry out.

However, in practice these are very finicky. They are prone to either never forming a siphon and just filling to the overflow and staying like that, or the opposite of not breaking the siphon and staying at the low point. Either way, your plants die.

Many people have abandoned them in favor of using timers on the pumps to facilitate the fill and drain cycle.

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