Presenting thorium power to the U.N....we won!

Presenting thorium power to the U.N....we won!

I'm going to the U.N. and Congress. (Read this if you don't know what I'm talking about.)

Reddit came through with a huge number of votes, first from r/energy and then from r/technology, which got me to #13 on the reddit front page.

In the National category, with five entries, I ended up with 56% of the total (652 votes). In Global, out of three entries, I got 61% (359 votes). Votes were coming in so fast that another team accused me of cheating.

The presentation to the U.N. will be on Jan. 24. Congress isn't scheduled yet but they're going to try to make it around the same time. At this point I'm in touch with experts on LFTRs and IFRs who can vet my presentation.

I gave reddit props on the contest site here:

I'll also mention, most of my votes came from reddit, and so did a lot of the material in my proposal. Much of it I wouldn't have come across if the reddit "hivemind" hadn't fed it to me. More came from the collection of blogs I follow. Essentially I've been leveraging some collective intelligence separate from the colab.

You guys are awesome.

I have a chance to present thorium power to the U.N. Secretary General's advisory team on climate change

I have a chance to present thorium power to the U.N. Secretary General's advisory team on climate change

MIT has an annual contest to crowdsource solutions to global warming. I've made it to finalist with an entry that advocates liquid thorium reactors, along with other advanced reactors and various other technologies.

At this point, a winner will be chosen by popular vote. Anyone can log in and vote. My entry is here if you're so inclined.

My entry is the only one that promotes any form of nuclear power. There was an entry focused on thorium, but it got knocked out before the final round...but that group has formed a team to promote thorium going forward, and I've joined up with them.

Last year I was a winner in this contest. We went to the U.N. and had a nice roundtable discussion with a group that directly advises the Sec Gen on climate change issues. The next week we had a more formal presentation to congressional staffers. That'll happen this year too.

EDIT: One vote per person on each entry, please. Things are going great, and duplicate votes just make work for the MIT guys who have to filter them out.


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