How animals see the world

We asked the animals what they see and they told us.

Video source:

The gif is way too fast for human eyes to observe clearly.

Can anyone ELI5 how we are able to recreate this exactly?

Condensation as a Clean Water Source

I'm skeptical. Water is most needed in dry, hot places -- places where there isn't going to be much moisture in the air in the first place. What this thing supposedly does could probably be done with any old piece of tarpaulin, which would take up much less space and be usable for other things. And why would it mention that it was tested in Ethiopia without mentioning the result of the test?

I don't think this is meant for places with little water, but places with little CLEAN water. There are plenty of places with abundant water but little is drinkable due to pollution.

Looks cool, but how do they keep stuff like dust, pollen, spores and other pollutants from the water? Seems like one good dust storm would have the thing covered, which would then make it into the water. You'd have to hose it down with clean water to keep the dust off, which may not even work that well due to the way that mesh is constructed. Also, grass and sticks and possibly even birds and insects could get caught up in the mesh and be quite difficult to remove completely; which I think would really mess with the functionality of the device. Also, I really hope the "collection device" (read: bowl) underneath isn't the standard way you would collect that water, evaporation would take away what windblown dust didn't wreck.

I want to believe, but as a field technician, all I see are ways that thing would be fucked in real-world conditions.

Asthma treatment surgery.

I had never known anyone with asthma. A friend with it slept at my house one night and she had a reaction to one of my three cats (the other 2 cats used to be hers). All night she was emitting this very weak cough. I had work to do in the morning and her cough kept me up all night. In the morning she walked around like a wet towel and I thought she was being dramatic. I dropped her off at her house and before I got home she called me and asked for a ride to the hospital. I was mad because we were just in the car together! We got to the hospital and they didn't even check her in, they just rushed her to an emergency bed. And they kept her for 3 nights. I had no idea how serious an asthma flare up was and felt like an idiot for many weeks.

Thank you for being honest about what you were thinking. My son has asthma and it can become life threatening. Before I knew him, I thought the same as you.

When you share stories like this, you educate more people.

I'm happy to hear you got to know your son

As an asthmatic, nooooooooooooo.

What happens when Mercury (II) Thiocyanate is set on fire?

Sooo... It opens a portal to hell?

and here comes the LUCIFER!!!

Is this in real time?

I would lose my mind if I saw this. Looks like a dragon from hell is spawning.

Laser Cleaning: HIGH POWER 1000W!

And I am still brushing my teeth like a 3rd world slob.

1) Acquire laser gun

2) Pew pew pew

3) Profit.

at least you're brushing!!!

According to this guy, these lasers are around 1 micron wavelength (near infrared).

According to this paper (page 136), the absorption spectrum of cellulose (the molecule that makes up the bulk of paper) is kinda unpredictable in the near-infrared, and 1 micron isn't shown on the graphs, but it's just barely off to the left and transmission is very high at 2.7, the smallest wavelength shown.

So I'm going to conclude based on my ten-minutes-of-googling expertise that the paper does not absorb the spectrum of the laser.

edit: lol which I just realized is a totally bogus explanation because the laser doesn't pass through the paper, there's still rust beneath, so it's obviously being absorbed.

New answer: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Here's how Humans evolved!

All of that for one branch to become a dead end at me.

rat... suddenly....... CAMEL

This is inaccurate - we shared common ancestors with those animals but we didn't evolve FROM monkeys, dinosaurs, lizards, and do on. We don't know what a lot of these common ancestors look like but it's not like what exist on earth these days. For example the divergence of the reptiles and mammals led to the common ancestor of reptile-like ancestors that have a stance akin to a lizard - we're thinking more like platypuses.

Not saying this is trash but I would suggest this is an example of common ancestry rather "how humans evolved."

Sauce: science teacher, undergrad was physiology and neurobiology and I love evolution.

So this is not in real time?

How to open locks with a lockpick gun

It's a fancy bumpkey

Ive watched this 12, 13 times and I am amazed at this blackmagic fukery. but i still dont know how it works

I used to work as a locksmith - my boss was a tight fisted little shit and wouldn’t get me one of these for work; his reasoning? Non-destructive entry only gets a one hour labour charge - if I drill the lock out, then you get +1.5hrs and you can charge people stupidly inflated prices for fitting a replacement cylinder and cutting new keys.

Seriously folks, if you ever get locked out and call a locksmith, check if they can do non-destructive entry and if not, drilling out a standard (non-high security) cylinder and gaining entry should take no more than an hour at most. And save yourself the money - buy a replacement cylinder from your local B&Q/hardware shop and fit it yourself - YouTube for ‘how to replace lock cylinder’. Locks aren’t rocket science - we just think they are because we can’t see what’s going on inside when we use them!

Pretty much. Just makes it easier to bump the pins rapidly so you don't have to reset your pins after every attempt.

France 1940 (From Why We Fight)

France 1940 (From Why We Fight)

I've never seen war looking so organic. There's something fascinating about seeing it less as machinery and more as a living growth.

I want to see more conflicts animated like this.

Try a youtube Channel called Baz Battles

Cool, and there’s Dunkirk.

Watched the movie a couple of weeks ago and Churchill’s, “We Shall Fight on the Beaches” scene put a tear in my eye. War is truly absurd and incredible.

How raindrops get their smells

People getting sick after the first rainfall in a while makes sense now.

It is a phenomenon colloqiually known as "the rain kickin' up germs and stuff"

I have never heard of this.

Also people “catching colds” because they went out in the rain

Mixing a face powder compact (1958)

There is totally a market for this nowadays. Custom colours etc.

Now made with 50% less asbestos

This is really fascinating.

True, I think they do it with liquid foundation though. From what I’ve seen they scan 4 different parts of your face and mix a custom color in the machine right in front of you. It’s pretty cool seeing it being made and having a foundation color true to your skin, but it’s 80$ for a bottle, so there’s that.

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