Before vs. after watching Dragula

Before vs. after watching Dragula

I love Victoria but hers kinda looks like a gothic dog cone

I do think Violet's dog cone is more flattering when u put the 2 together. Victoria's was really tight to her face

while Violet's looks like a kawaii dog cone...?

They are all dog cones

Unpopular Opinion (?) *possible spoiler*

Unpopular Opinion (?) *possible spoiler*

I feel like tonight’s episode was kinda disappointing, runway wise. Don’t get me wrong, I loved some of the looks tonight but compare it to last season’s top 3 floor show... does no one else see the difference? I’m not trying to be hateful or anything. But Vander ate her fucking vomit. Melissa pulled a crucifix out her ass. This season we got toe sucking and a trailer park bitch? I personally loved Victoria’s filth runway and I thought it was amazing but even then I feel like last season was way more out there/‘edgy’. ESPECIALLY with the horror looks. Compare the horror looks from then to now.. really? Am I just being a negative Nancy or does anyone else agree?

Victoria literally fucked a corpse lmfao. Y’all are desensitized

I think y’all are starting to mythicize last season’s looks tbh... Vander and Melissa were amazing, but I think all 3 this year were on par with them. The only one that was beyond everything else was Vander’s horror for me, but the glamour and filth looks were pretty leveled

Are people just glossing over all of Frankie’s sub par looks? At least all three this year stepped it up

I agree... Bitqchs filth look was especially incredible. She had a full realized character, and created a performance that was not only completely disgusting, but also wildly creative. Vanders filth look is hyped up in the OP, but really it was pretty obvious and generic comparatively imo

Electric Nosferatu Realness!

Electric Nosferatu Realness!

The Look was worse when the lights shined on her. Honestly this look wouldve been better if her face was black with the red eyes like this

yeah. like they stayed dark so long that I thought she actually just put a black mask to cover the features of her face and had the eyes and I was living. I still liked it with the lights on but the horror factor went down a bit

I hope this exact gif replays in my nightmares for years to come

It would be lovely

All fixed.

All fixed.

It's perfect now!

They say you should put your mouth where your money is

It’s Abhora, made from polymer clay. You can’t really buy it unless you’d like this one; it’s got a detachable head which is neat.

What is this and where can I buy one

When you realize Dragula won't be back for 9 months

When you realize Dragula won't be back for 9 months


AS3 and S10 can hold me over. Hopefully

Daddy where are you

OMG I totally forgot about AS3 premiering next week

Nothing but respect for MY president

Nothing but respect for MY president


I was about to say what is it with these Atlanta girls and screaming once they're crowned!

I love that the crown just happens to match her look so well, same colours as her makeup and everything

That whole look deserved to win

Stomping her way to the top of the competition and killing each category, I present to you the winner of Dragula season 2!

Stomping her way to the top of the competition and killing each category, I present to you the winner of Dragula season 2!


I couldn’t be happier. Biqtch is seriously so fucking deserving. I will admit, I was skeptical at first, but she really turned the damn thing around (and I can’t wait to see VEB on all losers!!!)

look at this bitch's storyline, that's some oscar shit

I live for her

she looks more glamorous in this picture than she did in the actual glamour category imo

James's message with their filth look

James's message with their filth look

I can't believe you just said that out loud.

I love you

she was lookin good feeling thorgeous

tsk tsk greedy chops.




How the fuck do the gays come up with this stuff

I didn’t know I needed this until now

This gave me a seizure but I love it

Regarding the new Drag Supermonster [SPOILERS]

Regarding the new Drag Supermonster [SPOILERS]

Would you have told me 3 months ago that Biqtch was going to win the season, I would have NOT believed you.

So proud of her for proving herself worthy of the title. God bless her.

Queen of redemption boudemption? arcs

On the poll after the first episode, literally 0 people predicted her to be the winner. And was also by far the least popular pick for who people wanted to win.

Such a crazy comeback

she truly is.. That Biqtch

Honestly. I was so underwhelmed with her promo I forgot about her until the premiere and thought “ok maybe she wanted to go all out to compensate for her not doing so well”

Even until episode 4 I wanted her gone because I thought she wasn’t bringing it 100%

But since the Si-Fi challenge she has been my favorite to win and I don’t regret a single moment

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