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'i before e, except after c' has more exceptions than the rule [OC]

'i before e, except after c' has more exceptions than the rule [OC]

I before E...

...except in a zeitgeist of feisty counterfeit heifer protein freight heists reining in weird deified beige beings and their veiny and eidetic atheist foreign schlockmeister neighbors, either aweigh with feigned absenteeism, seized by heightened heirloom forfeitures (albeit deigned under a kaleidoscope ceiling weighted by seismic geisha keister sleighs) or leisurely reimbursing sovereign receipt or surveillance of eight veiled and neighing Rottweilers, herein referred to as their caffeinated sheik's Weimaraner poltergeist wieners from the Pleiades.

As someone else pointed out a large number of these are german words.

I grew up hearing this rhyme: "'I' before 'E' Except after 'C' Or sounded like 'A' Like in 'neighbor' or 'weigh'"

German-based words are the major exception. In German, "ei" is always pronounced as "I", and "ie" is always pronounced as "E". Great examples: "schießen" means "to shoot", and is pronounced "SHEE-sen"; "scheißen" means "to shit", and is pronounced "SHAI-sen". The lesson to take away from this is as follows... loanwords and cognates from German regularly break the "'I' before 'E'" rule; and a sign that says "nicht schießen" means "no hunting", not "no shitting".

The fact that English is approximately 25% German-based makes this rule invalid.

As a German ... what is Schlockmeister supposed to mean?

World's Highest Paid Athletes [OC]

World's Highest Paid Athletes [OC]
World's Highest Paid Athletes [OC]

Very nice! Personally I'd also be interested to see a 'highly paid but unpopular' athletes. Like how does Vettel earn $38m in salary but have so few endorsements.

F1 drivers are walking advertising billboards so to speak. They endorse companies that sponsor their team. In Vettel's case it involves doing adverts for DHL, etc. Plus Vettel's a very very private guy.

Looking at Andrew Luck, Forbes uses 47M which is the fully guaranteed amount on his 6 year contact signed in 2016. Seems like an odd approach to reporting earnings with contracts. Taking this approach, he may only show earnings of bonuses in the couple million dollar range for 2017.

And after this weekend he has also shown himself to be a massive cock.

Muscles Used During a Pedal Stroke

Muscles Used During a Pedal Stroke
Muscles Used During a Pedal Stroke

I'm assuming this doesn't take into account clip / clipless riding, since there is hardly any muscle usage for part of the pedal. I feel like that's an important factor, since when you're competitive riding the up stroke is just as important as the down stroke

Some of the stuff I've read recently makes it look like the research is starting to suggest otherwise.

As far as I have read, it's a rather settled issue: there is no power in the upstroke. Specialized did a Win Tunnel video about this, found that there was no power difference between clips and flats, and then deleted their video, presumably after they remembered that they sold clipless shoes and pedals.\

The best reference that I can find is the bicycle stack exchange:

However, there are other advantages to clipless pedals, like making sure that your foot doesn't slip, being able to hop more easily, and really nice, stiff shoes.

A cyclist can create more force when standing than when sitting, so why do cyclists spend most of their time sitting? Because road races are long, and sitting is more efficient.

Likewise, it is possible to create extra force by lifting (hard) on the upstroke, but it is not efficient. That technique can be useful when power is more important than efficiency, such as when you are on a steep hill and want a 30 second boost to gap a competitor or just top out. Or maybe sprinting (I dunno, I never sprint). The hamstring is rested since you aren't pulling up 98% of the time, so it is willing to work hard for a short interval.

But from what I've read even top pros don't routinely use a powerful upstroke.


Game of Thrones IMDb rating per episode (S01 - S06) [OC]

Game of Thrones IMDb rating per episode (S01 - S06) [OC]

All the battle episodes or major plot episodes have the highest ratings - episode 9 in each season except season 5, where it's episode 8. The only episode that touches a rating of 8.0 is Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken, IE the "Dorne episode"

That's also the episode with Ramsey raping Sansa which was controversial and not well received.

I don't want to poop on your hard work, but if people are interested there's a website that'll automate this for any series: (more or less)

Nice work! Funny thing to notice that R. R. Martin helped in the 4 inicial seasons (and wrote full episodes in these seasons), but didn´t in seasons 5 and 6. Jugding by this graph the tv show missed him, especially in consistency!

For First Time (Aug 2014), There are More Singles in U.S. Than Married

For First Time (Aug 2014), There are More Singles in U.S. Than Married

I'm going to tell my wife that we are in the minority now. We survive because we have a strong honest relationship based on love, and I am going to get so much sex.

Wish me luck, Reddit.

It's not necessarily young people. I would imagine that's a part of it, but at this point the elderly population is growing, which also means the widowed/widower population is growing.

Why isn't the married line trending down? Is it because the population as a whole is increasing and more young people are opting to be single?

Make sure you say to her "This data is so beautiful, kind of like you."

Is that how relationships work? I don't know. I'm single.

America's Deadliest Jobs [OC]

America's Deadliest Jobs [OC]

"Fallers" means logging workers. Specifically:

Use axes or chainsaws to fell trees using knowledge of tree characteristics and cutting techniques to control direction of fall and minimize tree damage.

Falling is no joke

This has nothing to do with falling out of trees btw. Trees are mean fucks.

Hitting knots and having the chainsaw kick back, falling over in completely random directions. Trees can also rot from the inside building up colossal pressures in the outer layer of the wood, which all releases when someone tears into it with a chainsaw.

. That thing could have gone anywhere.

I feel obligated to point out that 4 out of 45 US Presidents have been killed by virtue of being president, or 89 out of every 1,000 workers, to compare with the first heading of the graphic.

Also, when there is an accident, they're usually nowhere near a hospital. Had a friend who was a faller. He was laying into a tree, disrupted a bee hive, got stung by a swarm of bees, dropped the chainsaw on his arm and put a huge gash in it. He then had to drive himself to the hospital that was hours away.

Life in six chart: Who Americans spend their time with

Life in six chart: Who Americans spend their time with

As an older person (65), I like the time I can spend alone (well, with my dog). I don't find the lives of others really that interesting any more and it takes a lot of energy to stay up-to-date with that. I want to do the things I want to do.

That "Alone" chart is pretty depressing to think about

Edit: This has gotten some decent buzz and I wanted to hi-jack it to highlight some relevant organizations to depression and loneliness --

Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800.273.8255 Sexual Assault Hotline: 800.656.4673

If you have a little extra change, consider donating to organizations such as RAINN or AFSP . It may seem bleak but there's always someone out there willing to hear you (including myself).

I think the "Friends" chart and "Family" chart is the saddest ones. It really shows that after college you really shift from hanging out with your family and old friends to working and finding love. The shift into adulthood.

I had that mentality when I hit 30. Don't find the lives of others interesting and is mostly just small talk if I see them. My wife and pets are already enough for me.

If taxi trips were fireflies: 1.3 billion NYC taxi trips plotted

If taxi trips were fireflies: 1.3 billion NYC taxi trips plotted
If taxi trips were fireflies: 1.3 billion NYC taxi trips plotted

It would be interesting to compare a heat map of taxi pickups to a heatmap of Uber/Lyft pickups. In previous years, I could never find a taxi on my street and would have to walk several blocks to find one, however Lyft/Uber changed that. Now I can get a car right to my door, and I have no idea where I'd go to find a taxi.

Ever thought of calling the taxi company?

Yeah that's JFK airport, which I think is the largest one in the NYC area

As somebody that isn’t too familiar with NYC, what is the frequently used route that goes to the bottom of the screen, is there something important down there ?

Wait-times for kidneys [OC]

Wait-times for kidneys [OC]

Honest question- is this subreddit supposed to be about the data being presented in a visually appealing fashion? Or is it supposed to be just about a presentation of data that the general redditor would like to see?

Because if it's about the former, this is not great- it's just a bar graph containing 4 cherry-picked countries presented in a fairly standard manner. If it's the latter, then it's fine. No disrespect meant, I'm just wondering.

I imagine this understates the problem too, since many die before getting a transplant. Another way of reporting the data would be something like "days until 50% of people get transplant" after requesting.

Survival analysis is the general statistical domain for dealing with this type of problem.

A place for visual representations of data: Graphs, charts, maps, etc. DataIsBeautiful is for visualizations that effectively convey information. Aesthetics are an important part of information visualization, but pretty pictures are not the aim of this subreddit.

In the first place, it's about good visualizations. Aesthetics are not the main aim of the subreddit, even though the word 'beautiful' is in the name.

At least that's how I always understood it.

Add on to this the likelihood that many in need in China likely just die without ever being put on a list, as they cannot even come close to affording the organ. So in this case, you go there, you get matched up to a prisoner, they harvest the dude's organs for you and other matches, and send you on your way.

Yeah.. Shit's fucked up.

Map of shout-outs at the Beginning of “Real N**** Roll Call" by Lil' John [OC]

Map of shout-outs at the Beginning of “Real N**** Roll Call" by Lil' John [OC]

This is awesome! I've listened to this song so many times and never realized that Ice Cube gave some of the 'shout-outs', thought they were all Lil' Jon (btw don't think there's an 'h' in his name).

This is great, but too inclusive. I may be from one of these cities, but I'm certainly not in the demographic invited to put my motherfuckin' middle finger up in this bitch. You should factor in census data for self-reported race and make error bars that consider the upper and lower limits of who may or may not subjectively qualify as a "n***a" for the purposes of this song. African-Americans only? All people of color? +/- a proportional subset of those identifying as multiethnic? This can only end well, I'm sure.

You are correct, simply "Jon". Source: Atlanta born and raised almost 30 years

I need to start using my birthplace as a cited source. I am an expert on all things USA. Source: USA born and raised almost 30 years.

Try one of these subthreads