Creepy creepy

Catacombs in Paris

Catacombs in Paris

I've always wanted to visit.

Also, I now want to watch "As Above So Below".

It was pretty chill, if you are ever in Paris worth the visit! Never heard of "As above so below" I'm going to check it out!

Remember me as you pass by,

As you are now, so once was I,

As I am now, so you must be,

Prepare for death and follow me.

It was scary at first and somewhat claustrophobic, but then halfway through we saw a tour guide lady sitting in a chair so made it less creepy.

King Henry VIII received this horned helmet as a gift from the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I

King Henry VIII received this horned helmet as a gift from the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I

It was made by Konrad Seusenhofer, a leading 16-th century Austrian armorer who worked for Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor

Aye, siwmae!

Well, there was that one thing.

Dark souls?



good for him. seems happy

What's so creepy about dental-floss-pants?

This reminds me of the Silent Hill movie janitor...which means it's creepy af

The cavities they're preventing


Mortuary operating table being reclaimed by the jungle in Brazil. Photo by /u/edme.

Mortuary operating table being reclaimed by the jungle in Brazil. Photo by /u/edme.

Mortician here; minor nitpick, we don't have operation tables. We have Preparation Tables, more commonly prep tables, prep room, etc.

That being said, that doesn't look like one of them at all. It's not angled, there is no drain, it's fixed in place, and prep rooms don't generally have windows for a number of reasons.

I'm not saying that isn't what that is, but I've used tables dating back to the turn of the 20th century, and they have all of the features I mentioned. I imagine that even in a place on the outskirts of the jungle they would have more suitable equipment if they had any need to embalm at all.

pretends anyways

Yes, but it would be difficult to schedule and would be disappointing since my contract has a confidentiality clause that's simultaneously vague and strict.

I operate a crematory and do a lot of paperwork, I'm not an embalmer, but I've assisted quite a few embalmers and one of them found a whole bunch of meth in a body once.

I don't. If I were to die and wake into an afterlife, be it heaven, hell, tartarus, elysium, or sovngarde, my immediate reaction would be "aww shit."

Ever consider doing an AMA? What's the strangest thing that ever happened to you whilst preparing a body? Do you believe in an afterlife?

The cursed king (X-post from r/art , credit goes to u/Thanmarkou )

The cursed king (X-post from r/art , credit goes to u/Thanmarkou )

Looks like a Dark Souls boss

I swear I have been seeing this on reddit all fucking day

Now the Iron Throne shall sit on you.

Maybe you should jump off Reddit and go for a walk or something then...



I can't believe this was cancelled. Every episode is like a gorgeous sophisticated painting.

Season 3 kinda lost me. It just felt like it got suuuuper artsy, and a third of the time was just watching water droplets or some shit. I was already invested in the characters, just let me see what's going on!

Looks like fan art of Mads Mikkelson as Lector, from the TV show

That's pretty clever putting a wendigo in the there.

We found something

We found something

For a second there I thought his head was stuck in the ceiling so he couldn't move

Did you...did you just assume it's gender?

Reminds me of Shy Guy from SCP containment breach

Any and all photos, video, or recordings of SCP-096's likeness are strictly forbidden without approval from Dr. ███ and O5-█.


Hansel and Gretel by Blaz Porenta

Hansel and Gretel by Blaz Porenta

What makes this creepy isn't the witch, its the way Gretel is looking at us.

She's got fucking blood on her face :0

That's "icing", silly billy...

Ok im high and i got no idea how i got here

The Sixth Sign

Couple of things this could be. It looks like migration, but the strangest thing honestly is how close the birds are to the ground and cars. So it's probably a big storm heading in.

Go to Rome and you can see millions of Starlings doing this but not this low. They normally avoid people because we suck and aren't safe to be close to.

Edit: It's been confirmed, official explanation is that they heard about the funding cuts to the EPA.

Af, Angel of Anger

Af, Angel of Anger

I too would be angry Af if someone had rammed a sword through my chest cavity.

angry Af

I see what you did there

I just posted a new piece a couple days ago that might float your boat if you like this one:

Credit goes to Pete Mohrbacher

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