This is a visual representation of how my ex gave blowjobs

Can confirm, sorry for your break up I though you guys were going to marry.

Looks like the girl from the end of The Cabin In The Woods.

Would still put my dick in it

Capuchin Crypt

Capuchin Crypt

According to Wikipedia, "As monks died during the lifetime of the crypt, the longest-buried monk was exhumed to make room for the newly deceased who was buried without a coffin, and the newly reclaimed bones were added to the decorative motifs. Bodies typically spent 30 years decomposing in the soil, before being exhumed."

So I'm kind of interested, was there's a certain job back then to take all of the flesh off bones to do this with them? Because all of the skills are missing their jaw is seems like they would take all organs off, polish them and put them on display, however the skeletons on both sides with the robes look like that still have rotted flesh on them

I read this as Captain Crunch and became very confused when I maximized the picture...

I've always wondered about peoples fascination with Memento Mori's.

Huh, interesting. How we've gone to throwing bodies in pits for 30 years and digging them back up for display, to now burying them and celebrating their death.

Perfectly preserved tattooed skin

Perfectly preserved tattooed skin

Is there a back story or is this just a back story?

If there's no story, it's no skin off my back.

"moisturize me!"

Link At the bottom of the page

"One of the specimens was of a piece of tattooed skin, off a sailor’s chest. I’m certain I wasn’t meant to take photos, but I just couldn’t help myself. Look at how fine those lines are! Pretty nice piece of work- usually you see these old piece on old people whose skin has blurred the lines over time. Seeing something looking like it did back then is really  interesting, the tools they had then were quite crude compared to our today, but this is nice quality considering."

Monster from the closet.

Monster from the closet.

"Psssst.... Hey... Hey, Kevin. What's your wifi password?"

“Hey buddy, did you hear that?! I’m scared can I sleep next to you tonight?”

And the monster looks like something from Spirited Away.

"Only if you keep those damn flies from keeping me awake!"

This stunning lyre known as a kissar, made with a skull

This stunning lyre known as a kissar, made with a skull

It's weird to think that skull once belonged to someone who walked and talked and probably deeply contemplated life went for a shit on a Sunday morning and stuff, and now his skull is this

+17 dark damage and also a +12% physical damage transformed to dark damage to all ally weapons while the instrument is being played

Big brain cavity = great acoustics

Anyway here’s wonderwall

The skeleton of a twin that died at birth.

The skeleton of a twin that died at birth.

Imagine growing up with your dead twin on display in the living room

OK but that is clearly not a newborn skeleton

And every time you piss off your dad he points to it and yells:


Yeah seriously. Looks at least one year old.



I push my fingers into my eyes.

It's the only thing that slowly stops the ache

But it's made of all the things I have to take

If the pain goes on

Į'̱̕M ͚̟̩̟͡N̝̳̮̣̲̖̪O̠̲̻͈̘ͅT̯̣̞ G̟̮̣͍O̺͙̰̞N̝̲͎N̨̝̻̠̮̬̟̜A̼͍̳ ͙M̮̖̻͔̱̀AK͔̥̝̮͇̬͇E̥͖ ͈͚̖̣̬̩I͇͍̕T͕̻̝̱̦

Margery by Rohan Bansie Jr

Margery by Rohan Bansie Jr

Just another unhealthy beauty standard for us women

My proudest fap

Hey if she's single I'm single

Looks a lot like the vampires from Blade II...

Migrating Crabs

Like I tell my girlfriend, just pretend the crabs aren't even there.

so I just screamed and plowed through

How I get through most of my problems

In Upstate NY it can get this bad with toads. Taking a drive on a back road can be scarring. If you want to get where you're going, sometimes you gotta plug your ears.

Yep. I was driving home in the rain after a tough day working retail and there was a mass exodus of frogs crossing the road. I didn't see them until it was too late so I just screamed and plowed through. The car definitely slide sideways on frog guts. It's been at least ten years since then and I'm still scarred.

Blood from North

Blood from North

This is an amazing image.

Damn, you're ugly.

Ah, yes, the well-known algorithm of the special containment procedures foundation:

S Secure

C "Protect"

P "Contain"

How do you like that silver?

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