Actually.. That explains how that works. Thanks!

Follow one square and it’s more like a Möbius strip.

Idk why but this one hurts my head more than usual, so confusing

Yeah, whoever thought of this is a genius.

Oh god.

Oh god.

The fact that the fingers make it look like balls is even better

My brain went to Tom Cruise, then Adam Levine, then to the fact he had a giant dick in his face, so then naturally back to Tom Cruise.

You just think that's the fingers.

This love has really taken it's toll

Slanty houses.

Slanty houses.

Yeah some streets in SF are really steep

Marshal and Lilly’s new apartment?

Imagine coming home drunk

Mama 747 carrying a baby aircraft on its back (FRA)

Mama 747 carrying a baby aircraft on its back (FRA)

He's just a leetle horse.

Bad bot.

this phone's battery is at 16% and needs charging!

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Hate when this happens.

Hate when this happens.

I’m still confused.

Haha he is on the guys roof, I know it's hard to see it.

America in chaos! Animals on rampage! Crime! Strong leader is required for restore law and order.

Thank you! I even zoomed in the first time and couldn’t figure it out haha

This watterfall looks like a tunnel if you focus on the direction the lion is walking towards.

Both of you misspelled "waterfall."

Lions can only die by being pushed into canyons and being trampled by wildebeest that are set into a frenzy by the gnashing of hyenas. I saw it in a documentary

And now that lion is dead.

I don't see it


This is the first time I've seen a video with a bunch of mobile phone indicators up top.

Who hasn’t made this mistake?

That contortionist is adorable...

Yeah, what on earth is that about?

Try one of these subthreads