KyKy talking about Transparency

KyKy talking about Transparency

looks like some pr person is tweeting from his account

Reformed KyKy OMEGALUL send your paypal

Good decision, honestly.

Honestly I enjoyed watching kyky trainwrecking on twitter :( The paypal quote is an instant classic Why PR people can't understand creative genius

Leaked: Outfit for all Overwatch League Season 2 players!

Leaked: Outfit for all Overwatch League Season 2 players!

yes he gets a 1k fine every week he plays. But his hair modelling income of 2k per week covers that.

$1k fine for having 6 and 9 so close together. Here at the overwatch league we just can't stand that lack of professionalism. Viewers could take it to imply that we promote illegal sex trade.

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There's actually a player who has 69 as shirt number, I think it's Coolmatt.

Not sure if this type of post is allowed, but I had some visitors at my job today!

Not sure if this type of post is allowed, but I had some visitors at my job today!

You’re making it into the next NYXL Unleashed vid

Saw the dude filming so yeah probably

He's literally behind you in the picture

I thought pine went to Korea monkaS

"Blizzard reached out to SF Shock management to ask that sinatra take down his birthday tweet"

"Blizzard reached out to SF Shock management to ask that sinatra take down his birthday tweet"

we've finally found the real reason why dafran isn't in OWL

There's a massive difference between something being intended as a hate symbol and people claiming that something is a hate symbol.

It's a fucking meme.

"First they came for my Tri Hards, and I said nothing..."

"Now they are coming for my Pepe's, and there was no one left to speak meme for me."


How Dallas Fuel sacrificed Taimou, one of the best DPS in the game.

How Dallas Fuel sacrificed Taimou, one of the best DPS in the game.

The case of Taimou shows us how important it is to have a good managment and staff. Dallas Fuels coaches sacrificed one of their best player by letting him taking the responsability for the poor performance of the team.

Taimou had an ok performance...As the team performed poorly it's obviously hard for players to shine or even carry the team.

The whole "I stop playing now cuz I suck" is just bullshit. Taimou DPS was ok and it wasn't the problem for Dallas.

We all know Taimou is kind of fragile sometimes and Dallas Fuel made it worse by putting him on Winston. By doing that, they kind of agree with Taimou statement which is definitely not true. Taimou is a strong DPS playing for a poor-performance team. That's all.

I feel like Dallas sacrificed one of the best player in the game...Taimou should not play Winston. If every player should switch their role because of the team perfromance, well, Mickie and Effect would be playing supports right now.

The right move would have been to help Taimou getting his confidence again...not putting him on Winston, it's such a terrible fault.

You Dallas sacrificed Taimou and WE WON'T FORGET

FreeTaimou FreeRascal FreeSeagull

He literally refused to play at one point

Taimou in 2015 was one of the top 3 best DPS players in the world.

Taimou in 2016 was one of the best hitscan players in the world.

Taimou in Apex S2 was simultaneously one of the only things keeping NV alive in Apex with his Widowmaker and Roadhog, while at the same time being a massive liability due to his inability to play Tracer.

Taimou in Apex S3 settled into the supporting DPS role on an acceptable Soldier 76 to complement Effect's Tracer.

Taimou in Contenders was a good player against what in hindsight is pretty mediocre competition.

Taimou in 2018 decides to bench himself (which is tantamount to refusing to complete his contract), and yet it's somehow the Fuel's fault for not helping him.

Do I think more teams should take mental health more seriously in gamers? Yes. Do I think more gamers should mature and understand that they are literally being paid to play the game? Also yes.

Taimou is a strong DPS playing for a poor-performance team.

I cannot think of a single team where Taimou would fit in with his hero pool. His closest counterpart would probably be Pine as a McCree/Widowmaker specialist with a Soldier on the side, but Pine can pull off an acceptable Genji. Taimou, despite being a starting DPS for a top team for over two years, has yet to demonstrate an even average Genji in a professional match.

EnVyUS has always made it work in spite of their hero pools, not because of.

Honestly, at this point, my nostalgia and personal like of the team and players is the only reason I want Fuel to succeed with this group of players. If this was any other team, I'd say you have to nuke the whole roster (hell, include the management), pick at most two or three from the original core, and rebuild from there.

Pretty much the only reason to keep believing in this team and its players is their past achievements. In fairness they have been plagued with behind-the-scenes issues, some of which have surfaced and make it abundantly clear that there are still more hidden.

But with this pool of players, being hampered with outside-the-game drama? Not a chance.

Rant over.

That's my point. If a player refuses to play, you have to help him to gain confidence again. Not putting on Winston when he is not a tank player.

At the beginning, Taimou DPS was not the problem. Now, Winston Taimou is one ot the biggest IG issue for Dallas...How is it supposed to be helpful?

unpopular opinion here, but i dont think taimou is a toptier dps because hes not flexible. He rested for too long on his cradle of flickpower while others evolved. Not beeing able to play a dive hero in a game where dive is meta for so long is a burden for any team. If you take a look at fleta you can easily see the problem with taimou: While fleeta can always counterpick the enemy and enable his mates to play their best heroes and strats, taimou is quite the opposite: He forces his teammates onto setups theyre not fully comfortable with. Beeing stuck on such setups made them very exploitable and held them back a lot. As good as his aim his, beeing a dps ist so much more than just raw aim. I really dont think he is a toptier dps anymore, and it has nothing to do with his aim. Fuel should use him like pine, as a specialist for those mccree/widow moments. Thats what hes really good at.

SF Shock 'Moth' will make his League debut against London Spitfire tonight

SF Shock 'Moth' will make his League debut against London Spitfire tonight

Well, nice knowing you Dhak

A debut against Spitfire, damn, seems like Shock is using the trial by fire approach.

mendo benched so hard hes even benched from the bench boys

Dhak sucked so much at mercy that they cut out the middleman and signed the Moth.

LAG so far on stage 2

LAG so far on stage 2

Ridiculous what an incredible main tank will do for a team. IRemiix isn't even that bad, Fissure is just that good.

Poor guy probably doesn't feel too good right about now...






2-3 Tomorrow boys!

In all seriousness Gladiators are likely going to take it, but I hope it's a close match because I like both teams.

Florida Mayhem vs. Los Angeles Valiant | Overwatch League Season 1 - Stage 2 | Week 4 Day 2 | Post-Match Discussion

Florida Mayhem vs. Los Angeles Valiant | Overwatch League Season 1 - Stage 2 | Week 4 Day 2 | Post-Match Discussion Overwatch League Season 1 Team 1 Score Team 2 Florida Mayhem 3-1 Los Angeles Valiant Team 1 Team 2 TviQ Agilities Logix SoOn CWoosH Fate Manneten envy Zuppeh uNKOE Zebbosai KariV Map 1: Hanamura Progress  Time left        Florida Mayhem 2 0.0% 106.00s Los Angeles Valiant 1 0.0% 0.00s Map 2: Nepal Round 1  Round 2        Florida Mayhem 2 100% 100% Los Angeles Valiant 0 99% 52% Map 3: Hollywood Progress  Time left        Florida Mayhem 0 87.8% 0.00s Los Angeles Valiant 0 87.9% 140.00s Map 4: Route 66 Progress  Time left        Florida Mayhem 2 69.71m 0.00s Los Angeles Valiant 2 59.22m 0.00s

What the fuck did r2der put in florida's lunches.

The past three matches they've been on fire!

Ronald McDonald ain’t fuckin around

And Dallas


Just having zappis in the god damn country seems to have elevated mayhem play LOL

Translation of Effect's AMA on Inven

Translation of Effect's AMA on Inven


Q. How many Miku goods do you have?

A. Including the ones at home and here, probably over 20. That's actually not that many.


Q. Have you guys arm wrestled during your break? If so, who's the strongest?

A. They did once without me, but I don't remember the results.


Q. What do you think about the Sombra buffs?

A. It's tier 1. It's probably getting nerfed?


Q. Is it true there's no communication in your team?

A. It's more of "we don't know how to communicate" than a lack of communication.


Q. Show us pics of Miku goods.

A. It's on my Twitter.


Q. Did your team help you get your new apartment? Or did you have to buy it yourself?"

A. The team helped a bit and I'm also paying for it. Some people ask if I'm living with my girlfriend, but she's staying at a hotel.


Q. Which 2018 Q1 anime do you recommend?

A. I don't know much about anime. I'm more about Japanese music.


Q. Is Taimou actually Hentai-mou?

A. Yes.


Q. Is Mickie the most fun on your team?

A. Yes, he's the funniest.


Q. How would you feel if your girlfriend did a Miku cosplay?

A. She already did when she was on my stream. It's on Youtube.


Q. Why is Mickie the only off-tank on the team?

A. We're aware of the problem and moved Seagull to off-tank, but we still need some time. We have many DPS players so it's even possible I could do it because I have some experience on off-tanks. We're discussing internally about the teamwork between tanks and supports. There will be changes.


Q. Is the food okay?

A. It's okay for me but I don't know about other Koreans. I like the food very much.


Q. Is your girlfriend with you in the US?

A. Yes, she's here on a vacation. She's going soon.


Q. How did you meet your girlfriend?

A. Destiny. (Not the game)


Q. Has your English improved?

A. Yes a bit, but I still need to study.


Q. Is Dallas thinking of signing another

A. Not yet. There are talks about it though, so it's possible.


Q. Why are you a couple?

A. I'm a lucky guy.


Q. Who's the best Genji?

A. Rascal.


Q. Do you still play music?

A. Not at the moment. I'll start again soon as a hobby.


Q. Who were the most difficult tank duo to face in the league?

A. Honestly everyone except Shanghai.


Q. There are players from different countries on your team. Is the language barrier a huge issue when playing or scrimming? Or the cultural differences?

A. The language barrier isn't that big. Everyone speaks English. Our issue is just communication, not English. We're aware of the issue and trying to fix it. Cultural differences are not a big deal.


Q. Who's the toughest hero to face as Tracer?

A. She doesn't die easily and can follow you even if you blink away. Her damage is strong and she's so good at taking care of her teammates. A good is like a huge wall to a Tracer.


Q. Please knock some sense into Mickie.

A. If you've seen Mickie's muscles, you know I'll get killed if I stand up to him.


Q. Are you ever going to stop using Twitter?

A. I've used Twitter for 5 years. I'm more used to it than Facebook.


Q. Do you think people play worse if they lose weight?

A. I don't know. I think it depends.


Q. Is it true you can never beat married man SBB?

A. Maybe I should get married..


Q. What's your thoughts on 1) Some people saying your Tracer became worse, 2) It's been a while since the league started but why is teamwork still a problem with Dallas?

A. 1) I did get worse at sticking pulse bombs and surviving. I have many things to talk about this. During Envyus, I absolutely trusted my team so I could play more aggressively as I wanted. Now we just lose if I get picked off, so I had to change my play style. I feel pressured to avoid getting picked off. If I get over that pressure, you'll be able to see the old me. And I guess that would only be possible after our teamwork gets better.

2) So far we thought our method of practice was the problem. However recently we're thinking the problem might be with the roster so we're looking for major changes.


Q. AFAIK Rascal was the team leader when he was in Kongdoo Panthera. He's also a great strategist so Rascal might know what the problem is with Dallas. I'm curious how Rascal is participating in the team strategy sessions. Also how about you?

A. I'm a passive guy so I don't participate much, but Rascal really tries hard to explain things despite his poor English. Not much has changed even though it's been a month, but we won't give up and will keep working.


Q. I've seen pics of workout sessions everyday. Does every Dallas member participate?

A. Yes, most do. Some don't.


Q. What do you think is needed for Dallas to improve? How are AKM and Rascal fitting into the team?

A. Many things, like changes to the way we communicate and roster changes. I'd like to see AKM and Rascal play together, but the whole team is in disarray at the moment. I should focus on doing my job first.


Q. Soon said he doesn't speak much during matches because the Koreans can't understand his French accent. Is AKM's accent understandable?

A. He speaks really well.


Q. What do you think is the reason Dallas is struggling at the moment?

A. Many reasons. It's like a complicated puzzle so it's not easy to solve. Lack of coordination, individual skills and judgement, mental state... It'll take a while before we fix all those.


Q. Who has the highest salary on the team?

A. I don't know about that but Hickie (his cat) gets paid 120 snacks a year. We negotiated on 10 snacks a month.


Q. Show us cat pics. And where to visit in LA?

A. Cat pics are on my Twitter. I haven't yet gone sightseeing in LA because I've been too busy.


Q. Is there someone who you think is a good Doomfist?

A. Doomfist won't be used much in pro Overwatch. I've practiced but he's too easy to counter.


Q. Which team in the league doesn't have a weakness?

A. Dallas. Because we have too many so you can't find one.


Q. Who speaks better English, you or your girlfriend?

A. Me.


Q. Which team is the most difficult to face in the league and why?

A. Every team is difficult for us at the moment so I can't just pick one. New York is in the lead, so probably New York.


Q. Who's the most impressive player in the league? (Except Koreans and your own team)

A. I'm not sure. Everyone is good.


Q. Are you a Tracer specialist or a hitscan specialist on your team?

A. I think I'll do anything required.


Q. Who watches more hentai, Taimou or Cocco?

A. Probably Taimou.


Q. How is LA? Seems like there are many places to chill and hang out.

A. I haven't had much time since I've arrived in the US.


Q. Where do you hang out in LA? I live in LA too.

A. Nowhere.. except Koreatown from time to time.


Q. Any plans to do VOD reviews again?

A. I don't have the time. I have to work out, practice, and stream..


Q. Thoughts on Brigitte?

A. I haven't played her yet.


Q. If Brigitte gets released, who will play her on Dallas?

A. No idea.


Q. I know KyKy is the head coach, but who plans the strategies and rosters? Are there any problems internally?

A. There have been internal problems and we're in the process of solving them. I heard a new coach is coming but I'm not sure about the details.


Q. What do you eat in your team house?

A. Healthy food. Too healthy it doesn't taste great. But it's good for your body.


Q. Are you going to stop playing Tracer if she gets nerfed?

A. No way.


Q. Who shot calls in your team? How is the communication?

A. There are no shot calls.


Q. Your Youtube editor is really fun. Is he your classmate from college?

A. No, but we've worked together for a while.


Q. Including yourself, who's the best Tracer?

A. Every Tracer on the teams is good.


Q. Except yourself and Rascal, who speaks the best Korean on Dallas?

A. Mickie.


Q. Rascal didn't see much play lately. Is it because he isn't good?

A. No.


Q. Is xQc out of the league? Or is he going to play on another team?

A. What's certain is he's out of Dallas.


Q. Is Cocco or other benched players doing okay on the team? I hope there isn't any conflict.

A. Yes. We don't fight.


Q. Are the players aware Mickie's is lacking in taking care of his teammates?

A. I'm not sure about others, but I'm aware.


Q. How is the ladder in NA vs. Korea? Do people fight and throw there as well?

A. I'm in high SR range, so something like that doesn't happen much. Except when I meet Symmetra one-tricks.


Q. What's the most annoying support comp?

A. Zen-Mercy.


Q. Who taught Mickie Korean swearwords?

A. Not me. He just learned them from somewhere.


Q. Has Mickie helped you when you're down?

A. Nobody can help me when I'm down. I just sleep it off.


Q. Is the strongest comp still

A. Unless Winston and Tracer get nerfed, that will be the case.


Q. What's the most important thing when practicing Tracer?

A. Survival.


Q. Which player gets most discussed when you're getting feedback?

A. Tanks and supports. We talk about it a lot.


Q. Does your team owner know much about Overwatch or not?

A. I don't know. He was a pro gamer so he knows much about games in general. I'm not sure about Overwatch in particular.


Q. In your scrims, what are your results against teams like NYXL, Seoul, London?

A. Guess.


Q. Is there a partner and a comp you want?

A. Recently I've been thinking about me moving to an off-tank role and AKM/Rascal playing DPS.


Q. Will there be any more player signings?

A. I'm not sure, but probably.


Q. Some say if you get married you can play out of your mind. So when will you get married?

A. I'm still young.


Q. Envyus used to be so good, but what happened? Slump?

A. Envyus was just a team that won APEX season 1. Korean teams weren't as good then. We won Contenders but that was like a tier 2 league. I was also just a Tracer one-trick. We're not that good. So we're working hard to improve.


Q. How is the atmosphere in the team like when you're on a losing streak? Do you stay cheerful or down? And does Chips still eat a lot of carrots?

A. We're determined to change. We will change. If we don't improve, there will be changes to the roster. We try to be cheerful, but we keep losing. I don't know about the carrots.


Q. Do you read the comments on the forums and Twitch chat?

A. I read Inven from time to time. I don't read DC Inside and Twitch chat.


Q. 1) Is there a player who you want to sign to Dallas? 2) Who do you think will win Contenders?

A. 1) Any tank player with good coordination. 2) I don't have time to care about Contenders when my team is struggling FeelsBadMan


This is all. Whew that took a while. Let me know if there are any typos or errors.

Q. Who's the best Genji?

A. Rascal.


Q. Which team in the league doesn't have a weakness?

A. Dallas. Because we have too many so you can't find one.

This is both sad and hilarious at the same time.

Q. Who has the highest salary on the team?

A. I don't know about that but Hickie (his cat) gets paid 120 snacks a year. We negotiated on 10 snacks a month.

Okay so we know who really leads the team. #dallascats

Fuel on their new roles: Effect on DVA, taimou on Winston, chips on zen, custa on Lucio, akm on genji, seagull on tracer

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