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Hey, in addition to being funny, this actually shakes up the metaphor in a way I have never thought of. Whether it is half-empty or half-full depends on your objective.

It's both half empty and half full simultaneously, they mean the same thing. I don't really get this.

I always hated that saying. It all depends on the starting state of the cup. If it started full, it is half empty and if it started empty, it is half full.

If you're drinking it, it's half empty.

If you're filling it up, it's half full.

And that's how life works. If you aren't adding to it then your life will never become fulfilled. If you are adding to it, through friends, working out, learning, teaching, volunteering, etc., then your life is going to be fulfilled and then you don't have anything left to do without overflowing and making a mess.

So don't forget to drink some when the glass is nearly full. Or share some.

[OC] cookie love.

[OC] cookie love.
[OC] cookie love.
Better version of this here.

Better version of this

Different artist. This one's a rip off.

A bad copy of a comic is not an OC

Thursday is Luigi.

Thursday is Luigi.

That's probably the best one i've seen from you shen. It's beautiful

Because it is Wednesday my dudes.

I would argue this:

Monday - Bowser because it’s the most evil

Tuesday - Wario because it’s almost as bad as Monday (Bowser) but not quite as notorious

Wednesday - Toad. Never really happy to see either, but it means you’re almost to Peach (Saturday)

Thursday - Luigi. Not quite Friday (Mario) but you’ll take it

Friday - Mario. Our hero

Saturday - Peach. What you’re trying to get to but ya gotta defeat some evil to get to it

Sunday - Yoshi. Good for being lazy (Mario gets to ride instead of walk) yet very productive when you want

Who's Saturday and Sunday then? Bowser Saturday?

Watch where you're going!

Watch where you're going!

Are they Canadian?

I'm not your pal, guy!

More stupid shit on my site.

I love how they still have angry faces in the last panel.

the new gun

the new gun

Just shoot him with your real gun before he shots you with his penis gun.

Jim, you've probably inspired a mad scientist somewhere to actually create a de-penis-ifer gun. You monster.

The Supreme Court of the United States disagrees with you. In Caetano v. Massachusetts the Supreme Court stated that the “Second Amendment extends, prima facie, to all instruments that constitute bearable arms, even those that were not in existence at the time of the founding”

Effectively making such a gun legal

In the dick. Shoot him in the dick.

(OC) who is!?

(OC) who is!?

I legitimately love variations on this joke and will never get tired of them. Great comic, OP!


I legitimately love variations on this joke and will never get tired of them. Great comic, OP!

Me: "Who's a good cat?" Cat: silence Me: "Who's an evil jerk?" Cat: happy meow

A dark dream

The first one is my favorite. It's the one I think of every time I see a "good boy" comic.

Flaw in the System

Flaw in the System

Jesus that is a lot of details

I compensate my mediocre art and jokes with extreme amounts of details :D

Lol heavenly acceptance list with bill Cosby and kevin spacey name cut out.. Satanic accepted creations include logan paul. Earth mode is round. Global warming 0.8'C. Doomsday button said satan to bavk off. After noticing all this i dont get the joke.

One of my bunnies passed away last Saturday (she's in this comic) and I just can't get over the fact that pets die. It's so unfair. They just shouldn't. This comic is canon, so from now on, they won't die anymore, yay!

Lots of little jokes and references in this one, as usual, if you have any questions or need confirmation, lemme know, I'll be happy to share some backstory.

Rest of our comics at by the way.



At one time, there was a "planetary" theory of atoms, which some interpreted to mean that each atom was possibly a solar system of its own. Nobody scientifically educated ever believed that, but it made some fodder for cheap SciFi stories.

And the Men in Black end credits scene with the marbles, that's a good comic, I laughed.

The most impressive thing is the idea that the black creatures are so advance in tech that they can not only see atoms with such a small microscope, they can zoom in the entire span of the universe to see those two. That must be such large magnification.

That microscope is so good that it also allows them to listen to the conversation

Sailing Takes Me Away

Sailing Takes Me Away

This is exactly the sort of weird, pointless nonsense I’m into.

I'm confused and entertained at the same time. I love it!

This captures the spirit of Reddit.

Idk I thought it was going to go with both of them being the giant squid talking to himself.

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