How to calm a baby

How to calm a baby

That's a proper english baby.

A right proper lad

Sometimes the baby even bring his own teabag.

As an English person I can confirm that tea solves every problem



Once I thought I made a mistake, but I was wrong.

It bothers me that the characters have both shoes and pants on, but no shirts.

Edit: Why does it matter if there socks or shoes? Do you people hang out with your friends and everyone is just in their jeans and socks?


i dont see no nipples

Thoughts on Running

Thoughts on Running

Who can blame you for being tired? Sometimes, just your thoughts alone can exhaust you, for real!

This is so true. Worked for me. Problem is when i stop running i get all my anxiety back 10x

Check those calves out dayum.

/sub/running might like this, too (maybe) (no guarantees)

wake up

wake up

I like how you carefully painted the wall in the third frame so you can still see the pig's eye.

4 legs good

2 legs extra fucking annoying at 6 AM, CARL

Wake up sheeple

The gentle laborer shall suffer no more

Up high!

Up high!

Good for when you want to flip off your friend but also want him to rub his junk all over your arm.

Which is all the time.

Just a little criticism, the middle finger doesn't feel very pronounced in the last frame

Nice comic OP. Are you bothered if people adjust the text in your comment to suit a different scenario as long as they show you're the creator of the original? I don't do memes and all of that stuff but this comic is too good for those times when someone gloats about finding a rare item in an MMORPG.

Fancy Restaurant

Fancy Restaurant
In the new game "Super Mario Odyssey", Mario can throw his hat at enemies and objects to control them. And it looks like this.

In the new game "Super Mario Odyssey", Mario can throw his hat at enemies and objects to control them.

Not gonna lie, that's pretty good. Keep up the good work mate.

Here's a bonus panel:

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I don’t get it.



To be fair that's exactly what a cat would say if it could use the internet.

Bonus Panel

If you pretty people want to see more, check out my website or my tumblr

And do you know how this cat got to be like that?

And do you know how this cat got to be like that?

It'll compliment you 10 minutes prior. And then annoy you until you give in.

Legs for Days [OC]

And she's got an ass like two loosely-packed oranges in a net bag.

Took me a while to figure out he tripped over the leg in the second panel.

Yeah it looks really weird, like he's just floating or kneeling.

Good to see people closely observing comics out of artistic appreciation

the Sex Talk

the Sex Talk

I have to say, this is one of the more unexpected comics I've seen lately.

Girl has her bra off and her nips are outlined. Exceptional comic work. An eye for detail.

Cue several hundred redditors going back and zooming in

Usually it's my dad who says the third panel.

Drunk driving is no joke [OC]

Drunk driving is no joke [OC]

Thanks for not noticing I fucked up the apostrophe in the third panel, you are a nice person.

Awesome comic! Love the punchline

Hey... you fucked up the apostrophe in the third panel

Not really that much more comics: Badly Translated Comics

Unless you know how to read spanish

Try one of these subthreads