Taste good

Taste good

But what if you have no friends?

haha yes


Is it bad that I found this funny

no u

Posted by the official How I Met Your Mother Facebook Page

Posted by the official How I Met Your Mother Facebook Page

Can you really blame them for sinking this low? Imagine how hard social media management for a show must be when it's been over for years.

Why do they even maintain the social media pages. To sell DVD copies?

Its so hard to upvote these... i REALLY wanted to downvote you...

Good job lol

Likely to keep buzz going and hopefully still keep it in the public eye. Many people still watch it, just on streaming services.

Men are trash

Men are trash

I laughed.

It's funny OP, sorry to break it down for you

You dropped this \

 To prevent anymore lost limbs throughout Reddit, correctly escape the arms and shoulders by typing the shrug as ¯\\\_(ツ)_/¯ or ¯\\\_(ツ)\_/¯

Click here to see why this is necessary

It's an edit of a bad comic. As far as execution goes, it's top notch necromancy

Straight off of a popular meme subreddit who doesn't consider themselves normies

Straight off of a popular meme subreddit who doesn't consider themselves normies

This is also intentionally bad. How do you not realize this?

Op doesn't realise that this is what a /sub/deepfriedmemes meme looks like before cooking

This is a parody of the original. It goes something like: «On a scale from 1-10 How much do you like me» «1» *girl dies Later the boy finishes the sentence with «million»


I laughed for 15 minutes straight 😂😂😂😂

I laughed for 15 minutes straight 😂😂😂😂

Since her appendages are white are we to assume that she is pantsless?

I think this is kind of funny. Am I disabled?

I think this is kind of funny.

That's pretty hot

It isn't. She's facing the other way for rear entry.

Feminism. That’s the punchline.

Feminism. That’s the punchline.

Why do people still use the word "Triggered" as a synonym for "Offended"?

Ironically, it comes from the early days of modern RadFem, when overzealous activists would claim to suffer PTSD from and be thus triggered by ridiculous shit like: a man holding a door, a white person disagreeing with them, seeing a thin model selling clothes.

Not only was it ridiculous, but it erased real victims of PTSD (ie: victims of physical and mental abuse, war veterans, etc.). And so it was that in typical internet fashion, people all over the western world started parodying these RadFems who were claiming major mental disorders when they were the least bit offended. The meme was born, and equating "triggered" to "offended" began, further erasing those actually suffering from PTSD.

Eventually, however, it was picked up by trolls and the Right, who then started painting everyone left of them as "easily triggerable libtards" and the like, generalizing an entire group of people based on the stupidity of a very small minority. The meme is dead, and is now only usable in an ironic fashion, but try to tell that to the Right, which is still making meme on the 2016 american election. And so "triggered" is still used by them to mean "offended".

TL;DR: A word misused by RadFems became a meme and was subsequently picked up by the right, who don't understand when a meme is dead and buried.

Imagine thinking that the idea, that men and women should be equal, is a disease

You could easily post the whole /sub/cringeanarchy sub here. Cause Feminism and Antifascism are just -so funny-

Gamers amiright

Gamers amiright

This is mildly humorous.

But, Razor keebs aren’t even that expensive.

If you really wanted a “rich gamer” coffin you’d need it split, with topre hinges, and custom resin latch.

New Corsair Tripple Radiator Formaldehyde Coffin Cooling System ™️

“Take on death like a pro™️”

REAL GAMERS have shitty PCs because THEY DON'T NEED EXPENSIVE GAMING KEYBOARDS AND MICE and also because their mom won't buy them

It would be funny if the coffin had Alienware branding and had some fancy after-market water cooling or something.

Society in really going downhill😂😂

Society in really going downhill😂😂



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