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Push it to the limit

Most people call him Vin Diesel.

I need to know what that thing is.


I really wish we were still doing the ol' Reddit switch-a-roo...

Stop it...

Stop it...

The only thing missing is gallowboob's name over the kids face.

The thing that's ironic about this post is that this is a repost.

dude has 21 million karma wtf

Next time you see a post getting a lot of karma or a post from a subreddit that usually doesn't hit /sub/all check to see if it's u/gallowboob

There's a good chance it's him

Spanish inquisition

Spanish inquisition

This deeply frightened me.

The comments in the original x-post a month ago are worth a read.

Speed charger

The one time I expected the Spanish Inquisition, they don't show up!

You should always consider whats down range before firing an arrow

Damn even in a movie he’s not in, Sean Bean dies


Sean Bean has died in every movie ever made. It's just a matter of whether or not it happened onscreen.

If you look really closely you can see that the arrows that hit Sean Bean have black fletching, while Kevin Costner's arrows have white fletching.

I'm kind of suspicious that this was faked somehow

The re-release of Disney's "Robin Hood" looks pretty insane

Looks like they've updated the special effects a wee bit.

nah op clearly combined two movies... super obvious from the graphics source: been watching disney movies since you were in diapers, also an artist so i could do animation like this and spot it when i see it, i wrote a review of "the godfather" (in which i explained how its actually a metaphor for soviet russia) before i left elementery school, i painted an entire stage backdrop (by myself) in less then 8 hours, invented the thing where you take a bunch of stickynotes and draw pictures of stuff to make it seem like its moving (then sued for copyright infringement when ryan tried to sell one), for my middleschool graduation speech i pointed out how shakespear was a derivative script-thief, my film teacher once called me "a young steven spielberg, except way prettier and smarter and cooler and better at film" edit: check my post history, stop downvoting ppl like that its rude

I used to be alive, like you. Then I took an arrow to the everything.

Spiders snakes and a lizard’s head. If I tattletale I’ll die til I’m dead.

I'm sorry for making this...

I'm sorry for making this...

What is even that series?

What the fuck.


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This mp4 version is 95.01% smaller than the gif (168.93 KB vs 3.31 MB).

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Aaaaas yooouuuuu wiiiiiiish!

Aaaaas yooouuuuu wiiiiiiish!

Thanks! Do more Princess Bride!

My name is Inigo Montoya, you pushed my puppy, prepare to die

As a representative of United Airlines, I'd like to apologize for that unfortunate puppy pushing incident.

Please contact our customer service team on Twitter and we'll comp you a free bag of peanuts on your next flight with us

This movie is so ridiculously quotable, I'm surprised it isn't used a lot more. Kudos on a great GIF!

Work hard, party hard

Work hard, party hard

It must be Groundhog Day because I’ve seen this shit 3 times

Stop reposting after it's been frontpage by less than a day

That gif is the top one in this sub reddit. What are you doing?

And there was ANOTHER repost, yesterday.

Almost can’t tell they are combined

/sub/highqualitygifs material

Already there, credit u/elpinko Edit - or rather u/critters (my bad)

Original -


Gotta teach our children about the battle of NYC.

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