Pangolins Gonna Pang

No way was that actually a real clip

They did NOT have that on the real show!!!!! Teletubbies were some straight up /sub/madlads!

That was kind of Tainty Wainty's gimmick.

Pretty sure letting the baby in the sky watch them makes this a felony.

I dreamt...

I dreamt...

Definitely thought that was a meat stick

Shut up kid, and let her have it!

a really powerful homerun

A surprise for sure, but a welcome one.

Thank you for delivering. Have my upvote.

Pretty sure that's Shohei Ohtani before he joined the Angels. Dude's a beast

Many Bothans died to bring us this gif.

When You Drive, Never Drink

I'm wondering. Did they destroy an actual countach?

According to this, yes. A 25th Anniversary Edition

What’s funny is that Sir Jackie Stewart (the Scotsman in the Heineken commercial) is one of the best Formula 1 drivers of all time and a huge advocate for driver safety (many of his friends were killed when they raced in the 1960s).

What a shame, that's my dream car

one of them anyway

Pacific Cat

Pacific Cat

Pussific Rim.

I never got that movie... Where would someone go to get work as a robot pilot? PacificRimJobs.Com?

Posted seven hours prior to your submission

Don't think about the plot too hard, just enjoy the monster vs robot fights

Pacific cat.

Much like the movie, both amazing and awful at the same time.




How Daniel Craig was 'persuaded' to do one last James Bond movie

If this gets reposted again this week I'll eat my sock.


Looking forward to watching you eat that sock

Looking forward to reposting that.

Hermione's Bad Dream

Hermione's Bad Dream

Looks more like Harry's good dream.

the way Harry is looking.

That face when you realize you will grow up to become a wild child...

The pure happiness.

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