Brushing his beak at bedtime

Look at him! He wants to participate so hard!

"I brushie too." -lil birdie.

So cute <3

How do people brush their teeth without getting toothpaste all over their face?

Don’t worry. You are.

I can almost feel the satisfaction through my screen


What fuzzy beast is this?? It's a rabbit rat cross???

This mini floof loves life more then I ever will :(

Chinchilla. Largest rodent in the world 99% floof

Edit: my bad largest rodent is capybara. But chinchillas are cuter sooo who’s the real winner?

Mild brushies!

This is Yves and he's a pampurred boy. Here's link to the source video -

This was the only way I could remove my cat's eye-boogers when I first got him and he didn't trust my fingers around his eyes yet. For some reason, he was always down for me putting "invisible make-up" on him.

But the face your cat is making is so adorable. Like 'Yes! Make me beautiful!"

This is great! Too bad my cats would probably attack the brush and try to eat it

I love Yves, recognized him right away! 😻

Chubby chinchilla brushy brushy

Chubby chinchilla brushy brushy

He so fat!

He's not fat, he's expanding from all the love.

He is loving liiife right now.

Oh my sweet baby Jesus

Mister prefers the broom for some brushy brushy time

Mister prefers the broom for some brushy brushy time


Mister? Like a reference to Dresden Files??

My baby was named Mister! He’s been missing for five months though </3

That's completely right! My boyfriend loves that book series.

Esther Brushies

lol at the poor dog wearing a pig hat...

Louise barker

Esther! Love that pig! Great owners and a beautiful story to go with it. If anyone doesn’t know Esther, and loves pigs as much as I do, look into Esther’s story. Esther the pig

That oink dog has a better life than me

Gotta play with the brushy first

I love that the intense level of focus on the brushy is making the little meow cross eyed

For cats there is often no difference.

Play? If this is play then I don’t want to see what a murder would look like.

I love the confusion between the brush and their feet and then trying to figure out which to attack

I hope this counts! Can’t get enough of this pup

I hope this counts! Can’t get enough of this pup

A cavoodle!

Is that a goldendoodle?

What a cutie!!! Congrats!!❤️🐶👏

His wiry fur makes him look kinda like a brush, so I'll allow it!

Opossum baby gets a brushy

Opossum baby gets a brushy

still waiting for the gif to start... oh

Saw this via fb today and thought it would fit here - hope it's ok to post! This rescue collects recycled mascara wands to help clean up orphaned baby animals. Info for sending in old wands - and a video of a baby duck getting a brushy - is here.

Check out those /sub/lilgrabbies on him!

I was so sad when it didn't.

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