Confused brushy brushies

Confused brushy brushies

To bite or not to bite... that is the question

Whether is nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune....or to let a mere hooman poke at you without retaliating.....

My cat LOVES playing with Q-Tips! She carries them around the house like a dog with a bone

Taco is very indifferent to Q-Tips. She's only interested when it's moving around :)

It's not very effective

Your cat has some really nice contouring, I’d love to see her routine.

My previous cat used to LOVE makeup brushes. Every morning as I got ready for the day he would fuss to be picked up and then insist I rub his face with the brushes as well. He got rubbed with the handle end and I used the brush end. Half the time he rubbed his face on the end the same time I was trying to use the brush... had to be careful to not jab myself in the eye with a blush brush.

Doing your makeup one-handed holding a cat who is trying to play with your brushes is quite the task for 6am. I miss that adorable jerk

Thanks, but sadly it's not mine. I found this a couple of days ago but hadn't had a chance to post it. Trying to find you the source but I can't : (

I have an orange tabby that insists on sitting in my lap while I do my makeup and he'll play with all of the random stuff I have out. Super annoying but he's extremely cute so I can't say no. I too do the one handed makeup dance with him.

Gather round, it's brushy time

Haha, I love the turtle coming in there.

"Where's my brushy, Brad?"

Those are some gorgeous cats! But my favorite part was the turtle that was randomly there. I was hoping he’d get some brushes.

What's a turtle gotta do to get brushed around here?

This used to be him, but now he's bald.

Do not fight the brushy

My cat is like this too, and with her it doesn’t matter how much you let her smell the brush before you start because brush = toy and she just wants to kick it until it dies.

Jeez, give the cat the brush to smell first at least

But... fight the brushy.

Cases like this are where a second, sacrificial brush can be useful!

Baby cow loves the brushy brushy

Highland Cattle truly are beautiful creatures.

Hey, the other cow wants to get brushed too!

Is this in /sub/happycows yet?

Dont you dare compair such a disgusting creature to something that beautiful. The cow is absolutely incredible and does not deserve that comparison!!!

"No, stop that and brush me!"

OK... Brushing your cat with your own hairbrush is gross. Sorry.

I wish my cat paid attention to me like that.

I'm assuming you dont own a cat. Their asshole had touched every surface in your house already. I little fur in your hair is nothing lol

Noooooo. I own several cats and visibility cringed when she did that. Boundaries, man, boundaries.

"Sometimes I don't think about killing my human"

Relaxing towards full comatose state


I have spent an hour watching videos of people brushing their cats... I really want a pet cat

You should get one! I was anti cat mainly due to fear of a hyperactive aggressive cat my friend had. I gave in and now I have two wonderful and loyal ragdoll kittens that follow me everywhere,

Get the cat! You won't regret it

Yes, that's the spot!

Wow that dog is dangerously overweight

Was that a shiba inu at one point 😞














My Sam is back with more teeth brushing obsession

Video if you want to hear him lick and nibble and hear me burst into laughter (this part is loud) because of the other kitten.

Yes! It's made for dogs and cats and has a paté flavor. Both our cats love it, but Sam especially goes completely nuts over it. You can ask for it at your local pet store. This is what ours looks like.

Yes! It's made for dogs and cats and has a paté flavor. Both our cats love it, but Sam especially goes completely nuts over it. You can ask for it at your local pet store.

“Curse you, hairy tasty thing! I will figure out how to eat you if it's the last thing I do!!”

We love Sam too! As far as we know his teeth are completely fine. The brushing (with special toothpaste for pets with paté flavor) is just so they keep healthy but also so they get used to getting their teeth brushed from an early age. Teeth and gum problems can develop at a late age and by then it's difficult to introduce brushing to cats.

Brushy brushy defeats the birb

"If I must be brushed, then such is my fate"

Ah, the old reddit-this-cute-animal-is-actually-in-a-state-of-terrible-discomfort-a-roo!

Just letting everyone know, putting the chick in this position limits its oxygen intake, so it's essentially blacking out. I have chickens

I wish this was a job. Just to pet baby birbs until they fall asleep. I would work so much overtime...

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