Bossfight bossfight

Dwarven Sphere Centurion,Master Of RolyPoly

Dwarven Sphere Centurion,Master Of RolyPoly

these little fucks don't get pushed by unrelenting force. I had 2 lined up on a ledge, equipped my favorite shout, and let it rip. they just staggered and proceeded to slash me to bits.. lesson learned.


The first stage of this boss fight is quite cheap and boring, as he rolls around the stage without attacking in a preset pattern, but his wheel is impervious to all projectile attacks, with ice and electric spells reflecting back to the caster. It is possible to reflect your spells back at him again in the hopes that you can hit his sides for good damage, though this is very risky. Your main method of attack should be melee attacking his sides when he stops every two loops, but be sure to dodge away when you see him about to start rolling again.

Once you've knocked him down to 25% life he will become enraged, his attacks become imbued with fire, and he will charge directly at you much faster. Dodge with precise timing and he will slam into the wall, causing fire aoe damage from the shockwave. Stand well clear of it, move in to attack while he's recovering, back off and let him resume spinning. Dodge his next attack, rinse and repeat.

Killing him gives you a frankly pathetic amount of gold for the midgame, but decent exp. He might also drop the Melancholy Wheel, which is a weapon that takes both your left and right hand slots, and replaces your attacks with a quick roll. Little damage, good speed for getting around the map. If you don't get the Melancholy Wheel, there are smaller versions of him that spawn as standard enemies in the late game. They have a 3% chance to drop it.

Become a conjuror mage and get the daedra lord and the entire game will be easy

Thomas the Hell engine

Thomas the Hell engine

According to some artifacts i got, Thomas the hell engine used to be Thomas the Tank Engine, a sweet loving locomotive

I couldnt find the rest of the artifacts about more of his origins but ill update you when i find them





Blaine is a pain

I believe that he was a boss fight in a much older and more obscure game as Thomas the tank engine. Now I think him as the hell engine boss was added more as a throwback for diehard fans.

Sm'aartboi, the Educated

Sm'aartboi, the Educated

Looks like a fighting game select screen, the dog vs that Rakishi and Blanca love child above him would be an interesting fight.

This is just plain low effort




Josiah, the human droideka

Josiah, the human droideka

Oh, so that's what the final form of a Slav looks like....

Master, destroyers!


Where are those Droidekas?!

Stat'chu, Devine Bird Summoner

Stat'chu, Devine Bird Summoner

A’P’O’S’T’R’O’P’H’E, destroyer of names, eater of words, obliterator of creativity.

That pic is epic af

No’un, verber of nouns.

Low effort, the Misspelled Title



Is it 3 times as fast as the regular snail enemy or 3 times slower?

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