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Women are the Future🙌🏼

Women are the Future🙌🏼

Nevertheless she persisted. Congratulations!

After leaving the corps with some change in my pocket, I spent it all on bullshit while avoiding a high interest mustang, but never did anything besides partying and wasting time. 11 years later I was lucky to be in the middle of my career and just now starting school. It sucks looking back and thinking I could already have had this degree under my belt and be working on a masters but it feels great being legit dedicated to this and looking forward to finishing this shit. Perhaps it’s because now I older and experienced Shit that Im now more focused than ever, because I sure as fuck would not have been able to do this when I was a dumb young adult.

Completely brutal journey to get there, so absolute all my props for getting through that and graduating. Sometimes I think uni is awful, but man, some people have it a hell of a lot worse.

This is so beautiful

Where’s the lie 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

Where’s the lie 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

Imagine 30 years ago, the most loved man in America raped you. As far as you know, you are the only person in the world that this has happened to. Who would believe you?

Must be fun to be impossibly optimistic.

This is a stupid comment.

incredibly stupid

White privilege explained

White privilege explained

Instead of using the word privilege, I like to refer to it as "lack of obstacles." It helps people understand... it's not that you have more privilege, it's just that we have less of it.

I've been using different difficulty settings.

It's synonymous with majority privilege since societies are setup to favor the majority...which in America are white people.

We are not, however, protected from the sun.

Melanoma is no joke, protect your skin

Damn it Ja, not now

Damn it Ja, not now
Who gives a fuck what Ja Rule thinks?

Ja was influential. He laid the clearest path on how to royally fuck your career anyone has ever laid in rap. He paved the way.

Ja we ain't got time for this today

Bwahahaha 😆😆😆




I have said this before but my black friends who are republican all make over 100k a year lol..they want them tax breaks

Who said he had to be a democrat? Being anti-trump is not a democrat exclusive.

T swift about to have the best music video of all time

Give Ye a Chance

Give Ye a Chance

Haha, it also works in the reverse

Kanye: George Bush doesn't care about black people.

Liberals: Heck yes, Kanye knows what he's talking about.

Kanye: I like both Trump and Hillary

Liberals: Uncle Tom

You cant say george bush hates black people and then suck off the guy that was supported by white nationalists.

But actually.

nigga just got rich.

We know why you are scared.....

We know why you are scared.....

Now all he needs is a Vibranium suit


You put some respeck on Corey Baxter's name

Ummm Corey in the House?

Crack a joke

Crack a joke

My coke dealer is the whitest dude i know

My crack dealer however is white too, it’s the same dude

Likelihood that he would have said this exact thing to a white college professor...?

I’m thinking absolute zero

Consider that 90% of the risk is international travel and not getting inspected by TSA. Being white is almost a career requirement.

When people talk about their coke dealer, they're usually not describing someone trafficking in kilos from South America.

Kill it with fire

Kill it with fire

What do I do? Well I assume I die first and foremost

Honestly according to entomologist Justin Schmidt of Schmidt sting pain index fame - "lie down and start screaming" (and this was in a peer reviewed journal) the reasoning being that very few can continue verbal and physical coordination. If you lay down and scream you feel better, the tarantula hawk might leave you alone, and you don't risk hurting yourself in your agony. Fortunately it wears off after about three minutes, but by God they are the worst three minutes of your life.

I bet this is in Australia

My first time was the worst three minutes of my life, now I wanna see if that thing can beat it.

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