How Kevin Hart gets into his Truck.

He can probably make up for his lack of height by just standing on his wallet. Dude's rich as fuck

Ya gotta respect Kevin for embracing his height rather than getting butthurt over it

He feels proud in his booster seat

I thought he was going to have an entourage lift him up.

Filming a Rap Video

Filming a Rap Video
Filming a Rap Video

On a side note: R.I.P. Vine

At least he’s shooting back

I still binge on compilations on YouTube every so often.


When the cops show up to a party and my white friend says "I'll talk to them."

OP, and a few other accounts in here are repost bots.

"White friend" is racist. Just say "lawyer".

that was good wasn't it? cause i did know i couldn't do that

"I'm sorry, officer. I didn't know I couldn't do that."

Getting too comfy during a haircut

Getting too comfy during a haircut

You can pinpoint his face when his life flashes before him


See it there in an hour.

“Father, let me fall”


That was sick

That was slick

I know it’s probably just for fun but what a great way to demonstrate how comfortable people can move in those clothes. As a tall man who wears jeans and slacks for work my first thought was “look at those knees bend!”

That was sick

Mom surprises her son on his birthday.

He was ready to get his ass beat

The smile is not because of the gift, it's the relief knowing he wont get his ass whooped.

The emotional manipulation, the fear in the kids face, the false threats of violence, but then the wholesome undeniable love between the two brought me straight back to childhood.

What the frick?

Words of Advice

Lets give a quick shout out to Christina Applegate

TJ Miller always claimed himself to be absurdist, but it always came off as so forced and not very funny to me. Eric Andre is the master of absurdist comedy to me. At least this generation

The key to absurdist comedy is to never leave your character. The second people see you out of character, the magic is gone.

Gotta love Hannibal

stay strong brother

That's just cruel. You can see the humanity escaping him through the look on his face.

His eyes widening said it all. "Not today beautiful devil. I kno de way!"

Lol, when she whispers in his ear, he staggers back and is either looking for a way out or some place to grab and run her to do what she just said

It be your own head

For a split second, she looks like Urkel when he says “did I do that?”

Also, those are some aggressive dance moves.

As a black woman, it is a lot of reasons. 1) There is a tendency for black hair to not grow completely straight as much as white hair. Our hair follicle is more likely to grow in coils, curls which you see with more afros.

2) Due to influence of European culture, media, and history, straight hair is perceived to be sexy and more feminine and is more accepted in certain environments. Since our hair doesn’t grow like that, we use braids, wigs, and weaves more to get the length.

Hope that helps 😊

Why are weaves/wigs so common?

Just a curious white dude (As if I even had to say this)

My entire mood is the girl in the pink chair right now

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