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Trying to steal her man

What's the context?

This is called a leg extension and lock. My german shepherd does this to me in bed if I even think about walking another dog.

Hot competition approaching her man. Gotta protect what's yours

Insecurity. Distrust.

Every villain is haunted by the moment that made him the way he is

Holy shit... I never would have figured out that's the same actor. Thanks reddit (and IMDB for confirmation).


At first I was like "wow, they look a lot alike!" Then I realized it IS the same person.

I forgot he was buggin out! I love that movie.

This guy's freakout too great

Is the Rock driving the bus?

No that’s his cousin

That bus driver wasn't fucking playing! XD

The Pebble

1990s NBA in a nutshell

1990s NBA in a nutshell

Can't tell from the 3 pixels if he missed or not.

90s sports in a nutshell

Michael Jordan was a notorious shit talker on the court. He got real personnal too, but that never left the playing field.

"Shoot it you fucking midget!"

So savage, it ruined my career.

Get back here, you little shit

Get back here, you little shit

You can't hang on the rim like that.

Alley oops?

Are you too good for your home?


Going against the flow

When your flight is delayed

That dude on the cart looking at her lmao

I love how she stops and you think she realized she fucked up, then she starts walking again after moving back 20 feet lol

Well at least she's getting some exercise...

Akwasi Frimpong, Ghana's first Skeleton athlete is loving his time in PyeongChang

dat a thicc boy

Very thicc for a skeleton

He won Olympic gold in turning everyone in this thread gay.

stupid sexy Frimpong

Anarchy is real

I bet he made her hole weak!

He made her whole day ! 🌸



We’re still holding up asshole, it’s been 22 minutes.

These days, better have a Love Contract on hand...

But really, the best part about this was rewatching it as an adult and realizing that was Rashida Jones.

“I’ma do you too.” “Okay”

That's not actually Rashida Jones. That is a beautiful, naïve, sophisticated newborn baby.

Ann Perkins!

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