Check out this backflip

"oh I spilled a little, but it still counts, right guys?"

Great example of centrifugal force, making those bucket swinging elementary school teachers proud.

This is the kind of stupid trick that with just the right amount of drinks goes from mildly impressive to panty dropper.

Right, yea Glares dissaprovingly

How this glass ghost was made

How this glass ghost was made

This made me really nervous to watch

While I do believe glassblowing is magic, I don't feel it qualifies as neither black magic nor fuckery.

One of our nation's greatest features is the endless number of totally unnecessary museums. I don't want to live in a country that doesn't have a museum about a large ball of twine

I live near the national bottle museum (who knew there was a thing?) and they offer classes on glass blowing. It's something I've always been fascinated with.

"Sam, get the holy water!!"

How doesn't she step on her hair?

Because they're hands...

Badum tshh

I love how the other shopper suddenly gets freaked out and just throws her box up in the air before presumably screaming.

"I don't know what the hell's in there, but it's weird and pissed off, whatever it is."

How an Archerfish hunts its prey

Wouldn't it be cool if humans could walk outside and spray some water at something we want to eat

squirts at LetsMaxToday's mom's crotch


Yeah the filming here is spectacular, must take some patience to get shots like this one

How the fuck do they get these shots (both the producers and the fish)

It's a Goal!!



"Oops wrong stadium"

Missed opportunity of "Oops wrong football"

Shapeshifting furniture

Snitch bot

Cool, but i hate all of this furniture. Very ugly, uncomfortable and difficult to function on.

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Might be a necessity in small apartments or houses though.



Found the video πŸ‘


Can someone explain how this works? I know about vacuum forming, but theres no mould here.

Carson Wentz the magician!

Carson Wentz the magician!

For context, this was in the final quarter of a tough game between two NFL divisional rivals. The Eagles came in at 5-1, and the Redskins entered at 3-2; an Eagles win would give them control of the division, while a Redskins win makes the race much closer. This is the third of four downs, and if Wentz is tackled, the Eagles have to punt and Washington gets the ball back with the opportunity to score a touchdown and tie the game. Instead, Wentz somehow escapes the tackle and runs for the first down, and the Eagles eventually score on this drive to make it 31-17, and eventually win the game 34-24.

Basically, Wentz is a magician.

He's a god damn magician. Jon Dorenbos transferred Wentz his powers.

Second year but still just as impressive!

What a great call by the announcer. β€œWentz will be...escaping!”

Wet Magic Fuckery

I did something similar to this in art class years ago, but not to this perfection. The technique I learned was to paint the area first with water then drip or touch the brush to the water and let it naturally flow with the water. As the previous commenter stated wax can be used to keep the water constrained this helping with the clean finish. I'm sure tilting slightly can help the flow of where you want the paint to go but then you run the risk of the water on the paper moving too.

How does the paint stay "inside" the line on one side, and run/flow so freely on the other? Is something done to the paper?

Yep, wax isn't needed, the surface tension of water on the paper keeps the added colour inside the lines.

I'm not 100% sure on it but my theory is that there is some type of wax placed around the edges to stop it from going further. The picture is then moved up and down in the reverse motion of where you intend the paint to go. Still required some practice and skill, combined with proper materials .

The harder you shake, the more it changes colour

The liquid is an Oxygen indicator, meaning when oxygen is introduced it changes colour/indicates a presence of oxygen. When disturbed (shaken), the Oxygen gas in the flask mixes with the indicator as the thousands of small bubbles provide a much higher surface area/volume ratio, hence changing colour

about 7

Somebody explain this!

Just seven.

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