Metal molding?

Metal molding?

Plastic molding

Thermoforming of a metallic-looking plastic.

Though it does look metallic, I don't think any metal can form this way. It appears to be a luggage shell.

Thanks u/SoapyNipples . It's the top comment for other people too.

Bottle jumping

Is this Mountain Dew viral marketing?

quality little trick but I wouldn't call it blackmagic...

Yes. /sub/hailcorporate


Because Jesus already did walking on water

Because Jesus already did walking on water

I'm gonna go with...perfectly timed photo.

I’m going to go with that’s Jesus and now his job is to save the environment.

Perfectly timed picture.

Jesus and his amazing technicolor swimshorts

Snow face.

Hellooo! -Mrs. Doubtfire

I like how you can tell he did it right before the video (via the other head imprint), so his friends must have been like, "Dude, that was sick! Do it again so I can snap it!"

As a white American I am so triggered right now. This is cultural appropriation. /s

The eyebrows are what make it great!

Domino Effect

I sat there for most of this gif wondering why I'm blowing off work to watch the world's longest, slowest, and most boring domino video, and then it all suddenly became worth it.


Seriously? One more second, and we would have gotten to see the end.

EDIT: even if it didn't end perfectly, it would have been nice to see that.

Why make a wall infront of another wall?

Your wall and the neighbor's wall, so you can be sure the neighbor won't invade

Keep your eyes on the cross...

Keep your eyes on the cross...

I watched this 3 times looking at the pictures just to make sure they weren't sneaking fucked up pictures in there. I still don't believe it.

What sort of Tom fuckery is going on here?

Your brain is really into surrealism, but has been trying to hide it from you.

By focusing in the middle, your brain considers everyhing "around" that point to be peripheral vision. It isn't accurate and the brain makes a lot of it up. Normally we don't notice it, but with the images rapidly changing, your brain is attempting to compensate for the missing information your eyes aren't directly focused on. So the features become exaggerated and almost cartoon/alien like while it tries to adjust for each change. If the images were displayed for a longer time, or with a slower rotate, the effect would be lessened.


How does this crap get reposted so much?

Should be Reddit's overall slogan.

This seems like a good way to get hurt.

I feel like it fits more under killthecameraman.

Dry erase marker reacting to water

God creating Humans in his own image (0, Colorized)

I freaked out until I realized that they were blowing onto the water at the end

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how you do this...

Taking it to a whole new level

Taking it to a whole new level
Taking it to a whole new level

Roses are red, violets are blue

There is always an Asian better than you.

guys... this is clearly fake? the guy is just pretending their are steps there to get attention

wtf did i just read?

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