[Tool] SomethingLovely interactive map updated for Kamasylvia Part 2 (nodes, node managers, grind spots)

[Tool] SomethingLovely interactive map updated for Kamasylvia Part 2 (nodes, node managers, grind spots)

TLDR: somethinglovely updated for Kamasylvia 2

Just a quick post to say that the SomethingLovely map has now been updated for today's release of Kamasylvia Part 2, with the correct node names -- which were previously just placeholder translations until the patch landed -- and node manager information/locations.

Grinding/Levelling areas have been added for:

Polly's Forest Tooth Fairy Forest Fadus Garrison Gyfin Rhasia Temple

I'll be confirming any rare drops for these over the next day or two and adding those to the info, along with adding scroll boss locations & loot info for the new Ronin and Urugon bosses.

There are a couple of nodes that I need to head over and manually confirm if they exist (and if so what their affiliated node manager is) but those will be checked and confirmed in the next few hours. I will also be confirming the names of the drops from nodes and changing those to be correct.

If you spot anything wrong or any missing information, or wish to contribute to curating the data for the community, then give me a shout on Discord at Famme#9120 (the site is kept up to date using community sources of info and manual verification so it takes a bunch of time). I will continue to keep somethinglovely ad-free and tracking-free, although if anyone was feeling generous I'm taking donations in the form of Value Packs because mine ran out so I'm living the pleb life while I research ;D

p.s. Reminder that after clicking on a node you can use the dropdown to find how much CP it would cost to connect to any other node, which you may find useful if you're looking to connect Grana to your node network!

Thanks @fffam for keeping it updated, the best BlackDesert Map Tool!

It absolutely was, I used it to verify certain things alongside the english translations. The translations get updated on BDD even before the patch goes live, although they tend to change often (Lake Flondor changed to Lake Oggier then back to lake Flondor).

Keep putting out great content, just wish I could catch your streams more often!

oh could be helpful :) It's my old video about kamasylvia info from KR but still most of them are correct info use it as another materials XD [they made few changes with workshop and trade but most other info is still same]

So...that little tiny plot just north of the new content is still going to be inaccessable? It's weird that there is a wall there and it's just this tiny least last I checked.

Nov. 15 2017 Patch Notes

Nov. 15 2017 Patch Notes
Nov. 15 2017 Patch Notes

"Kamasylvian recipes have been added, 6 for Cooking and 9 for Alchemy.

Weenie Elixir

Surging Weenie Elixir

[Party] Weenie Elixir

[Party] Surging Weenie Elixir"


I am 12

Patch notes before the game is up? NANI??

"A prompt will now pop up upon clicking on Reset All in Settings."

Thanks alot, not a day too soon...:)

YESSSS I deleted leftovers :(

Seems like PA might be listening to us.

Seems like PA might be listening to us.
Seems like PA might be listening to us.

Once we have these changes confirmed and in-game I would like everyone to show their appreciation en masse. It's all very well bashing them but when they DO listen and make changes that we like we should reinforce that behaviour with praise.

This x100. It is really important to reciprocate respect both ways. I know some people have a tendency to lash out and sling around toxicity, but this will be important once things get implemented.

We want to develop a positive relationship between the community and the developers

It wasn't just me. It was all of you. Everybody across all the different regions that expressed their desire for these changes to happen. Just goes to show what an entire community can do when we all stand united around the world.

All it took was a martyr...

Thanks again Bloo. One person can make waves!

Thank You For All The Support!

Thank You For All The Support!

So, I just wanted to take some time to say thank you to everybody that has shown support to me over this past week as well as explain some things that may have gotten mixed up or confused regarding everything.

So first of all, like I said thank you to everybody across all the different regions that are showing support, I truly do appreciate it all. Its been amazing to see how many people across all the different regions are actually coming together to show support and helping each other out and sharing the information with each other and the entire BDO Community. Also big props and thanks to everybody helping out and sharing their findings as well to help the community's knowledge grow.

The main goal of this was to bring together the community to help share information and help everybody in the community. While its true some tests were being made previously which helped players already, with this information we can now have a solid foundation for our tests and allow our tests just to be even more accurate. People can now have their own opinions about gear without any fear of hidden stats. I don't believe this will cause any problems with the community, only further the discussions and tests.

So, originally when I discovered they left the information unpacked and there for anybody to see I did message an employee from Kakao who's name I'll leave anonymous to prevent witch hunts. Yeah so, I sent them a message letting them know that of this was left unpacked and waited to see if it was a major issue for them, they'd have quickly pushed a fix. As that was not the case, I figured I would share with the public so that we can all help each other. I did not unpack/reverse-engineer to get this information, there was a mistake made on the other side when they pushed the patch to our servers and left certain files/folders unpacked. The folder name itself actually was a clue that things were unpacked.

The goal was to get people from different parts of the BDO Communities to come together and help each other instead of trying to keep things private from others. Its really cool to see that goal being achieved so much more than I originally thought. We have people across atleast 5 different regions and over 6k people all coming together to help each other out. Its amazing and I'm so happy to see the community supporting each other like this. I hope that the information that everybody discovers can be used to increase the knowledge for every player, new and the veterans. Like I've said previously I enjoy this game and hope to continue playing for as long as possible. In no way did I have any intent to harm the company whatsoever, only just to help increase the knowledge for the BDO Communities which can then lead to more talks about the game and more tests with better foundations and better knowledge of what we're testing.

Some of you have asked what am I doing now, and long story short until I hear anything back from GM's regarding the ban appeal I will just play KR. I thought about just playing NA off stream, or hiding my name on stream in NA but I realized its better just to wait for their decision and not play NA for now that way I don't appear to be taunting them in anyway.

Thank you to everybody that is showing support, in-game, via stream titles having "#FreeBloo", the protests that KR did in-game as well, on the forums and other ways, it really does mean lot to me and I appreciate it all. I just wanted to help increase the knowledge that was being shared with all the various regions and communities which is amazing to see it all happen in such awesome ways! Please if you wish to show support feel free to do so, but lets try and keep it with non-toxic posts. One big thing I strongly advocate as my guild members know is doing things without the toxicity. Its great that you guys all are showing support nd please continue to do so if you wish, just try to do it without shitposting or attacking anybody who doesn't feel the same way.

Up you go pal!


Thanks for the new data you definitely made a huge game changer to the community.

When I saw my post doing 80 upvotes in 1H I knew it would do a revolution LUL.


KR Unpack Protest. (#FREEBLOO)

KR Unpack Protest. (#FREEBLOO)
KR Unpack Protest. (#FREEBLOO)

What I understand with google-translate:

No more hidden stats on/off for dmg-numbers NO MORE HIDDEN STATS Shop-prices are too high in Kr

I like it , Koreans are actually doing something...

So I guess the datamine got out to korea?

Yes. Bloo's data sheets. Also, somebody tests for stats.

My thoughts on Kakao/Pearl Abyss' ban on Bloo

My thoughts on Kakao/Pearl Abyss' ban on Bloo

Bloo has not broken the Terms of Service, all he did was use a PAZ file browser to view the files. PAZ files are just a form of compression like .7z or .zip and does not require decryption, decompiling or reverse engineering to reveal. Many games out there do not encrypt there data files (binaries are a different story) and only use there own in-house method of compression and for BDO that is PAZ.


Looking at a section of Kakao's Terms of Service; section 8.2, License Restrctions:

The User may not reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, or attempt to discover or modify in any way the underlying source code of Game or of any part of it.


Bloo did not reverse engineer Bloo did not decompile Bloo did not disassemble Bloo did not attempt to discover or modify source code

Since all the above conditions have not been met, the phrase or of any part of it is void.


Bloo simply used a compressed file viewer to browse through the data packs which is commonly done in many games (to make mods and edit textures). The source code is hidden in the binary and uses .bss and .luac file extensions which are complex to decompile (no one has accomplished this yet). These files contain the API calls that the game uses and would be of concern to the developer if they were revealed to the general public.

The data sheets that were revealed to the community were unpacked by either Pearl Abyss or Kakao themselves as they are the only one's with the tools capable of viewing these files. It was Kakao that made the mistake of pushing the update to the public client along with these unpacked files embedded within them, unencrypted and unprotected.

Furthermore, Excel spreadsheets are the only items included in that unpacked folder directory. There is no source code or any game code included in that folder. There is no code related to the XIGNCODE anti-cheat as the code for that is in a different folder in the game directory. The code for XIGNCODE anti-cheat is also encrypted and compiled using a custom file format which would most likely lead to corruption upon decompiling.

Lastly, these unpacked files exist on everyone's client in the NA/EU region. These unpacked files are easily accessible and do not require a complex tool or method. You do not need in depth knowledge in computing to access these files; anyone can do it. No reverse engineering, decompiling or disassembling required. None.


This permanent ban issued was most likely pushed by Pearl Abyss to shift Kakao or Pearl Abyss' own mistake of including those files in the public client onto a player and to blame them for the leak. It is easier for them to not take responsibility for their own mistake and to simply ban an individual for it.


Edit: Regarding .PAZ file encryption, the encryption key has been bypassed for a long time now by the coder of the .PAZ file viewer. Pearl Abyss made no case or attempt to shut down the project or take legal action.

Totally just used your points in my ban appeal!


Yeah if anything, main KR instead but would love to keep playing NA so we'll see. Appreciate all the support ya'll have shown!

I'm wishing all the best for you.

Though it may be unlikely that you'll get your account back, know that you'll go down in BDO history as a hero.

I like how Kakao and PA are warring against the player instead of listening to them and trying to fix the game.



He made the mistake of not being a popular streamer.

Ban someone because you messed but, don't ban fish botters or a big streamer who exploits for months.


Fishbotting in game, no ban.

Exploiting in game once, false ban.

Exploiting in game twice, 3 day ban.

Sharing files available to everyone who plays BDO, permanent ban.

What your doing right now is wrong. You screwed up and you ban a guy who loves your game for it. Ive read about past people doing way worse things then releasing public info, getting a few days ban. You mess up and ban the person for finding your mess up. PERMA???

Fishing bots OK 2 workers 1 node to make millions OK

Releasing public data that should be made available anyways results in a Perma BAN???

Very very sad day for the community members that play your game.

Takes you 2 days to ban this guy.

How about you start by fixing your godawful servers at the same speed you try to cover your ass???

Snake has finally beat ManUp

Snake has finally beat ManUp
Snake has finally beat ManUp

Lacari its a Bucket

I tried to warn him, and he banned me instead.

Complete Equipment Stats

Complete Equipment Stats

god bless

add Elsh pleasee

/u/factomg is this post allowed?

Edit 3: I'm constantly adding data like hidden evasion/dr on accessories, don't forget to refresh the page.

Edit 2: I can't get to every comments, I'll try to do everything tonight.

Edit: I have no idea how hiddeneva% and hiddendr% works on Armors but I don't they have the same value as Evasion and DR since the numbers are so high.

dande has no hidden stat :(

Try one of these subthreads