BetterEveryLoop bettereveryloop

He's gonna be great one day.

That kid is barely 2 and is more of a man than me.

If psychologist László Polgár is right, we are in the presence of greatness.

Baby Balboa

You could see in his diaper?

No beer lost here.

It certainly wouldn't have stayed off the ground... luckily these are empties. Probably just his natural hero instincts or dad reflexes kicking in.

He's the hero we need, but don't deserve

Ohh, they’re empty. That makes quite a difference!

I injured my shoulder, and after a year and a half of excruciating pain, had to get arthroscopic surgery.

Now anything that reminds me of my injury makes me freak out.

That could have destroyed his shoulder! It hurts mine just watching this! 😱

I'll leap frog over this girl WCGW?

Did her face bounce off the floor?

Nothing is worse than trying to be funny, and then either hurting someone or making them mad.

there is a chance that now she's dumb enough

Yup. Concussion!

whoa whoa whoa

Mental kryptonite

She’s cheating

He needs to hang dong, that’ll teach her.

Fake tiddies

Collateral damage

Nice of her friend to hold her hair back

"Three girls creampie all over little kid's face in public"

I dunno, there was definitely some suppressed anger coming to light from Linda here.

Little did we know that that little boy would grow up to be cake boss.

Brain freeze

This is just too good.

Classic floof freeze

This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in awhile! “Nom. Nom. Nom. Oh sheeeettttt!”

Yeah but there is a difference between feeding them human food regularly and doing it like once a year.

Down we go...

I've come to terms with myself that I will never be this cool.

That's a hard No from me, thanks!

I'm not sure if this is courage or stupidity. It is certainly a leap of faith in ones ability.

I’m so bored with jumping off mountains into the fog. How can I spice it up?

Better lovestory than twilight

"So how was your day honey?"

holding back giggle

"It was alright, a little wet"

No man.. it's a BROSTORY

This is so amazing. I never want to know the context.

Are they taking turns to be the drill cause their drill broke?

Sign Language

He was booking it too

Just had a flashback to my childhood...

this is one of the languages which can be easily interpreted

Stabilized strolling through a flip

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