Yes, please.

Yes, please.

I’m so moist


Old school, new school, then combine the two.

Now I wanna go all the way backk

Freestyle Sessions 2018 - CO

Freestyle Sessions 2018 - CO

The Spring gathering is 30 minutes away from my home home and the Summer gathering is 20 minutes away from my college home...of all places he could go I got blessed this year

Told myself I couldn't swing these dates and now I'm checking flights are they're only $140 round.

What am I doing?

Nighttt 1 - Widdler and Mala shittttttt.

How is no one talking about Pendulum!?

Over here waiting for this Freestyle announcement

Over here waiting for this Freestyle announcement

There is one weekend in 2018 that I can't make. This one is it lol. Wedding in KC. Haven't missed a CO show since 2010.


Waiting and hoping the owl is wrong.. at least about the date. Perfectly fine with another freestyle sessions, just not that date.

Dude, same

Ready for chobee round 2 😍😍😍

Ready for chobee round 2 😍😍😍


The first of many

Ill see you there!!


What do you think?

What do you think?

Always liked the symbol for the Deathly Hallows. Looks great mane.


Love it dude. Looks badass.

I made a thing!

I made a thing!


It's good to see the 7th plane of Nirvana has strong WiFi signal.

I did it a while back so I can’t tell you exactly. But probably like 10-14 hours total work time.

Cool thing!

The main variable in an infinitely-expanding, omnitempo maximalist, always growing Bassnectar discography

The main variable in an infinitely-expanding, omnitempo maximalist, always growing Bassnectar discography

I've been listening to the entire Bassnectar discography everyday for 6 years now (even back to his harder to dig up mixtapes like World Beat Juice).

The constants I have seen through decades of Bassnectar music:

Amazing care to detail and packing in as many layers as possible but in an organic way

Creative drumming

Immaculate sampling; frequent callbacks to and remixes of past work

Unique sound synthesis which lends itself to unique electronic sounds.

Surreal lyrics

Ever changing dynamics; surprising tempo changes

Politically charged messages with the general theme of Power to the People!

Inspiring messages with the general theme to Open your Mind

Multi cultural (across the whole world) influences

Omnitempo Maximalism

Love and Care. Just the compassion that bubbles inside him reflected in his masterful work.

The variable:

Using the drum pattern foundation of the trending electronic music genre at the time.

Of course if you know Bassnectar, you know his music is far from static; breaking all rules and boundaries of genre, but if you look at his releases at a whole, they tend to follow that loose drumming foundation of electronic music at it's time.

The general arc I have seen evolving in the drumming throughout the years.

Breakbeats -> Dubstep -> Trap *Of course, you can have fun and get more specific with the tags if you want.*

Trap is when we are now; in general this foundation has been a major influence since 2014's Noise vs Beauty. In this album I hear the same dream-like soundscapes and mind-bending grooves that Bassnectar has been experimenting and inventing since the late 90s but now he's using trap 808s and drums. For example, the drum patterns and tempo in Psyopia match trap more; while a song like Parade Through the Centuries matches Dubstep more. Likewise songs like Replenish or Close Your Eyes match breakbeat.

As a hardcore, longtime listener (I listen to songs over and over, exploring and analyzing layer after layer), I might be able to offer some insight and general principles about Bassnectar's reception on his music releases's.

1) Bassnectar's new music is quite different and tends to age like a fine wine. I might not like his new EP's on first listen, but over time they tend to grow on me until eventually I'm hyped on the new stuff.

2) Basshead's tend to have lots of nostalgia for songs / releases that follow the genre foundation in which they discovered Bassnectar. For example, I discovered Bassnectar after his release of Timestretch. For me, Timestretch, Cozza Frenzy, and Divergent Spectrum were instant favorites on release.

That's not to say I haven't found favorites and absolute love for other parts of his discography; sometimes I get stuck on an album or even a song on repeat for weeks (right now for me it's Motions of Mutation). Overtime, I've rotated the entire collection in and out of intense focus because I find great joy listening to, dancing to, and finding the gems that Bassnectar has hidden throughout the decades.

I'm not sure why I wrote this, because I like Naux Faux. I guess I wrote all this to say to my younger self or perhaps others, if you don't like what you hear right now, I wouldn't worry:

You have such a deep, prolific collection of Bassnectar music to explore / keep you busy waiting for the next one.


It'll grow on you and awaken the love in you for it.


A Forever Basshead

|8|o|8| You know you love it <3

This guy articulates.

This is such an excellent write-up and I wholeheartedly agree. I especially like the point that what changes over time is the drum pattern foundation. That, to me, seems spot on.

Thanks for sharing!

yo can you write my paper for a college class But in all seriousness I deeply appreciate this. I just started listening to Bassnectar 2 years ago with into the sun and okeechobee will be my first nectar show :) In this time that i've spent listening to bassnectar i've gathered a 9 hour playlist which I thought was a lot until a few months ago when I realized there's so much shit i haven't even dipped my toes into yet. I'm also like you in the sense that i like to dive deep into each song layer by layer and I don't usually like the songs first listen but become slowly enslaved by it afterwards. this post is super clear and satisfying so thank you

Thanks for this, as somebody who first saw bassnectar in 2015 and is just now sort of starting to get it. Going back and listening to the older stuff I wasn't around for on release is a lot of fun. It took me some time to really come around but I love Bassnectar and everything it stands for can't wait for Chicago!

Can't be the only one who feels this way..

Can't be the only one who feels this way..

It's from the fellowship of the ring when Aragorn stops the hobbits from trying to eat second breakfast. We've had breakfast yes, but what about second breakfast??



Bruh I want a Naux Faux album and tour

I'll keep dreaming

Naux Faux - Enchanted (Spotify)

Naux Faux - Enchanted (Spotify)

I'm blown away by how good this is.

I listened to this on the way to work and this was my view when Cherish Friendship started.

I love you all :::)

me too!! if nectar hopped on with the drums in sayr's other ep it would be just as dope as well!! but yeah this is what i wana hear after some bangers in a set just get spaced out like wtffff just happened! i think psyopia & flip gnosis please my ears the most!! plus that sub basssssss so goooooood!!

Thanks brotha! I will deff be trying to do that this year a lot because I don’t wana go big or anything just wana play some local summer festies or get on a small dc club opener for like you said ill.gates or someone like that!

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