I think he loves his mom.

I think she loves him back.

I think elephants

Isn't that one a bit small to be his mom?

Could very well be auntie, sister, cousin, etc


Proof that snoots help solve everything.

I was stuck and then my mom came and my auntie and my 2 sisters and my cousins and they got me out!

This is sweet. Like the kind of sweet that a grandmother would say. Not the kinda sweet a hip teen would say. Is "sweet" still a thing for them?


As of today, China’s legal ivory trade has come to a close.

As of today, China’s legal ivory trade has come to a close.
As of today, China’s legal ivory trade has come to a close.

This will be a day elephants never forget.

Reminder that the US is the second largest black market for ivory. Most of the ivory traded as "antique" are poached. Let's work together to ban all ivory trade in the US, antique or otherwise.

Good start to the new year!

2017 sneaking in at the last second to say "See? I wasn't that bad."

Tough love!

The way his astonishingly clean feet(?) flip around after he falls is so cartoonish!

Babyelephantgifs always gives me a smile. Baby elephants just want to play and herd is so protective. Hope this little one has a good life.

Stop filming and give that floppyboy some attention damn.

I fucking love baby elephants.

Park Ranger shows orphan elephants good things to eat at The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Elephant Orphanage.

Yes, they have been very successful at re-integrating them back into the wild herds of Tsavo.

Poaching ivory...this is in Kenya.

I can eat everything!

No you can’t

Derpy trunk movement

Baby elephants running

From what I gather, this is the DSWT, and they are indeed running towards food. Milk bottle time is no joke for ellies.

Does anyone know what was going on here and why they were running? Unless they were running towards food. That, I completely understand. 😁

The one at the end is like "mmm tasty keeper nom"

Feeding time at DSWT.

Baby elephant with an itchy trunk

I think I love baby elephants more than I do baby humans....

Precious baby. I always think I’ve seen the cutest thing possible and then it’s topped...yay!

People like baby humans?

Not me

Nooooooooo.... Don't blindly trust these humans....

Hey little elephant I got some free candy over here in my van

You don't need a van. Just put it in the trunk.

I'll see myself out.

Elephants are beautiful and should never be threatened by any human whatsoever.

Looks like a new born, very sweet.

Baby elephant loves to be sprayed with garden hose

Nose long like garden hose

Somebody get this baby elephant a slip-and-slide!

Dude moon walks!

Baby elephant surrounded by her family

Don't mess with our baby...

We’re looking at you, Hollywood

Butterfly ears

That’s a very new baby. I️ wouldn’t be surprised if that was mom in the middle and the baby is exploring.

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