Bedtime at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

I’ve visited the David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage during a trip to Kenya a few years ago. These babies are so sweet and playful and the caregivers are fantastic. Watching them eat their breakfast from bottles and having one cuddle up to my leg is one of my favorite experiences. If you ever find yourself in Kenya this place should be at the top of your list!!!

Sleep tight trunk boy

They're so sweet to their elephants.

Hey I had a quick question to your experience. I am planning on giving this trip to my sister as a residency match gift next year. What would you say the length of the stay required for something like this? And also is there anything else that you might recommend to do while over there? Thanks

Baby elephant bluff charge

"I charged em', mom, but they didn't budge."

we all need a mamma like that...someone to pat us on the head after we've been ferocious, and give our buttholes a loving sniff to make sure our diet is on the up and up

I can’t do it. This is the best one yet😭

"They will sweetie. They will one day."

Scratching some itches

That girl is very pretty but I guess that's irrelephant.

The bigger one comes over at the end like “ok me now”

So cute that s/he just knows to put up her feet and she'll get love. Such trust, it's amazing. <3

Do you guys ever notice how baby elephants move and look like cheap animatronics from old movies? Am I high? Maybe.

Life is an uphill battle

Momma taught him to never give up :)

Is John Cena his momma?

I can clearly see her, so no

YESSSS baby finally made it!!!!!!!

This baby elephant had a traumatic experience, almost drowned, and developed a fear of water. After months of rehabilitation the baby elephant has more confidence and is ready to take on that fear of water!

One brave boi

Source video

Sometimes the internet hits me just right. God I love this subreddit

Everything about this is wonderful. How much the woman working with that elephant clearly loves him. She's right next to him so he's not facing the fear alone. Her clearly nice looking outfit for speaking into the camera is drenched and she doesn't give a shit.

That elephant may be nervous bit he seems to be enjoying himself and that's pretty damn awesome from a creature who nearly drowned &,was terrified of the water such a short time ago.

This sub continues to make me feel more at ease when I'm anxious and having trouble getting out of my own head.

Elephants aren't even my favorite animal but I adore them and love seeing them happy nonetheless.

Excited to be at the top

A video my girlfriend made a few days back in an elephant rescue center in Thailand.

It was stressful watching him an inch away from the edge.

If anyone's wondering why elephant seem a bit clumsy its because they spend their entire lives on what amounts to high heels.

If anyone's wondering why elephant seem a bit clumsy its because they spend their entire lives

Top of the world. Wish I could see the fella get up that incline to start with.

Moving earth to save an elephant and her baby

Moving earth to save an elephant and her baby

Before they started digging it out, the mother was just standing there like, "Yep, nothing left to do but stand here and wait for death, I guess..."

It's cool when people give elephants a good reason to remember them.

Are those Asian elephants?

The real question is how did they get in the hole?

She looked so relieved

Newly rescued baby elephant Marra, is bring looked over by a representative from the David Sheldrick Trust and the Mara Elephant Project. This is one of the smallest baby elephants I have ever seen. Very adorable.

Hey, OP, don't prejudice me with your titles. I'll decided for myself if the baby elephant is adorable or not.

That is one very adorable baby elephant.

Here is the source story. She was born premature and was found wasting away. They saved her. 🐘❤

That baby elephant must be going through its Seattle Grunge flannel phase.


Rescue vid 1

Rescue vid 2

The little elephant was born premature, unable to reach his mother's teats, and was rescued from the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya by the Mara Elephant Project with the help of the Maasai Mara National Reserve, Friends of the Mara, Kenya Wildlife Service and the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

More footage

Now it's my turn (x-post from r/combinedgifs)

Now it's my turn (x-post from r/combinedgifs)

I want more of the little snout-monster.

And the Elephant too!

Ele gets 10/10 beautiful form!

I actually laughed out loud while sitting in the lobby of my doctors office. Got some stares in the process but it was worth it

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