Aww aww

This Is Why We Love Dogs So Much!

The guy probably went to the mailbox or to the corner store

It's a great feeling when any other living thing just isn't satisfied with a hug and attempts to actually get inside of you.

Two years or two minutes and they'll be just as ecstatic to see you. :3

Isn't it amazing that what we're seeing here are two completely different species, yet you can literally see the love pour out of them both. Man this earth could be so good if we all gave a fuck about each other.

Edit: Thanks for my first ever gold whoever you are! It's comforting to know that there's lots of people who feel the same way.

A handshake? Happy to oblige

A handshake? Happy to oblige


"Pleased to meet ya!"

Gary Busey look likes he's doing well.

Bath time!

I seriosly thought is was a bat

The tongue and air biscuits... it's just too much cute!!

Same. Then someone said it was a monkey and I had to look twice. It's a kitten, right? I'm so confused.

The rapid fire mlems and paw paddling motion did it for me.


We got a family photo and he managed to derp it all up

We got a family photo and he managed to derp it all up

Ironically I am adopted (red head) - but we gay af

U and ur brother look really different!


My fiance and I get asked if we're brothers sometimes.

We look nothing alike, but I guess it's the first reaction people think instead of we're a couple.

A hug between friends.

A hug between friends.

That dog is so proud of that he has a horse as a friend.

I used to walk my pitty by a small farm with 5 horses everyday. Over the years, my boy Louie, warmed up to one of the horses. They ended up being best buds and whenever the horse saw us walking down the road he walk make a dash to the fence to greet us and exchange kisses with Lou and get some head scratches from me. I got to know the horses owner who lived on the property. He was absolutely floored at the relationship between the two of them. I lost Louie about a year ago to a tumor, he was 12 and the best freind I've ever had. It never gets easier losing a pet, so I almost avoid pictures because I know I'll be useless for the next hour via crying.

Awesome picture. Thanks for sharing, you got one handsome puppers!

I love animals so much. We don't deserve them

It almost looks as if it's been a long time goal to befriend the horse, and is just so happy it's finally happened

Most people teach their dogs not to jump. Personally, I love coming home from work to a good hug.

Most people teach their dogs not to jump. Personally, I love coming home from work to a good hug.

I love a good doggy hug too but I taught my girl to stay down until I asked her to come up for a hug.

When she knocks over a small person..."she was just trying to hug you!"

My 90 lbs Rottie mix tries not to jump on small human child types. He got overly excited when my eight year old niece visited. He knocked her over and then sat on her while kissing her face to apologize.

Tiny humans are crack to that fuckwad. That and kittens. He loves his cat.

I love that too! But I think a big reason to teach dogs not to jump is so they don't tackle a small child or an elderly person. Or for that matter, a random stranger that doesn't want that to happen.

Poor dog's terrifying first train ride...

Poor dog's terrifying first train ride...

That lady is strong.

Id say this picture has more to do with "animals are allowed on as long as they are carried" vs the dog being scared.

Why can't I stick my head out the window...... I don't like this at all. Hold me.

It's Seattle - you can bring your dog anywhere, carried or not.

A baby hippo

A baby hippo

What a sassy lil blob

No it's a baby water potato

I want to hug it, but I know it's very much capable of absolutely ripping me to shreds.

Then they grow up to be cute, lumbering, murder machines.



I have the deep need to pick up this little love muffin and nuzzle it. My god. It is the cutest little fluffernutter I've seen in a long time.

Could never deny those eyes!!

those are very cute paws.

So happy to see. I really like those cute eyes

Silly lil baby foxes

Silly lil baby foxes

Fox! Fox! ¡xoɟ

Cerberus: some assembly required.

What is this witchcraft

The upside down one

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