Aww aww

I wonder what inspired this artist.

I wonder what inspired this artist.

aaaaah he looks like a tipped-over taxidermy

Can't stop staring at the bottom corner of that wall. . .

The hoomans sit like and they get food; I shall too.

Damn, with all the other shit, I'm mad this isn't a real thread.



I believe you mean flooferbeans

What are you going to say?

Strawberry flavored of course.

I want to message those little paws.

Husky break-in

Don't fluffy open inside

The story behind the gif

Like little fluffy zombies

Mom has to help the last one that was there at the beginning chewing on whatever the heck that thing is.


Raccoons are working hard to break the filthy 'trash panda' stereotype.

"Excuse me sir... janitor coming through... would you be so kind as to point me in the direction of your trash can?"

I see through his ruse.

That janitor looks drunk.

It's not even really sweeping... it's just going through the motions because the boss is watching.

Put a little maid outfit on him omg

People praising mexican dog that had just been declared as the best boy ever

People praising mexican dog that had just been declared as the best boy ever

A dog runs after the Popemobile in Guanajuato.

This dog has been declared the best boy ever, so people threw him a parade and are praising him.

That dog's name better be Mantequilla.

What a good boy.

Comfortable Otter Couch

Hey no this is mine.... ... Ok Floop!

What have I done wrong in life that I don't have otters and baby big cats casually hanging out in my back garden?

No! Go sit on the otter one!

Otter - "Hey! you can't sleep here"

Lion - "oh staph it"

sleeps on him.

Kitty gives high five!

Kitty gives high five!

more like a murder five

A cat's attempt to un-balance the child

As a guy who has 2 cats (and loves them to bits)...nothing about what this kitty is doing it positive.


Nothing to see here

Look how happy he is - is tail is wagging from the thought of eating as much as he wants.

Who's a good doggy, I am!

That's clearly a badass dog taking an empty bag out to the trash.

Reminds me of the time I was sitting at the kitchen table on a warm spring day with the backyard door open. My 3-month old black Lab puppy was asleep in the bedroom. All of a sudden he trots right by me and out the door with his tail wagging furiously and one of my sneakers in his mouth, the sneaker being bigger than his head. Didn't even glance at me. "Sorry! No time for chitchat! Places to go, people to meet, things to do!"

One of my mom's dogs walked by me with an entire loaf of bread in his mouth once. Very nonchalant.

His name is Potato.

His name is Potato.

The kitten's name is Potato.

The potato's name is Spudbert. He says hi. 👋

Sure, but what is the name of your kitten?

Spudbert's a bit self conscious because he's starting to rot. Pray for Spudbert.

More Spudbert!

Can you believe someone tried leaving this girl on the side of the road? Nope, not on my watch.

Can you believe someone tried leaving this girl on the side of the road? Nope, not on my watch.

Why anyone would want to just abandon such a sweet little feline I will never understand. Their loss.

I couldn't believe it either. She actually came with a sister!

*** Just to clear things up- We were driving behind this guy and saw him drop the 2 kittens off on the side of the road. They're both happy and healthy, we plan on keeping them! The black/stripey one is Luna and right now we've just been calling the gray one Grey. Thank you so much for all the kind words, you guys are the best!

Oooh is the sister a black stripes on black? My cat has those stripes and you can only see them in certain light. beautiful xxxx

Holy cow that's that cutest thing this side of the Mississippi !

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