Aww aww

The Permanent Boop

The Permanent Boop

So cute!

Kinda wish it said "Snoot has furever boop" :3

Snoopatar, the Last Boopbender.

One of Snoot's siblings put a paw-print on the nose.

She’s not spoiled. She’s just finally being treated how she deserves to be treated.

She’s not spoiled. She’s just finally being treated how she deserves to be treated.

OP is a loser because he has a dog?

Yessss! Keep up the great work ♥️🐾

Here are five responses that I think you might like:

1) I've never felt like I could honestly ever say, "When she's happy, it makes me happy." I am just so detached from life, and cannot form intimate relationships with people because I feel like they're only doing me a favor or being nice to me by hanging out with me. I'm incredibly self-centered, and find it very difficult to find happiness in social situations unless I am indulging about myself.

2) Doggo finally gets to rest after a long day of play. :)

3) Dogs are just like us. They like to sleep, play, and cuddle!

4) She's so lucky to have such a caring owner!

5) Looks like someone's up to good!

All dogs deserve a warm spot to sleep in each night.

She's enjoying the train ride way too much

She's enjoying the train ride way too much

I believe that is the panicked cat traveling face

She's not. She's panting like a dog, which means she's stressed.

Cats open their mouth and pant when extremely stressed. It's not a good thing!

I don't think that's what that face means

My old (now deceased) pets, Basil the cat, and Roxy the dog, playing when they were young

My old (now deceased) pets, Basil the cat, and Roxy the dog, playing when they were young

Sorry not meant to be sad, just love the beautiful photo ☺️. Been gone for at least 6 years. Was taken before I was born actually, by my parents

I'm sorry for your loss. 😔


My heart.

You can't leave without us

You can't leave without us

"I'm sorry ma'am but we have detected some life forms in your travel case that don't seem to have been declared so we're just going to have to open it up and--OHHHH MAHHHH GAWWWWDDD~!!!"

We are da catz

rite in a line

you can't escape

sneaky feline.

If fit we sit

so very cute

put hair on shirt

and bizness suit.

So zip us in

we want to play

and join you on

your holiday!

I love how neatly you pack. The kitties are a bonus.

I can’t even get my children to all sit still and all look at once for a photo

The "Please, hug me" look

The "Please, hug me" look

That's the "I own your heart now" look

That's the "my bowl is empty" look.

That is adorable

There are a lot of cute cats on Reddit, but THIS one! Might be eligible for having my cat beat.

This is Bruce. He has some spots.

This is Bruce. He has some spots.

I love dogs

My naym is Bruce

I has sum spotz

all ova fur

has lots and lots.

My daddy says

that I am mutt

part kangaroo

dalmation butt.

Donut forget

blue heeler genes

I guess dat says

I in between.

No matter wat

I am lucked up

mai dad chose me

good heckin' pup!

Beautiful dog you have

You have good tastes.

At the airport

At the airport

And just out of view is a plane going from left to right and doing circles.

Good dude this guy on the tarmac

meanwhile he's directing planes this whole time and the pilots are like: what kind of hand signals are those?

Meanwhile a few windows down a group of adults are looking out thinking "that guy had totally lost his mind"

Horses love people too

Horses love people too

It looked like the horse had a human hand.

Btw. Don't do this if you don't know the ins and outs of your horse. This shit is dangerous af if you don't know your horse well and it gets scared of something, as it will crush you.

On a side note, many horses I've seen wouldn't lie down anyway when the human lies down as they work in a way of "one takes care of the other and the other way around" thus when you lie down they stand on the lookout.

I had a horse that did this. She even thought it was more fun randomly during rides to just lay down and look at u like u did somthing wrong

That‘s some intimate touching there, Mr. Hands.

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