Time Crisis Badass

Time Crisis Badass

Fuck it. He's living his best life. Shine on, you crazy diamond.

He has holsters...for the fake guns...that are attached to the machine.

Homeboy showed up with holsters. I wish I cared about anything that much.

I bet he works there and does this on his lunch break

Everyone Is Going Nuts Over This Olympian's Triple Axel

Everyone Is Going Nuts Over This Olympian's Triple Axel

3rd woman ever, and 1st American woman to pull this off in the Olympics.

Why triple axel is a big deal

A triple axle is a 3 1/2 rotation by launching facing forward and landing facing backward. It's the most difficult of the triple jumps.

Beautiful, but goddamn the punishment on the ankles.

Extreme spinning

Thanks, guy pointing. I would have never known where to look if you hadn't stepped in

I have to hand it to the breakdance community, they get happy and excited when their opponents do amazing shit.

Ain't you never seen a hype man? Shit, if anything he wasn't pointing hard enough!

Very impressive

Passing on skills

Well, technically they're not stretching dough either. That's a synthetic, fake dough.

The most amazing image I can offer

1) Awesome! 2) Thanks for giving credit to the photographer!

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