$3.5 billion budget boost from legalising marijuana, costing shows

$3.5 billion budget boost from legalising marijuana, costing shows
$3.5 billion budget boost from legalising marijuana, costing shows

It could be 35 billion but unless that money was going straight to donations fuck all is going to change because the current two primary parties DO NOT REPRESENT THE PEOPLE.

I feel like the majority of negatives/knock-on effects already exist? If youre the kind of person who didn't smoke pot because it's illegal, you're unlikely to be the kind of person who illegally drives while under the influence when the substance becomes legal?

I believe that one day we’ll look back on our drug policy and weep for all the broken lives. That our health minister can spout debunked propaganda from decades ago absolutely staggers me. I won’t argue that cannabis is harmless, but I don’t see any outcome from legalisation that isn’t a net benefit to society.

I am glad to see a fairer representation of weed in the mainstream media. Newspapers are beginning to wise up and give at least a ‘balanced’ narrative. Gives me a bit of hope that all the people who can’t be arsed doing the research themselves are being exposed to the lies we’ve been fed for a century.

It won’t be legal here for 20 years. If ever. The Australian public couldn’t be trusted with legalised Marijuana, according to our masters. Just as we cant be trusted with untaxed beer, vaping, dropping a line into the river without a goes on and on.

I thought nothing could shock me anymore, but in my forty years as a journo, most of it covering business, I have never seen anything as appalling as what we are witnessing at the banking RC. And I covered the 80's crooks including Bond and Skase

I thought nothing could shock me anymore, but in my forty years as a journo, most of it covering ...

Just a reminder that those in government didn't want this RC and had to be dragged kicking and screaming, to the inevitable establishment of one.

Malcolm Turnbull, our Prime Minister, openly and proudly said it was "regrettable" that this Royal Commission was instituted. The Government, quite literally, tried to hamper it from the start.

It's not necessary, they told us. The system is working, they told us. It's a waste of tax-payer's money, they told us.

I'm telling them what I think next election.


Remember, this is the "RC lite", this is the one the bankers wanted. Imagine how bad it actually is.

Turnbull was the head of Goldman Sachs in Australia before joining politics.

He'll probably be dragged before the commission himself.

Australia’s health minister on legalising recreational marijuana 😡

Australia’s health minister on legalising recreational marijuana 😡

A member of the Coalition is ignorant on something! Stop the presses!

I like how it's not nearly as dangerous or illegal than alcohol or cigarettes yet I'm almost positive he would drink

While I think Greg Hunt is being misleading, it is addictive.

It does not possess addictive substances that are physically addictive, like how tobacco contains nicotine, it's entirely possible to be addicted to the sensation, ie a psychological addiction. This is the same reason that alcohol and gambling is addictive, the user gets addicted to the feeling and only feel "normal" while experiencing it. However, this form of addiction can apply to pretty much anything, but strong, pleasant sensation are more readily addictive.

That said, I'm all for marijuana being legalised as I feel there are more upsides than downsides. I'd imagine something similar to cigarettes/alcohol in terms of applicable laws. Use the taxes on sales to directly fund health/mental health. Less "War on Drugs" expenses that can be focused elsewhere etc.

EDIT: The above is based on what I've read, I'm no expert on the matter.

Buy a large news outlet... maybe a few. Demand your journalists ask difficult questions about evidence based policy Profit?... probably lose lots of money while you wait for the public to come around.

Australians: Now is the time to get loud about legalisation!

Australians: Now is the time to get loud about legalisation!

It is about time.

Starting to get sick of the whole 'gateway drug' cope-out excuse; the only 'gateway' is having to buy it off a dealer who is trying to selling their other gear. Provide a safe and legal route such as a dispensary, and it wont even cross peoples minds to say "yeah, you know what chuck in a bag of ice as well".

David Koche (host of Sunrise)

A literal fucking ambulance chaser.

If you would like to help and join in head over to /sub/ausents , we are working on messaging current MPs for our area and 4/20 rallys and where they are etc

Sometimes you don't think it be like it does but it do

Vegemite toast. Give yourself an uppercut, Sydney.

Vegemite toast. Give yourself an uppercut, Sydney.

Looks like my dog Bozo dragged his arse across the chopping board.

Pay for it with deconstructed dollars by handing over 140 5c coins.

Cafes do this for attention. It gets them in the media every single time.


The Greens will introduce a bill to legalise recreational cannabis

The Greens will introduce a bill to legalise recreational cannabis

Glad to see Di Natale is brave enough to stop being so timid about this issue. It's obvious most of the greens members would have been behind this for a long time, I think the party was just afraid of how the two major parties would treat them as a laughing stock, which they'll obviously try to do now, but I feel like we're at a point that most of the public is in favour of legalising it anyway.

We should have a mail in plebiscite. /s

The conservative media will shit all over this, just like they did when the Greens initially publicised their drug control policies.

Di Natale worked as a doctor specialising in treatment of drug/alcohol addiction... so if any politicians know what they’re talking about with regards to a topic like this, it’s going to be him.

As long as strict road safety measures/restrictions on personal consumption are put into place, I wouldn’t have a problem with legalisation for recreational use. Among other things, just think about the amount of tax revenue which could be generated as a result! Definitely something that the Libs would be amenable to, eh?

We only need to point to the US when it comes to benefits of legalizing cannabis. Economy and health wise. (Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington. Even the District of Columbia.)

Channel 7's Comm games coverage rips into Closing Ceremony.

Channel 7's Comm games coverage rips into Closing Ceremony.

TLDR: I went to see it live, it was shit, I want a refund for my mate that paid $1750 for tickets.

Yesterday a mate was like ‘hey do you wanna come to the closing ceremony with me? my wife can’t go’, so I went.. when he handed me the tickets I saw they were $350 for a seat!!.. I was thinking damn, we’re in for a good show..

it was seriously the worst show I’ve ever been to.. there’s a primary school fete around the corner from us that does a better fireworks show and that’s free.. it’s just fucking bullshit how bad it was..

3 quarters of the audience left before the show ended... the athletes started to leave straight away... they were going to get the athletes to do a dance.. as soon as the dance instructor said “Disco Macarena”.. you could hear the stadium groan... they taught the uninterested athletes their moves before the show started, but they didn’t end up doing it during the ceremony, guessing because only a handful of the athletes were left in the stadium by the time music acts had started..

the place was just empty.. the athletes walked in, in the dark.. and weren’t up on the screens.. no highlights from the games.. no one in the stands was dancing or singing.. I didn’t hear a single “wow”.. the walk to the bus was super quiet.. I didn’t hear anyone on bus or train talk about how good it was, or say anything good.. everyone was just silent. Even the kids.

It actually makes me angry how bad it was, I think people who went deserve refunds.. it was like watching a stadium of people getting robbed.. also it’s fucking embarrassing for the Gold Coast, Queensland and Australia.

Edit: also forgot to mention, they had a fake cheer noise they’d play over the speakers at the end of each song.

Wow, what a stuff-up.

Empty stands during the performance just shows how terrible it was.

Hope the media rakes them over the coals for this, really bad planning. We care about the athletes at the games, not the second-rate washed up performers they got on a cheap.

This was the highlight of the ceremony

Gold Coast continuing its proud tradition of dragging sport kicking and screaming behind a shed, and putting a couple of bullets in it.

There goes the house deposit

There goes the house deposit

Only $13? Bargain. Get two serves.

Nothing to do in Avoca but get smashed.

It's $7 extra for the toast.

At that price it had better be fresh sourdough. Not that tip top shit.

A male ibis flies over to a female ibis.

A male ibis flies over to a female ibis.

The female ibis says, "can you stop staring me, creep?"

And the male ibis says, "sup, I bin chicken you out!"

were they new zealand ibis, eh bro?

Worth the upvote... got a chuckle from this too

You should put something like that on a Valentine's Day card

Ha. This actually made me laugh. Props

Aussie Autumn

Aussie Autumn

To give an idea of how unusual and plain fucking bizare this weather event is for April, look at Sydney's days above 30 for this month. 4 already, another predicted tomorrow and 29 on Monday. So perhaps 6 days above 30 in April. That would be more days above 30 than January, February or March (3-5 days above 30 for each month) and so far a higher average maximum than December-March period, at 28.1 so far. 5.6c above average. It hasn't dropped below 18c any morning in Sydney. There has been no rain this month either, generally sydney gets 100mm or more per month. This is actually a hotter month so far than all of summer on both maximum and minimum temps, and it's fucking april.

I think this weather event is the furthest away from the average ever in Australia. It leaves me flabbergasted. If anyone had said to me April would be the month with the most 30c days, and the hottest of the year I'd tell them to get off the grog. But it happened. I just hope to jesus and all the religious figures in the world that this is a 1 in 1000 year event, and not some sort of new normal. If it is, we're fucked.

Nek minnit: omg its so bloody cold.

an unusually hot period is usually followed by an unusually cold period yes.

The harder you smack the pendulum the further it swings, that's nature.

And (I'm assuming) that only refers to the city which gets cooling ocean breezes, out west where the majority of the population lives it also gets 10-20% hotter.

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