Assholedesign assholedesign

you can’t use the ‘IOS’ USB port and the UK Plug adapter at the same time

you can’t use the ‘IOS’ USB port and the UK Plug adapter at the same time

Not asshole design. Apple plugs are small compared to other ones. It’s so we don’t get Seth’s by kids stabbing forks in plugs because the longer prong needs to go in to open the sliders to let the small ones in to allow power

Thanks, Google

Thanks, Google


Username checks out

It’s the thought that counts


Ad blocks everything if you try to zoom in

Ad blocks everything if you try to zoom in

Some people have Tumblr layouts like this and it drives me crazy. Instead of an ad, it's their stupid sidebar. Like, chill, I just want to read your recipe. I won't forget what blog I'm on if the sidebar doesn't follow me everywhere.

There's some website out there called "motherfucking website", and it's written in a really unfunny and obnoxious manner, but the jist of the website is that many web designers are over-designing their websites, when simple HTML would be much faster and easier to look at.

If you can get past how annoyingly unfunny that website is, it's worth checking out.

There's also a similar article which I really enjoy, which is not annoying at all and is very well written: Dan Luu's Web bloat. This article details how long it takes for some websites to load on slower connections, and details just how important it is for websites to optimize their speed over being pretty.

A quote of note:

When I was at Google, someone told me a story about a time that “they” completed a big optimization push only to find that measured page load times increased. When they dug into the data, they found that the reason load times had increased was that they got a lot more traffic from Africa after doing the optimizations. The team’s product went from being unusable for people with slow connections to usable, which caused so many users with slow connections to start using the product that load times actually increased.

They probably just didn't pay attention to zooming behavior.

The ad has a 'fixed' position and therefore has a separate coordinate system relative to the screen. When you zoom the page, the browser will automatically keep the ad fixed on the same position relative to the screen while zooming in by increasing its size.

This stuff is not trivial to get right.

Not with that attitude you can’t.

Sometimes Professors are a bit too specific

Sometimes Professors are a bit too specific

this is literally why college sucks

That and the debt from student loans

People owe 1.3 trillion in the us on student loans

Send your professor the picture you can usually get points back. While some are dicks most are very understanding. Worst case they say no and probably forget your name.

This is just the final exam for anger management classes. Take this without freaking out and you get a diploma

There’s no “continue with website” option

There’s no “continue with website” option

Why make a mobile website if they won’t let you use it... 🤔

Finally! A sub where we can post how moronically a website was designed!

There is only app.... what is this website you speak of?

Why even bother make it correctly


From the looks of it, that area should be open. Therefore, there is no way this is a mistake.

At least this claw actually grips the toy.

Sorry, does that thing have a steering wheel? How even?!



Lol, this is just some Texas humble brag.

Woosh for one. but it's about size of the area. He is saying Europe small America big. Texas is so large you could drive all day and still be in Texas while if you drove that long in Europe you would be in another country.

That makes no sense. The Netherlands and Germany share a border. So if you live in Belgium you could walk across the border to the Netherlands and then walk to Germany, then walk back home.

Would be like saying; I drove forty minutes to get to Texas, then popped into Mexico, then drove back to New Mexico.

How is this assholedesign?

No, I like to lose money.

No, I like to lose money.


We should really add a tag for "implying stuff or insulting customer for rejecting stuff"

I think this is more asshole than design.


Save 0 cents!

Save 0 cents!

Psst, Sugar?

P$$t Sugar sounds like a song name by Lil Pump

P$$t Sugar, no less

Deal of the century

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