Assholedesign assholedesign

I see what you did there, Pepsi.

I see what you did there, Pepsi.
I see what you did there, Pepsi.

Why is it asshole design? That's just marketing choices, assuming the asshole part is using max instead of zero, because that could confuse people if they don't read carefully.

Good marketing. Business is business.

Well, to me that's good marketing what they did there, But that's just my opinion, so I don't really know if everyone likes it or dislikes it. Maybe /sub/mildlyinteresting will like this

Only pepperoni on the part you can see

Only pepperoni on the part you can see

I call bullshit. Someone took off the pepperoni for fake internet attention.

Either that or someone got a 1/1000 pizza that was fucked up. This is not normal. This is not designed intentionally this way I guarantee that.

A major brand like that usually doesn't try to pull that much of a switcheroo, especially since the packaging shows that the rest of the round pizza as having the pepperoni. It's not like the blank area in packaging where a label that doesn't show a picture of the product is hiding empty space, making you think that there's something there (when it's just air). It's probably a production error that was somehow missed.

I'd contact Tesco via social media (or, if you're opposed to that, bring it back to the store). Grocery stores tend to be a pretty competitive business and they would replace/refund the purchase. Especially with store brands, it just looks really tacky for the grocery chain.

Jup. No way one of the largest supermarket chains in the UK would try to pull such an obvious bamboozle.

Consensus is that OP sucks.

Bot is evil.

Bot is evil.

git gud

Ok fuck you.

git --help

git: 'gud' is not a git command. See 'git --help'.

Because no one will get these two mixed up.

Because no one will get these two mixed up.

Who keeps these together anyway

Black and gold

14 flies and insects.

Pro tip: skip the bug spray and just buy two cans of cooking spray. Good luck landing on shit with slippery feet, six-legged freaks.

I can't fucking erase with this pencil

I can't fucking erase with this pencil

The pencil inspires creativity through pure hatred

Those erasers don't erase very well anyway

Mickey mouse loves you for who you are, even your mistakes.

4 year olds generally have to do the most erasing, though.

Fresh Squeezed

Fresh Squeezed

He's squeezing the bottle. I don't see the problem.

Asshole yes, design not really

Doesn't belong here

Why does it matter where else it should be posted? If it doesn't belong then it doesn't belong.

I had to walk back down

I had to walk back down
I had to walk back down

Bruh I would of just climbed up on the railing and kept walking to prove a point

I don't know what point that would be but it would prove something.

I'm willing to bet this is due to building codes. Have to have a railing every x feet or something and there was no way to make it work properly on this staircase. They should block off the right side though

Prove you can surpass any obstacle, climb any wall.


My hydrating cream.

My hydrating cream.

This should be illegal. How that's not some form of deceit or false advertising or something i don't know?

It probably tells you the exact amount on the packaging. I would say that they should have to defend their wastefulness though. Using that much unnecessary plastic has to be bad for the environment

Seems like every day, someone shares what they consider to be deceptive packaging and each time gets more or less the same reply informing us all that the amount of product is usually printed on the packaging and so it's really our own fault for getting the wrong idea.

That's great and all, but excessive slack fill is illegal in the US for many products. The defeat of reasonable expectations at the hands of fine print is unfortunate.

Most creams in bottles have a platform with gas under it to lift up the cream with pressure. If it has been used it could make sense because the gas expanded. If not, it’s just asshole design.

That is some good recycling there Starbucks (x-post /sub/funny)

That is some good recycling there Starbucks (x-post /r/funny)

As is posted every time this comes up, it's probably still recycled, it's just they sort it at a separate facility. "Single stream recycling" I think it's called.

However, Starbucks attracts eco-friendly customers and having to explain this to all of them would be tedious. Better to let them think they are actually recycling because... well... they are.

Lol! I thought you were showing us the cups of people who new better!!

Could just be single stream recycling. Most cities are these days.

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