Eating at the first McDonald's in Russia

Eating at the first McDonald's in Russia

The "Большой американский"?

(Big American)

wonder if they have call it the quarter pounder with cheese or something else

That's not his order, that's everything they had in stock. The line was 4 miles long.

Somebody get this guy a fuckin' Happy Meal

Kolkhoz smekalka

That's brilliant, race to infomercial in 3...2..1

Potato grow fine in fine mother Russia soil. Bloated capitalist America Potato need expensive fertelizer, water, and Mechican harvestors. Sturdy Russian potatos need nothing. Just stick in frozen ground, and cover up with snow. Come back in spring for Harvest.

Soil is Russian is fine.

God look at that soil. How can anything grow in that...

The midwesterner in me just had an aneurysm.

EDIT: It would appear that my comment qualifies me as an American Pigdog Xenophobe. I would apologize for insulting this nice gentleman's backyard, but I guess I should just find the nearest Trump rally instead.

EDIT: pls stop pming me about dirt

There once was a farmer named Pavel

Who invent a wonderful shovel

So simple turn soil

It lessen the toil

You can retire early to hovel

- Mikhaylo, give me that wrench

- Mikhaylo, give me that wrench

Is the dog's shirt pinstriped like a proper tracksuit?


I think that's the zipper

I like the tracksuit idea better. Pup just needs some sweet matching kicks now.

The windmills are over there, comrade

The windmills are over there, comrade

A+ title

This is clearly some sort of a film parody of Don Quixote

You misspelled Spain. Madness is not something you only develop in Siberia


Have fun, Ivan

Have fun, Ivan

I see kids playing on a waterslide.

Where's the problem?

Rusty water slide...

Still not an issue I'm sure.

But Papa, it is not the summer!

As long as they're not, licking it then they'll be...fine.

Standard windows for a apartment complex.

Standard windows for a apartment complex.

Looks like me learning to create windows in tinkercad a few months ago.

It's created by Dariusz Klimczak. Second image in the linked gallery.

I want to know what this window is for...

Toilet? Or the place where you store food

Russian Gothic

Russian Gothic

this picture was made in alaska in 2014

Interesting Facts. Russia controlled most of the area that is now Alaska from the late 1700s until 1867, when it was purchased by U.S. Secretary of State William Seward for $7.2 million, or about two cents an acre.

It was called "Seward's folly" by most of the US Population until the 20th century when we found out the real value of Alaska (both in Oil and natural resources)

for anyone wondering it says "The most important thing in life is to find someone as crazy as you are."

Jean-Claude Van Blyad

And then they moved them further apart and the man fell down. Ivan laughed.

And then they moved them

Further apart and the man

Fell down. Ivan laughed.


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Good bot

Productive in the park

Productive in the park
Found her colleague.
And another one:

And another one:

What? Why? What?

Too much time with the Sniper Pro.

A hallway after too much vodka

A hallway after too much vodka

I see stuff like this in the U.S. as well, basically it's an old staircase retrofitted to make it ADA complaint.

Of course though, the rug screams Russia.

Ada complaint? This is Russia, the disabled have no rights or protections, and therefore this is the initiative of a well-meaning decent person.

I'm sober and this messed with me.

Of course comrade, this is a vodka simulation

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