Russian reload

Sounds and looks way better than Russian roulette.


Western spy! Get him!




Once you pop... that's great!

Salt AND potato flavor?!

I really don't think these are Russian, but I love them. Maybe try over at /sub/crappyoffbrands?

Edit: looks like they already have them.

Edit 2: apparently they're some sort of Cards Against Humanity item.

It is a great feeling once you pop.

Kind of a sad image

Kind of a sad image

It looked real on mobile cause it cut off the image a little. lol

VDNH! They also have a space shuttle you can go inside and nearby is the Cosmonaut Museum with many cool artifacts and recreations (including a re-creation of the habitation module of Mir that you can enter).

Why is it sad?


Babushka getting robbed

Omg wat. This whole thing is a clusterfuck.

"Could you please wait your turn. I am busy"

And no one got hurt.

In America, the other customers would probably pull out their guns and shoot the robber.

Here babushka is just like go home Ivan, you're drunk. What is he gonna do, shoot the babushka?

"But... but... I have gun?"

why do so many russian drivers have dashcams again?

Ok, aha....

what a dick....

oh shit

There is more action in 15 seconds than in the last compete James Bond movie.

In Soviet Russia, you do not drive in traffic.

Traffic drives into you.

For the court.

Same vehicle? Love the curtains flying.

Flame Thrower

Is car battery channel.

Most popular channel in Russia.

Much ratings.

The TV just seems to be showing a car battery?

Ivan, Hold my vodka so I️ can drink butane tonic

If he inhaled a bit of that fire, I bet his lungs would explode. Nice trick tho.

Hired a new gardener

Hired a new gardener
❎ No gloves

❎ High heels instead of boots

❎ Very little skin protection

❎ Hair in the way, not completely tied back

❎ No proper back support


❎ No gloves

❎ High heels instead of boots

❎ Very little skin protection

❎ Hair in the way, not completely tied back

❎ No proper back support


Lemme guess; she told you she would do anything for a $20, so you made her turn over the soil on your farm.

In my country, garden hoes you!

Gotta be honest....I’d give her a shot.

A normal explosion in Russia

A normal explosion in Russia

Is that Vladimir in the pilot seat?

Vladimir Putin is 64 years old. At 12 he became sexuality active. And I mean very sexually active. So active in fact that it's rumored that he's slept with every woman in Russia. If you're a Russian under the age of 52 (which this man presumably is) there's actually an 82% chance that you're Putin's kin.

So to answer your question... Is this Putin? Probably not. However, there's an 82% chance that this is his son, hence the striking resemblance.

Also, he never shits, he is just too much of a tough guy to give a shit. He learned to drive a car when he was 8 months old.

As the Putinator makes his escape.

Trying to get on a repo truck

Can't pay, we'll set it on fire.

There is a black splash from out of the rear of the car before the white smoke. It looks like he may have pierced the cars oil tank. Once the engine started losing oil it began to overheat and smoke. Just a theory.

We get it, you vape.

I'm not sure what's going on. What's making all that smoke?

Just another day at school

Just another day at school

Reading through your post history is like peeking into the mind of an AI that is becoming sentient


Nah she's probably also got enormous tits. These women become obese babushkas later in life, but man are they great when they're young.

E X T R A. T H I C C.

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