[Satire] Japanese Man Moves to America To Watch Anime More Easily

[Satire] Japanese Man Moves to America To Watch Anime More Easily

“It’s amazingly convenient; I can watch all of this season’s anime the day they air by subscribing to Crunchyroll and Funimation — and then torrenting the shows licensed by Netflix"

Shows how out of date this article is as he's not torrenting shows licensed by Amazon.

Seriously though, we take advantage of the fact that we can sometimes get a sub and dub of a show only hours after it airs in Japan, and we can watch it as much as we want.

Or torrenting shows licenced by Crunchyroll to watch them in a higher quality, without the slight moral dilemma.

A car of culture

A car of culture

i wanna see a car with a bunch of KyoAni decals on it

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Yes, it is about working in an old traditional japanese hotel with a bit of family problems, romance and drama.

The show hasn't finished yet and they already have a pink Miyamori Yoshino decal. Nice. Although I won't argue if they put any main girl from Sakura Quest on there, every one of them is best girl.

The book titled "Alchemy" in episode 3 of the original Fullmetal Alchemist series is actually a D&D book.

The book titled "Alchemy" in episode 3 of the original Fullmetal Alchemist series is actually a D&D book.

OK, i have looked into this and it's a bit weird

This isn't FROM a D&D book, it's A REVIEW of one, This 2002 book about alchemy and herbalism

you can read in the picture "chapter two is interesting because it describes an alchemical school called saragun's alcheminary" and this book does, in fact, have such a chapter two, and it's the only place i've found where the name is used, then the next page mentions artwork, seems clear to me it's someone reviewing the book

no clue where they found that review or why they'd use that for their text

No wonder he had such a garbage attempt at resurrection

He had an unlucky roll.

DM: Ok, Tucker, I just want to clarify real quick, which animals were you using?

Tucker: I guess the dog and the parrot? I'm starting to run out of combinations. The parrot can talk, right?

DM: I mean, technically speaking, he can repeat phrases that you taught him earlier.

Tucker: and the chimera can gain that trait, right?

DM: In theory, sure, but it's gonna depend on the rolls. Speaking of, give me a perception roll before you start.

Tucker: why? DM: You'll see, just give me the roll.

Tucker: ok, sure. /Rolls/ 4? Really!? Fuck, what did I miss.

DM: you'll see in a moment. Ok, so you have the circle ready, the animals are inside, what do you want to do?

Tucker: I guess let's begin the transmutation.

DM: Ok, just to clarify, you want to begin the transmutation now, right?


DM: Ok, perfect. You begin the transmutation and at the last moment, you don't notice the door open and Nina walk in. Right before you clap your hands to the circle, you hear her shout out, "Alexander, no!" And she runs past you into the circle. The bird gets startled and flies away.

Tucker: What? No! Why?

DM: sorry man, if you had just rolled a bit higher you might've noticed early enough to stop. But, since you didn't, give me a transmutation roll.

Tucker: Fuck, alright. /Rolls/ Fuck yeah, Nat 20 baby!

DM: ... Oof. So, the good news is you successfully created a talking chimera. The bad news is, you did such a good job on the transmutation that... They... Are bonded permanently at the molecular level.


DM: Yeah man, good job. That was one hell of a transmutation, let me tell you.

Tucker: 20's are supposed to be reserved for awesome shit, aren't they!?

DM: I mean, technically a 20 in this case would mean an awesome transmutation, which this was. Again, congrats man.

Tucker: No, fuck that! I want a re-roll!

DM: Sorry man, but I didn't let Ed and Al re-roll when they BOTH got a one when trying to bring back their mom, it wouldn't be fair to let you re-roll now. The dice giveth, and the dice taketh away. Sometimes a 20 let's you sneak through an enemy camp undetected, sometimes it fuses your kid and pet into a horrible abomination. Just the way it goes man.

Tucker: No, fuck that, fuck this game, and fuck you! This is bullshit, everytime something good happens, you fuck me over. I'm fucking sick of it... /SLAM/.

DM: ... Ok, well. Ed, Al? What would you guys like to do?

Monogatari Series anime watch order (spoiler-free version, August 2017 update)

Monogatari Series anime watch order (spoiler-free version, August 2017 update)
Monogatari Series anime watch order (spoiler-free version, August 2017 update)

I'm so glad I started watching when Bake just came out.

(I originally posted this in /sub/araragi, by the way, but I figured people here might be interested as well) (Edit : welp that was a good guess at least, I spend half the day answering comments :D)

Hi ! At long last, I'm able to update this chart. I'm not gonna lie, I find it incredibly satisfying to watch.

This is the spoiler-free version, meaning some spoilery arc names have been removed. For the spoiler version, see here.

Things I've changed since last time :

Of course, Owarimonogatari S2 has been added. I had to decide on a name, since it's simply called Owarimonogatari but I still wanted to differentiate it from the first Owari season. I could have called it Owarimonogatari 2 or Owarimonogatari II but I didn't want it to be confused with the second Owarimonogatari novel. I've also added Zokuowarimonogatari to make it clear that the anime is still ongoing. We do know that even the Off Season is on its way. The light novel order is now here ! That way it makes it clear what the "First/Second/Final Season" groupings are, and you can see the little differences in the anime order (Hana after Second Season, Koyomi after Owari). It also shows that the novels are, too, still ongoing. Speaking of orders... I posted some threads recently, originally to defend the "Kizu between Bake and Nise" order, but it came to my attention that I was being too closed-minded and there were perfectly valid reasons for wanting to watch Kizu later in the series. If I pick any order, there are going to be people who will tell me that I should have chosen another one, and it would not necessarily be wrong of them to think that. So instead of picking a particular order, I've decided to explain several options for when to watch Kizu, so that a newcomer would be able to choose the one that suits their tastes better. Still, I tried to make it so it wouldn't intimidate them by having to choose between 5+ orders before even starting : if they don't want to read the text sections and just want to get to the series, they can just follow the picture. I've placed Kizu between Bake and Nise in the picture because it still was the intended order and not everyone enjoyed the benefits of watching it last. I don't believe I'm being too stubborn with that compromise : a first-time viewer will be "forced" to follow my recommended order if and only if they don't care enough to read what I've written to help them decide. And if they can't be bothered to read even a single line of text, then maybe Monogatari isn't the anime for them :P While I was at it, I added an entire section to briefly explain the different watch orders, to make it perfectly clear that a first-time viewer should watch in airing order and that the chronological order was only viable for rewatches. I also mentioned the semi-chronological order because it was a watch order variation that I've seen come up relatively often. My beloved short stories are now listed ! If you don't know what that is, the short stories masterpost contains all the information about it, as well as the links to the translations of the stories themselves. I really recommend you at least take a look. I added them to this chart because they tend to be relatively unknown even among the fans, so I'm trying to spread awareness because I'm sure a lot of people would enjoy them. As mentioned at the beginning, there are two versions of this chart : since two arc names in particular are pretty big spoilers, I thought it would be nice to have a version where they are removed, so that you can share it with someone who's watching for the first time, as well as a spoiler version for people who already know about these arcs. That's also why I made two separate posts for this, so that it's easy to save or bookmark each one individually. The version is clearly indicated in the top-right, to minimize the risks of accidentally spoiling someone. The newest novel, Shinobumonogatari, announced every novel and arc of the Monster Season. Apparently, the next book will feature the arc Mayoi Snail, with "Snail" written with the English-sounding word suneiru, as opposed to the Mayoi Snail from Bakemonogatari which was actually called Mayoi Maimai (maimai also meaning "snail"). Because of this, I renamed the Mayoi Snail from Bake to Mayoi Maimai. I know the anime adaptation is still far from this arc, but it would bug me otherwise :P I've precised which arcs the Second Season summaries are recapitulating. For arcs where episodes first aired together as a movie or special and were later separated in the Blu-ray version (Hana, Tsuki, first episode of Owari, presumably Owari S2), the separation between episodes is now a dotted line. I added the airing year for every anime installment. Probably some minor color changes and graphical fixes.

I'm guessing it probably will be a while before the chart needs to be updated again, now that Owari S2 came out. Hopefully Shaft proves me wrong by releasing Zokuowari soon :D

Anyway, I hope you like it and find it helpful ! Your feedback is appreciated, please let me know if you think of anything I could add or improve. Thanks in advance !

Check out other informative posts I made !

Monogatari Series story arcs release order Monogatari Series anime watch order : spoiler-free version, spoiler version Monogatari Series full timeline August 20-25 detailed timeline Monogatari Short Stories masterpost State of progress of the light novel translations I like this picture more I hope that it will help you

I like this picture more I hope that it will help you

This is some colossally fantastic work.

Popculture References in Amagi Brilliant Park

Popculture References in Amagi Brilliant Park

Okay, I most certainly didn't know about the rappers. Very interesting.

Ice Cube-chan.

Wow really!? It's like Amagi's icing on the cake :P

EDIT - Reduced potential salt levels.

Aisu Kyuubu and Ice-Cube one is simple but it's pure genius! I love it. Wish I knew what his reaction would be if he found out he's in an anime, as a woman. More specifically, as Kanye West's Aunty lol.

The production department of Studio Ghibli has been reopened today to work on the new Hayao Miyazaki feature film

The production department of Studio Ghibli has been reopened today to work on the new Hayao Miyazaki feature film
The production department of Studio Ghibli has been reopened today to work on the new Hayao Miyaz...

Tsundere Miyazaki: Keeps saying he wants to retire. Doesn't retire.

I have nothing meaningful to contribute to this discussion, but I wanted to point out "lol thumbnail"

bool Retired = true;

While true{ Retired = !Retired; wait(6 months); }

"It's not as if I love the creative process or anything BAKA!"

DAOKO × 米津玄師『打上花火』MUSIC VIDEO Animated by SHAFT

DAOKO × 米津玄師『打上花火』MUSIC VIDEO Animated by SHAFT

This is the theme song for the movie Fireworks, Should We See it from the Side or the Bottom? which is being released in Japan on August 18.

Can't wait to watch it next year!

I swear I saw araragi somewhere

Welcome to the age of amazing anime movies!

Happy Birthday to the 8man himself!

Happy Birthday to the 8man himself!

Birthdays are a construct of social norms and practiced by the greedy. They can all goto hell.

The scapegoat we all needed. Praying for a season 3

You just want something genuine, right?

Pray for another LN volume first.

Gigguk - Netflix & Anime Strike: An Open Letter from an Anime Fan

Gigguk - Netflix & Anime Strike: An Open Letter from an Anime Fan

I agree with Gigguk on Anime Strike, it's a really easy fix that they already use for their Amazon Music Unlimited service. Make two pricing plans: keep the $5 one for people who already have a Prime or Amazon Video subscription, and a $7 plan for people who want to stream it independently.

I really love how well spoken Gigguk can be when he wants to be. It's pretty much all the stuff that all of us have been saying for a while, but put together in a much more respectful and comprehensive way. Video doesn't do much for us, but it was still nice to listen to.

I said some of these points on /sub/television the other day and got told I was being an entitled whiny brat who was complaining about nothing because I wasn't getting my way.

I get my post wasn't the best but I find it fascinating that anime fans are really upset by this stuff but everyone else thinks we're crazy.

I'm guessing the way Amazon sees their current practice, it's specifically designed to force people into a prime subscription.

A prime subscription is worth a lot more than the $100/year, because it encourages people to buy through them, rather than anywhere else. That means that unless a lot of people buy in at the hypothetical $7/month rate, Amazon may not think it's worth the potential loss of people who would have otherwise paid for prime. Even with people turning to piracy without it.

r/anime's Top 10 anime by year (well, roughly) from 1980 to 2016.

r/anime's Top 10 anime by year (well, roughly) from 1980 to 2016.
r/anime's Top 10 anime by year (well, roughly) from 1980 to 2016.

Wow, there's no JoJo (2012) in the list. That actually surprises me.

So, I should start off by addressing the "roughly". This isn't exactly /sub/anime's Top 10 by year, but rather the Top 10 of a subset of users whose data is compiled on (RAL). So it's not perfect, but I figure that it's probably a pretty reasonable look at what the sub generally tends to like. A few other points that are probably worth making:

The number in the top left corner of each anime is the show's overall rank on RAL. There are only 8 anime that have enough votes for a score in 1980, so I decided to just take the two that have the next most votes and seemed to score reasonably well. That's why the last two don't have a numerical ranking. Convenient that it was just the one year though (I would have done the past 40 years, since 1978 and 1979 have more than enough, but 1977 only had five with enough votes). I wasn't sure what to do about specials, recap movies and the like, so I just included everything. I figured it would just be easier that way. So my apologies that Mushishi dominates 2014 in the same way that Gintama dominates MAL's Top 10. I'd like to draw everyone's attention to 1990, which includes a show called Samurai Pizza Cats. It's on Crunchyroll. 1992 is also a solid year, featuring my new pick for "Worst Hair in Anime". I'm sure you can figure it out yourself. For some reason it warms my heart to see two shows with Fullmetal in the title side by side in 2003 (sure, one is one word and the other two, but it's still great). I'd also like to bring focus to K-On! In 2010 and 2011. In K-On!! we get to see Azusa struggling to understand how to make a goddamn circle, and then the Movie has Yui relegated to standing when that bench clearly has enough space for five. What the hell Light Music Club! There are two shows in the RAL Top 100, not from 2017, that fail to make the list, #92 Kizumonogatari I and #98 In This Corner of the World.

Also, there are 370 entries here, so I definitely screwed something up. Just let me know if there are any errors and I'll fix them up as soon as I can!

I really have to wonder where Re:Zero went for 2016, considering that it was /sub/anime's anime of the year.

2012 was apparently a fantastic year. Everything being in the Top 80 is pretty damn remarkable, and there were some others that weren't far behind.

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