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the look on her face says she knows these are her butt babies

I had randomly growing tomatoes in my backyard... Hmmmmmmm...

Gardner bro

Happy duck loves her human

Loving that duck 'fro.

Ugh my ducks always acted like they didn’t know who I was, I bought them as lil ducklings and every time I’d walk in the pen they’d lose it. This guy is a real...lucky duck.

Pom pom duck is what I call them. Real name is crested duck though. I always wanted one.

We raised ducks for a few years when I was a kid. We only had one that acted like op's pic. He had one eye and his bill was way darker than all the others for some reason. He loved the radio and cuddles, and also beer, one of our tenants decided to share.

Edit: I forgot, his name was One Eye'd Pete Le'feete.

The best elephant.

Love this so much! Humans should do more to deserve this kind of selflessness.

Plot twist: he was merely making sure he'd be awake for the sodomization

Can we sponsor elephants?

Understood it already

Understood it already
Understood it already

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That's not an animal being a bro tho...

Max being a bro (link in comments)

Max being a bro (link in comments)

The goodest boy!!!

I imagine his sense of smell must be really good, makes up for the loss of sight and sound

A bro heeler

Hes like "yeah i rescued a 3yo, whats the big deal?"

Onward, noble steed!

Anyone else notice this dude's making pretty good time for a tortoise?

You'd be hauling ass, too, if a marauder was on top of your mobile home.

Now I really want to see a kitten fight with both being on top of tortoises. Like a kitten jousting match.

I believe he is actually hauling pussy.

An unlikely friendship

An unlikely friendship

"I like turtles."

-Baby Hippo

Nice repost

Ripped off of the poor guy's post lol

I like the sneaky eyed picture


4 skilled soccer players

This is so cool!

That ball would have been popped in 3 seconds with my dog...

This dog is so cool! My dog would just look away and let the ball hit him in the face.

Best plot twist ever

No boop only lik

No one ina billion fuckin years, ina billion fuckin universes coulda seen that comin. That's all I'm sayin. It is what it is.

(I been watchin a lotta Sopranos. What of it?)

Gonna tap..Gonna Tap..GONNA TAP!!!...Smooch heh heh heh...psych.

I licks the snoot

Taking a selfie with the squad

Taking a selfie with the squad

This drives me up the wall!! I just want to grab these cats by the face and scream "if you're always surrounded by drama, then MAYBE YOURE THE DRAMA!!!!!"

Album cover Fursure.

You watch out that cocker spaniel is the one who will fuck you up. See the deadness in his eyes?

Ok seriously, what are the odds? As a dog owner of one dog, every time I see this picture I'm amazed.

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