WCGW, catching a water bottle while surfboarding

WCGW, catching a water bottle while surfboarding


Pretty sure he isn't awake...

He didn't even catch it. Great going butter fingers, nice George of the Jungle impression though

Pretty sure his family held a wake...

I will ride this scooter downhill while using my leg as a break. WCGW?


But I guess in this situation both are acceptable.

Red scooter kid threading the gap between the parked car and the downed scooter without even looking

I need to know! The floor or the wall?

Also looked like the Yellow scooter bought the bumper, with a little help from the red scooter, and Purple scooter probably did a rollover.

I'll Ruin this guys trick. WCGW?

I'll Ruin this guys trick. WCGW?

That's some xmen level shit.

The pan is mightier than the sword

That didn't pan out the way he expected it to

Jumbo gambit

I'll help the DJ drop the beat, WCGW?

This is like Bollywood Fury Road

Gotta assume his face is a bit squished.

I'm not confident that guy in the blue shirt's face is going to be okay.

Indian here, unpopular opinion but fuck those guys for worsening our traffic I say.

Let Me Screw With This Wasp Nest

Good old natures jump scare

Did anyone else duck, blink, and shield their face at the same time while watching that?

I jumped a bit. For me this was a literal jump scare.

What the fuck are you smoking? Where can I get some?

I'll punch a horse, WCGW?

I'll punch a horse, WCGW?

People new to the internet, must be tolerated

And that's why we don't fuck with things bigger than us.

Only works for Mongo.

I keep having to remind myself of that..

Let Me Just Shatter This Storefront Window, WCGW?

payback's a bitch

So, I see a mentally ill man. Vandals break and run. Thieves break and steal. This dude is just smackin' the glass. It also seems like the guy he grabs notices it too, because he doesn't just start defending himself, he walks away and calls someone.

Yeah... I still really bad for the guy in the red car. Crazy fuck boils out of the street without looking and now you've got a "Ran over a vandal" on your driving record for the rest of your life. Can you imagine the insurance bills after that?

Red car driver probably did something really terrible right before that like molested a kid or something and this was his payback.

Running full speed over a slippery floor WCGW

Nothing that dude in the back hasn't seen before.

Standing dude doesn't even flinch or double take.

Dude is an emotional rock.

The dude in the back is like.

The dude in the back .

I thought he was going to get his head stuck between the deck and the lower rail and snap his neck.

Just going to steal this phone, WCGW?

This ended way too soon.

Go to any major European city. Especially places like Rome and Paris where there are lots of tourists. You can see pickpocketing in full action. They are so fucking good at it too. My uncle in Rome had one of those wallets on a chain. He'd feel someone tugging on the chain a few times a year. He didn't feel a thing otherwise. Once he lost a bracelet watch. The metal ones with the clasp. Didn't feel it coming off or anything.


Needs a mirror really, dumpert is shit.

The guys were undercover Dutch pickpocket police so no brutal slaying.

I love that the cop realizes that all this criminal needs is a hug. And he delivers it so sweetly, right around the neck.

WCGW Leap of Faith

Did he die or is he just paralyzed?

What a jerk mate the guy filming is for not giving him the heads up.

Apparently just a broken arm. https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=45b_1505436453

Only one? Alright then. Lucky guy.

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