Let Me Try This Stunt With No End Goal WCGW?


I really don't see how this could have turned out well.

On the bright side, it looks like he only face planted into the stairs rather than hitting the hand rail and then the stairs.

Clearly his end goal is to paint the stairs. He's actually a good employee who puts his all into accomplishing that task.

Moving some scaffolding with people still on it, WCGW?

Moving some scaffolding with people still on it, WCGW?

Reminds me of the videos the temp agencies make you watch before you do "assignments" Guys burning their faces off in acid baths and guys getting their hands stuck in spinning machinery.


I think this is what /u/bisjac is talking about.

I wish there were some sort of bracing device they could have used to prevent the collapse

Osha compliant fo sho

Hosting a fun race in the warehouse WCGW?

Hosting a fun race in the warehouse WCGW?

Ya, thats fake.

None of what you said explains why you didn't just link the original video

Why do yall always re-upload videos on your own channel solely for posting on this sub? Can't you just link to the already existing video?

Oh yeah, gotta get that ad revenue.

I don‘t even have an Adsense account neither do I have 10K video views which are required to even connect my yt account to Adsense. I‘m not doing this for money I just wanted to share this video, which I found in another subreddit, on this subreddit bc I think it fits the WCGW character. I just started using reddit about a month ago (even tho I know my acc is 1 year old but you can look up my posts) so I don’t know how to repost... this might sound stupid but idk how it works even tho I’ve already seen it several times. I’m sorry if this video annoys you but it really wasn’t my intention to make anyone upset, I wanted to share this video and hopefully make people laugh!

Let's go for a spin on the forklift, WCGW

WWOD? (What Would OSHA Do?)

Honestly, of all the things that can go wrong when fooling around with heavy equipment, this isn't so bad.

Not gonna lie, This is the least that could have happened. I was thinking he was going to raise them and they would get their heads all fucked up by the beam. Or lose control and accidentally drive through the wall.

I’ll tell you what my coworker would do. Pull their ass off that thing and beat the shit out of them telling them why it’s a bad idea to do what they’re doing and to “lower the fucking fork” while yelling other shit in Spanish.

Let me ride the horse WCGW

Let me ride the horse WCGW

That horse knew exactly what it was doing.

That horse knew exactly what it was doing.

Exactly... This is a very horse thing to do. source: grew up riding thoroughbreds

Bratty ponies are known for using trees and low branches to get off unsuspecting and inexperienced riders but this is the cross country phase of a 3 day event. This means the rider is experienced and the horse well trained enough not to pull that sort of stunt. During cross-country, the horse and rider are wired, excited and it's common for riders to be super focused on the next jump.

Looking at it, the rider is leaning way over to her left, so far out of balance that I suspect she was on her way to falling off. A rider out of balance can pull a horse off of his trajectory and in this case, made him curve closer to the tree. If she was sitting up straight and in balance, she and the horse would have not been nearly so close to the tree.

Let me do a backflip over this speeding car, WCGW

Let me do a backflip over this speeding car, WCGW

This needs to be combined with another gif where he just flies into outter space

Over? I might be seeing wrong but looks like 'next to'.

It seems to me that nothing went wrong. He did it. Ok, he didnt land on his feet, but considering he could be dead.... that was cool enough. He certainly agrees, look how happy he is at the end of the video.

Actually he didnt land all that bad, he should be fine.

Let me climb over the median divider to cross the road, WCGW?

This is one of those times when I don't really understand how could something go IN but not go OUT...

Oh yea, Talk dirty to me. I bet you like trebuchets too slut

Well she had a huge mechanical advantage of a 3rd class lever going in. She probably doesn't have the strength or angle to match the required action going out.

I will never understand how people can be this bad at moving their body

Attempt to steal a car, WCGW?

That was comical, love the old slapstick door in the face routine. Just needs Benny Hill music.

Who opened the door must be a god for timing that shit

He was on the streets two seconds after that

He’s been practicing on a lot of entitled bike riders.

I will go down the wrong lane, then try to reverse

I'm guessing when the trunk popped open it revealed bales of illicit drugs and a body or two. Some days are just like that.

It went from Oh shit to ohh fuck

♪ I back my car into a cop car the other day ♪

♪ Well, he just cuffed me, sometimes life's so gay... ♪

A bunch of dead hookers is my bet.

I'll just flip this car, WCGW?

I'll just flip this car, WCGW?

I was convinced that cord was going to snap, and that guy was going to get hit in the face and die.

To be fair, they had a good chain setup. I would not have guessed that would've happened.

My guess would be that they attached it with an open hook and when the car went rightside up, the hook slipped off.

I was watching the petrol gush out and was waiting for a spark to catch

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