I'll just take a sip of water, WCGW?

I'll just take a sip of water, WCGW?

It's amazing how quickly it flips around

Aww! His little look around at the end.

It's like it materials right-side up instantly.

I played it back in slow mo on Res and it is crazy fast.

2.07 beak touches water.

2.11 pulls up slightly

2.24 I've made a mistake

2.32 blarglblargl

2.49 begin flip

2.65 head is above body

2.74 wings out head up - flap

2.90 I'll pretend I'm a duck

3.07 face smoosh against the glass

3.40 I'll duck paddle

3.53 maybe if i duck paddle harder

4.40 Oh yeah, I have wings.

4.57 and a beak

4.74 alley-oop

6.11 You didn't see a thing!

It looks like he's trying to assess how many people saw. Playin' it cool.

I'll just change lanes, WCGW?

I'll just change lanes, WCGW?

I'd be pissed if I was one of those construction workers.

I agree. But there would also be a feeling of satisfaction knowing that the idiot is looking at some towing bills.

What kind of jackass completely ignores orange barriers?

People who weave in and out of lanes thinking their time is more valuable than that of those around them.

Not to mention damage to his/her car, and possibly paying to fix the road.

Leaping over a deck out to a pool, WCGW

Lucky that wasn't a face plant or he'd missing a few teeth

I lost it when he just slithered on in.

Ahh yes, the good ole' backyard dentists, this guy was about a foot away from being one

if he died noone would post this video online

You've clearly never been online


I'll hop down this cliff side, WCGW

Everything about this is perfect. The pineapple hoodie. The sagging pants. The foaming beer. The shit eating grin with a cheers to the camera. The complete lack of understanding of gravity. The perfect tumble in the sand where he wasn't hurt except his pride.

10/10 would upvote again.

The first lighter-than-beer flight experiment leads to the adoption of light beer for later tests.

Drunk people are invincible, especially people drunk enough to do this.

That "sand" wasn't the bottom, he had a bit more to go.

I'll shoot this firework out my apartment window, WCGW?

And that was my biggest issue with apartment living. It doesn't matter how safe I am, one neighbor's moment of stupidity could burn everything I have.

You gotta give credit to the camera man on this, didn't look away once.

This kills the security deposit.

Insurance won't replace my barbecued kitty.

Let me clean my bike in this shallow pond, WCGW?

I know it's usually a given on this sub, but that didn't seem very smart. Even if it was a shallow pond, is that really needed?

You rang?

Nah not really. I'm assuming that that's freshwater and not saltwater so rusting won't be a significant issue but I wouldn't dunk something I use regularly in bacteria filled water.

That's a dumbass mistake, but there's no way I'm not going in after it. I wonder if he did.

Throwing a firecracker into the toilet, WCGW?

People are idiots.

Noob. You're supposed to flush it.

Im gonna have to say yeah i did. Porcelain is very prone to shattering.

Yeah, they probably thought the water would prevent something like this but it is most likely the reason it happened.

Using a shaky lamp post for stability, WCGW

Electrocution Broken limbs Impaled

All possibilities in one video. I like you OP

He's not too bright

It's a shame that there are so many sober people doing stuff like this.

Maybe a lil burned

Forcing a horse jump over a creek, WCGW?

Forcing a horse jump over a creek, WCGW?
Forcing a horse jump over a creek, WCGW?

I like how surprised the horse looks after she is on the ground.

Not only impatient, but extremely bad riding skills as well.

Feet not in stirrups, yanking the reins like crazy, horrible posture, overly kicking the horse, she just sits like a doofus when the horse jumps, you have to be in a jumping position.

Overall it's no wonder she fell.

I feel like he's trying to say, "I tried to warn you."

2 cups 1 girl, WCGW?

2 cups 1 girl, WCGW?

Goodbye ankles.

Been using cups for decades and never once thought to wear them as shoes. People are weird.

Did she dent the fridge?

I was scared of what is back when it spread the internet

What does this gibberish mean?

Try one of these subthreads