Touching an electrical wire wcgw.

Fuck, that’s brutal and probably should be tagged NSFW.



Back in the 90s or 2000s I saw a clip from a 3rd world country where an ignorant guy didn't believe in electricity and thought modern technology ran on magic.

In an attempt to disprove electricity he climbed a pole and touched a line. It went exactly as you would expect.

He gave an interview from a hospital bed where he said he changed his mind about electricity being a hoax.


WPD mod here. NSFW is for XXX, NSFL is gore/death; such as in this case. It's been posted in WPD before.

Battery bite test: wCGW?

Battery bite test: wCGW?

What the hell is the battery bite test and why would you do it if it could result in a mouthful of firey lithium?

You're supposed to swallow it

Oh, if your battery is low in your phone just pull it out and give it a couple of well placed bites. You get like 5% back.

So you're saying that this was a good idea and I should bite batteries before purchasing?

Let's park on the ice

Let's park on the ice

Only the geo metro could survive this

If this is what i'm thinking, it's this: http://fox6now.com/2016/02/06/breaking-several-cars-fall-through-ice-at-lake-genevas-winterfest/

Usually, the ice is thick enough after a enough time (like ten days below zero, or something) in winter that for ice fishing cars have no problem going and parking on it. Well, winters have been fucked to say the least up here the past few years. People didn't do the math, one car parked, pack mentality followed, others parked, until the thinner ice gave way.

My wife once drove hers about 30 miles with no oil or coolant, only stopping every 10 minutes or so to let the temp gauge “reset” itself. Still couldn’t kill that bitch! Edit. I mean the car

Three cylinders of raw power.

Let me run after this train, WCGW?

Why would you run after the train once it has started moving from the platform, you will not get on


He was just doing his impression of Minnesota's running offense

Holy shit that would suck. Dude probably got knocked the fuck out.

I’m also curious why he was chasing the train. Once most trains shut the doors and begin to leave the station aren’t you shit out of luck?

Electrocuting your own nipple, WCGW?

'Grimacing in pain, John hurried to the bathroom, where he discovered that he'd barbecued his own nipple'

My uncle had one of those electric fly swatters when I was in high school; my cousin gave me fifty bucks to stick my tongue in the mesh. It didn't hurt that much. Made a hell of a noise and I couldn't really taste much for a couple of weeks, but hey, fifty bucks is fifty bucks.

Ahh good old natural selection.

Mmm... Pepperoni

Trying to surf in the narrowest part of the pool. wcgw

Just let me break my back real quick wcgw

Why have one spine when you can have two?

O shit he ded

At least the board made it.

Sniffing coke, WCGW?

Shockingly, cola in your nose doesn’t feel good.

Their life must be just a stream of sensible decisions.

A friend of mine once did this to relieve the pain from snorting pepper.

Burping the gas through your nose also burns.

Let me brake this ferrari on a carpet, WCGW?

The beauty of this car really sweeps people off their feet.

slide to the left

If he sped up really fast, would they stand back up?

Holy shit, someone on reddit knows the difference between brake and break.

Let us steal this helmet, WCGW?

Pro Tip: After stealing a helmet, put it on immediately.

And when the helmet shattered the man realized it was no longer about the helmet.

Them during the ass-whuppings: "hey man, ain't you gonna call the cops?"

Holy shit, the store owner was just wailing on those kids

I get the impression theft is a pretty common occurrence at this store

Let me make a quick U turn from the outer most lane, Wcgw

Let me make a quick U turn from the outer most lane, Wcgw

I did not expect the runaway scooter. That was the cherry on top of the shit sundae.

So many infuriating things about this video.

Then the fucker bails like a dumbass

I think only the lady had a helmet on. Extra kid on the bike. U turn jackass... :( Quite a long list

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