Strapping an explosive onto a hammer, wCGW?

I feel like that actually went fairly well

What a goober; everybody knows you need at least 14 strength to equip the Boom Hammer.

"I will destroy this horcrux!"

"But Auggernaut! How do you know what they were doing?!"

Apparently its a yearly festival they do in Mexico. They strap explosives onto the head of sledge hammers and try to make a big boom. Its dangerous but pretty entertaining I guess. It happens every February in San Juan de la Vega, Mexico

Read more: http://www.atlasobscura.com/places/the-festival-of-exploding-hammers

Let me just flip off the guy trying to help.

Let me just flip off the guy trying to help.

Idiot tax: paid in full

I'm not British but I think it would be appropriate to refer to the driver as a "proper twat."


Not even close to. If it weren't for the motorcyclist they would have lost both the wallet and the phone.

Im gonna pick on a kid twice my size, WCGW?

Im gonna pick on a kid twice my size, WCGW?
Actual clip

I remember this being all over the news in Australia & New Zealand. They even got the big kid on Aussie tv to be interviewed. He was like this quiet unassuming kid who never picked fights. I guess little kid figured big kid wasn't gonna retaliate because of his "Gentle Giant" rep. And hello, he chose the day when Chunky reached breaking point.

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I also remember seeing an interview with the bully kid and his mother, he was a ratty looking cunt with an eyebrow piercing and rabbit teeth. You just knew he was a shit stain... and they painted him like he was the victim because he was so much smaller than the other kid and he was only lashing out and being a bully because of his circumstances. Panther piss. He was obviously a little weasel who deserved everything he got and more.

Edit: Here's the link to the interview with fuckface

I was always struck by the lesson the kid took away from it "don't bully because you end up getting hurt". Kid, you have missed the point.

You sound like you have FASD


I want to stand on my motorcycle going 30mph, wCGW?

That's some good camera work right there.

Satisfying to see the bike get smashed in this case.

I love how it hits the only possible object in the way.

helmet saved his life

What was this young lady thinking?

"Fuck! Why didn't I just light my hand on fire like​ all those other idiots?!"

"When performing dangerous stunts it's best to be wearing flip-flops with socks."

"I wonder what my knee tastes like... hmm, can't reach. Wait, I know!"

"my back, my patella, my femur's smashed I tell ya"

I will jump from one table onto another table. WCGW?

We need more schooling on conservation of momentum in public schools.

If I was a physics teacher I would use this as a prime example... Maybe physics teachers should use more fail videos as examples. That would have certainly made me pay much more attention in physics class!

There really needs to be a course on how to keep the camera filming the action when someone does something stupid.

I feel like he's having a "what the hell am I doing up here?" moment at the beginning, but you know... there's a camera.

Let's go skateboarding down this hill wCGW?

I remember doing something similar when I was a kid. I decided to skateboard down this really long and steep hill in a village near me. I was nearly to the bottom, going very fast, when I saw that they had dug a channel across the road to lay some cables. I remember seeing it and thinking what do I do now? There was no way someone with my basic skateboard skills could avoid it.

I still don't remember what happened next. I woke up in the road and was taken to hospital with a concussion.

Probably should have scouted it out beforehand, but I was pretty dumb as a kid.

Commit or eat shit.

I was pretty dumb as a kid.

It's unfortunate for you that it's unlikely for a serious concussion to improve that situation.

I'm actually relieved that he hit a fence instead of go flying into the stream lol. I'd say this guy is pretty lucky.

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