Homemade Bicycle Ramp, WCGW?

All that soft, cool, welcoming water... just inches from where his lifeless corpse came to rest.

The slow motion ruined this for me. At least have it play once through at full speed.

Both speeds: ok. Normal only: ok. Slow motion only: bruh.

Looks like he fucked up before the ramp.

Let me drive my UAZ across the rail tracks, WCGW?

Is the train okay? If the train is fine, I'm glad nothing of value was damaged and no one was injured.

The way the car was smashed is quite spectacular. I was just expecting it to push it out of the way, but I guess the fact it was lodged in there made for a more bombastic effect.


Let me tell you something, everyone involved got really fucking lucky they didn't die. There was a girl in my hometown who's quad got stuck on the tracks. The train was coming and I guess they panicked and ran the way the train was running and when the train hit the quad the quad went flying right into her - she died instantly.

Don't fuck around on tracks.

Edit: I couldn't find the article, but I found a copy/paste of it with discussion.

I'll walk this railing while I can't see my feet, WCGW?

Oh man her balls are gonna be in her stomach until she barfs them out. The worst.

That guy is taking an revenge on the metal bar for her

No. Let it be a surprise like that time I got a hooker in Las Vegas. When I found out, my jaw dropped so far down in shock that her penis nearly fell out of my mouth.

..Should we tell him?


I'll start a fight on the subway, WCGW?

I'll start a fight on the subway, WCGW?

Totally thought the guy was gonna hit him with his bicycle

They take their shirts off so the EMTs don't have to.

As an EMT I greatly appreciate this.

Recorded on a flip phone in 1999

"I DARE you to run over my foot!", WCGW?

"I DARE you to run over my foot!", WCGW?

"What are ya gonna do, run me over?" -guy that got ran over

Someone knows the backstory to this

Please tell me someone knows the backstory to this.

Yeah, at least two people.

Homemade Waterpark, WCGW?

That actually went smoother than I thought it was going to

Their construction actually seems pretty sturdy; makes me wonder if they did actually first test it with something else before sending a person down and just didn't understand friction, or lack thereof.

Makes you wonder how they managed to nail the physics of making a water slide, but not the actual physics of going down one, which seems more rudimentary.

They built that whole slide for a wading pool? Talk about under-designed and over-engineered.

We'll just do this falling trust game WCGW

We'll just do this falling trust game WCGW

That was even better than I expected

I bet they thought of a better way to do this after putting their heads together...

The trust fall game kills more pepole every year than domestic feline attacks during sleeping hours.

I bet at least one of them has a broken nose, my money is on the left one

Let me tie this rope to a weak structure WCGW

Why was that pillar so weak?

It's made to hold things up, not sideways. And to be fair, the rope was bobbing quite a bit

the guy hanging on that rope looks about 150

I would say younger than that

EDIT: Getting gilded; it's like falling off a rope over a pool log. Many thanks.

You're not wrong, but the guy hanging on that rope looks about 150, which means there's not a ton of sideways force on it. A properly built pillar would have been fine.

Messing with some drunk dudes at a football game, WCGW?

Messing with some drunk dudes at a football game, WCGW?

Judging from the grin on his face,he clearly thought he was untouchable.

The 'my dad's a lawyer shit eating grin.'

That's not even "messing with," he flipped that dude's hat off, laughed, and then taunted them. That's provocation if I've ever seen it.

Look man I've got it all planed out.

"Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face." - Mike Tyson

I'll try to pick up this girl I'm dancing with WCGW?

That transition from pure drunken joy to uncomprehending pain was like art.

These kids need to learn to throw away their fucking trash.

I feel like this all happened in slow motion.

Him being the size he is and her being the size she is, I gotta respect his can-do attitude.

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