You had one job

They made memories that day.

Haha. That whack on the bum is classic.

Trying to get one under controll

Now someone make it with a cartoon face on it!

The Pub is at the top of this street

Crawling BEFORE you get to the bar sober is a whole new level of drunk

Well, the upside is you can just slide back to your home after getting drunk.

Their determination is commendable, even if their motivation is not.

At least getting back home will be a hoot.

I am being bamboozled again, aren't I?

I can see it, but I can’t feel it. Harder human!

I can see it, but I can’t feel it.

yep heard that one before

How i feel at the strip club

I’m happy, but I’m still itchy, but I’m happy.

*Goes to fridge later* "Man, I could go for a cold cup of mi... damn."

*Goes to fridge later* "Man, I could go for a cold cup of mi... damn."

First thing to make me chuckle in a while

Ill bet you the whole reason he went to the store was to get milk, too. And ended up coming home with a bunch of stupid impulse buys, instead.

Looks like free milk to me.

Bird to the throat

He looks like a vampire


One in the throat is worth two in the bush

Dudes face when he realizes it’s a bird.... hahahahha!!

Whoa.. you got a fuckin bird in your neck! YES!!

How to get in your car when you lose the keys

I like how it just nicely bends back into perfect shape. Nothing on my car is ever so graceful after I use force.

Something tells me this guy has chronic-forgetting-of-keys-syndrome, or CFOKS for short.

Where is the sucks part?

How to make your car door leak forever

Circus act doesn't go as planned

This is either the worst or the best circus ever. I can’t decide which. I guess you could say I’m torn.

That woman is undoubtedly up at night thinking about this incident. Probably right now

I think it went exactly according to plan

This is definitely much better than any original circus act.

I'd add it to the official routine

Say what?

Say what?


Alexa is a weird bitch. It's a movie.


Release date

May 25, 2018

CountryChinaLanguageMandarin EnglishBudget$65 million[3]

The film is filmed as a memorial for the 70th anniversary of the Allied victory in WWII. [4] [5]It is scheduled to be released in first quarter of 2018. [6]

Bruce Willis will be in it...didn't think this could get weirder.

There go my travel plans.

Same, was planning on going to Hawaii but I guess I'll have to go to Hiroshima now

"Some of you are alright, don't go to Hiroshima tomorrow in a few months."


When you win the race before it starts.

The gate timing and start announcement are automated and controlled by a computer so you get used to the gate dropping at a very specific moment. There are two ways to launch, both feet on the pedals in what is called a track stand position with the front wheel on the gate and slight pressure pushing on the crank to keep your balance, or one foot on the ground which takes more time to start when the gate drops because you have to bring your foot up from the ground to the pedal and reduces your launch momentum. More practiced riders use the track stand and sort or rear back as the start sequence is called over the loudspeakers. When the gate is supposed to drop it's timed by the announcer, which is a recorded voice so that the timing is always the same, they fling forward to maximize their launch and hopefully get the hole shot. Sometimes one or two people will misjudge the timing and flip over the gate like this, but when it's everyone like in the gif, it makes it more likely that the start announcement and the gate drop weren't synced and everyone launched on muscle memory.

Source: used to race and the track controls were automated at our track.

That one guy on the right just going at his own pace. Doesn't even look back.

How did this happen?


Totally shocking...,

Would have been fine if he just dug a giant hole under the trampoline. Get back up there and do it again

Try, try again until you succeed, right?

I liked the part where he got seriously injured.

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