Perfect fit!

Perfect fit!

It looks like the inside of the door since there is a button to lock the door.

Knowing amazon, the box contained a single house key

Just pull up on the handle...

What your door doesn't lock from the outside?

Going down a water slide

Going down a water slide

For some reason as a kid I was always trying to do this

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Worker at the bottom: "All clear, you can send down the next rider."

Worker at the top: "... I did"

Just A Flesh Wound!

I guess he didn't realize the barrel is lower than the sights.

He’s played too much Rainbow Six.

Fucking idiot.

His face when he realizes. Priceless.

If at first you don’t succeed, .....

If at first you don’t succeed, .....

Because user Omega-40k must be some kinda of douche.

Not Nice.

I don’t get it. Why does this happen?

Cause no matter what we say, deep down we all care about karma.

Well shit...

Well shit...

I guess the buck stops, there...

Look at the look on his face. Looks like somebody just told him a dumb joke.

“Oh deer, you look like you’re in trouble. A couple of bucks and I’ll help ya out!”

Poor thing. Definitely NSFW this, please.

NSFW this, plz.

God damn it!

God damn it!


Good ol' Seattle area. Trading meth for donuts

I love it when cops text people. Makes for a good laugh


Almost got it

Almost got it

I like how the teacher wrote "stupid"

As if you werent miserable enough trying to do calculus or whatever it was

Nailed it

I'd typically see that written as "solve for x" so the ambiguity of the question got me. Thanks for clearing that up.

I've been out of college for a while now, so maybe I forgot how this works, but isn't that whole question meaningless if they don't define at least two of those variables? It didn't say "solve for," just "solve"

That pretty cool......holy crap

I want to see all of what’s going on but that freaking shaky cam

Dude mother flipping Voldemort is touching down! Get the F out of the there!!! Freaking muggles

Rotating wall cloud! See one and you know a tornado is happening.

Pretty cool until that death noodle drops down to destroy

First time falling over the handle bars today

First time falling over the handle bars today

Not to be a dick, but it looks kinda staged :/


I live in a city where we have tram lines and the tracks are sometimes embedded in the road.

Never understood people that insisted on riding around with roadbikes and complained they destroyed their wheels in those tracks.

I was twelve on a mountain bike and my rear wheel got stucked in the track with the tram just behind me. From that day on, avoided those tracks and learn to buy bikes with large tires.


Optimus primed

Am I really high or does this look like it's some AR app for a phone. Idk the way it bounces after the truck hit and the perfect cinematic pause before breaking further.

the car’s framerate is different from the background framerate. this is quite obviously cgi

What a stupid fucking fake gif

Yeah the way the wheel falls off at the very end made me suspect it was CGI. It wouldn't have just popped off from an impact like that. The joint there would have been mangled but it wouldn't have just popped the wheel off like that.

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