Man wearing a MAGA hat asks for LeBron's towel, Bron (deliberately) throws it out of his reach

Did he really think a basketball game was the best place for that hat? What a douche.

Wow what a dick. He's your fan LeBron and your going to be a dick to him because he has a maga hat on? Grow the fuck up.

Let me translate that: "Celebrities can't have their own political opinion. At least as long as it's not mine."

You grow up

Fucking vicious

You have to assert dominance or some dumb shit like that.

When your skateboard trick is almost perfect

Looked pretty dead inside before even starting.

Gotta land on the bolts.

Charlie Brown walk of defeat

Not as expensive as ur mom was last night when I bought her a nice dinner and had a lovely time.

Poor mom

Poor mom

Just start over with a new kid

Happy Mother's Day!

Kid needs to learn to hold his liquor

That’s what my parents did when I didn’t work out

This TV show host (x-post r/funny)

This TV show host (x-post r/funny)

More like /sub/therewasanattempt to hem up a co-worker.

No way, Jose.

That just went from driest to sweatiest armpits the fastest ever recorded in history of mankind.

💧💧💧 ( ⚆ _ ⚆ )💧 💧💧💧💧

Texas beer ninja saves drink and takes down a woman with box of...

This is beautiful.

He didn’t even dodge her she just missed like a fucking idiot

Waiting for your ability to charge up

It's in the glass.

Nightvision Gameshow

Nightvision Gameshow
entire video

The makes this so much better once you hear his voice.

Edit: now my highest voted comment is about a guy sniffing asses, never change, Reddit. Never change.

At the point where he said "I know that smell" I absolutly lost it. The whole damn video is gold. Anyone who is thinking about clicking that link just do it, and thank the glorious bastard who brought us a legend.

The guy whose ass it was could hardly contain himself lol. That's my kind of humor.


I should’ve known thaaaat.

Man realizes to late how important trajectory is

Man realizes to late how important trajectory is

Make an app that takes a photo of your face when your phone smacks you in the face while using it laying in bed.

Damn that camera was like a dick seeking missile.

Long live the king.

“The ballistic trajectory has been nutted but course corrections could not be made in time captain.”

-his inner monologue

Wrestling fan tries to get a hug. Doesn't really happen.

You know he's still gonna jerk it tonight

This is how neckbeards are born and nice guy memes happen

"Bayley, Bayley, over here! Hug me!"

No hug from Bayley

"Fucking stuck up bitch cunt."

There’s a guy just before who gets denied a high 5 as well. Maybe she just doesn’t touch guys?

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