I was once sitting on a runway in my freshly repaired Me 262/u4 debating whether to J out and change ammo load from air to ground targets when suddenly I notice a red triangle flying right at me from behind on the minimap.

Being the genius I am, I panic and throttle up instead of J-ing out, which would prevent me from getting kersploded. Of course the Me 262, particularly when stock, is not known for it's excellent acceleration, which invoked a lot of foul language from me in the following moments.

I get maybe 20 seconds down the runway before I hear the first bomb hit. Then another. Then another. I pan the camera back and watch in horror as the line of explosions is rapidly gains on me. At that moment I finally gain enough speed to get airborne without flaps, and I lift off just enough to retract gear.

As I slowly gain more speed I find myself thinking 'By Goering I've done it!'. Lol nope. B-29 flies a wee bit faster than 260km/h. The last few freedom packages manage to shred my plane, turning all the things yellow, orange, and in the case of my left engine, red.

Now unfortunately this occurred on the African canyon map, so I had to fly a fair distance before I had the space to slowly limp around in a circle and head back to the airfield. Despite my left engine giving up the ghost, I managed to land, rearm, and eventually climb up and shoot that sucker down.

Which was a much better outcome than a game I had not too long before that where a B-29 managed to bomb me in midair, because as it turns out flying directly under a bomber while slowly climbing up to him isn't the best idea.

Damn, that was a fine read!

By Goering, I've done it!

I'm using this from now on xD

Aqbar Air One-Eight-Eight-Eight, go around, runway already in use.

This magazine used a screenshot of warthunder for its background.

This magazine used a screenshot of warthunder for its background.
Here is a close up of the author crediting war thunder for the photo.

is a close up of the author crediting war thunder for the photo.

If I knew nothing about history, this image looks exactly like something right out of a history book.

The red exhaust is given a pass seeing how the me163 was guns strapped onto an alcohol rocket. The landscape in the background looks like it was taken right over Northern Germany or France.

Everything is good except for the white sausage tracers and the lack of swastikas.

War Thunder, for all it's faults, looks amazing.

But shame on those authors. They should not be using pictures taken from a game in historical articles; that's just misleading.

guns strapped onto an alcohol rocket

That sounds like Russian technology

The source being near the spine side of the page when crediting a photo is super common.

Nagasaki footage (COLORIZED)

Nagasaki footage (COLORIZED)

omae wa mou shindeiru

that's so hilarious. got to love that 5000kg bomb


OOF, Stalin’s mixtape is fire though

Yes, most tanks in WT could, under ideal conditions, fire much faster than they do in-game. No, they shouldn't fire that fast in game.

Yes, most tanks in WT could, under ideal conditions, fire much faster than they do in-game. No, they shouldn't fire that fast in game.

A lot of people have been posting videos of tanks firing much, much faster in real life than they do in WT. Some people have suggested that the reason these tanks do not fire that fast in-game is bias, stupidity, stubbornness, or a combination of all three.

The reload rate in WT does not and is not supposed to represent the peak firing rate of the tank. Most tanks that didn't have extravagant guns or terrible crew ergonomics, could probably chuck out a shell every 4-5 seconds - But this assumes that the loader is fresh, he is loading from the ready rack, and crucially, that the gunner can lay the gun faster than the loader can toss shells into it and so fire immediately after the gun was loaded. Aiming a cannon isn't remotely as easy or quick as it is in War Thunder. It would be exceedingly rare for a tank to fire that fast in actual combat, as opposed to showing off for a camera on a training course.

For instance, the M48 was capable of firing around 20 shells in a minute of firing. This is similar to the video of the Centurion that was posted here a few days ago, which isn't surprising, as the two tanks are contemporaries with very similar guns. As much as I'd love my favorite tank to shoot that fast, that would be pretty crazy.

If most tanks in the game had a ROF of around 4 seconds, lethality would skyrocket. The tank game would revolve even more around who spotted who first, because it wouldn't matter as much if you missed your first shot - You would be able to fire your second, adjusted shot before your target would have much of a chance to react.

That said there are definitely some tanks in the game that fire too fast or slow - I'm not passing judgement on that. Game balance is hard. But digging up a video of your favorite tank shooting real fast and loudly declaring that the ROF in-game is wrong is shortsighted.

That's my secret. I don't make it late into a match in the same tank.

Reloading rate should follow a reasonable parabolic curve if you keep firing with no pause, and replenish like g-tolerance/stamina does for pilots in the game. Meaning if you abuse a high RoF for too long, too often, your loader will be exhausted by the later stages of a match.

But it's okay for the 906 to have its reload be from perfect conditions (a manual, and not actual tests done on the autoloader in reality...)

*a manual purportedly accurately transcribed by some Russian tank fanatics on a website literally lined with Russian propaganda ads

The open-top tank struggle

Doesnt even need to be artillery fire, this is just their natural state as soon as a single person takes to the skies for CAS

Artillery fire: commences

Me in any other tank: mkay

Me in M18: W the f outta here

The only time I ignored it I was capturing a point and was like “I ain’t going nowhere.”

The very first shell violently blows the poor thing to kingdom come

I wish I was only afraid of CAS in open-topped tanks. I've just started playing a 6.7 lineup and have had my engine and breach knocked out and half of my tank crew killed by a strafing BF/FW or jet, while driving a T34! What's the point of driving a heavy tank if it can't even shrug off Mg151 rounds?

laughs, but also cries in Me 262 A1/U4



You can slowly see my Photoshop quality decline as my laptop battery gets closer to running out lol.

Turns out the AP buff was just swapping the APDS and AP damage models instead of doing anything useful.

Is that WoT tank portrait?!

Chad T-54 laughs in APCBC

the impenetrable tiger

the impenetrable tiger

this makes my skin crawl

That port absorbs shells and sends them to the void.

Tell me about it. Shot a 122mm BR-471B shell right on it during a quick shot at 50 meters with no angle. "No penetration".


"But if the war hadn't ended in 1945, der fuhrer would have made this"

He's a superior predator

He's a superior predator

Once I was playing low tier Americans with some buddies. I killed a guy in a Russian tank named Soviet Grizzly. My WT name is the same as my reddit.



The weak should fear the strong

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