Lemme just taste that

Just someone being blessed by the Seal of Approval.

Relevant and amazing -

You have to wonder why it seems like predators consistently identify humans as fellow predators to be empathized with, rather than as prey which is not to be empathized with (since you need to eat it).

Front facing eyes, maybe?

Or maybe that we aren't running away. It seems that we become prey pretty quickly when we do that.

Crawling Crinoid

Crawling Crinoid

This is what is on this planet, alien life could be far further wierd.

The cameraman later signed an exclusive contract to film WorldStar videos.

No. They look just like humans but with ridges on their forehead.

In all seriousness can you imagine what kind of life would develop on an alien world, with different gases, different pressures, different radiation and light levels, different nutrient levels, etc.

Heck, if our intelligence is housed in a mass of electrical signals an alien life might not even be biological.

Its hard as fuck to control those cameras

No where is safe

They can't. The water is so scared of it that it won't let the spider in.

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Looks like an Avicularia Versicolor. They are like the cute harmless puppies of the Tarantula world...that can swim...and just want to come kiss you on the face while you are relaxing in the water on your vacation.

This is why I live where the cold air hurts my face.


You know, I'd let it before I frantically clawed my way back to shore to set myself on fire.


Well I think I found the problem...

Well I think I found the problem...

Dang.. there must be at least 50, maybe 60, pixels there.

I can't tell what critter those are, the video is too grainy. ID?


The lesser known 5th horseman

The lesser known 5th horseman

If he falls theres a pool under he even has his bathing suite on he has it all under control.

Are you suggesting he stand the ladder up in the pool? How would he balance that horsie up there then? Huh smart guy?

Well you can't get the ladder wet now can you

I wish I had a suite for bathing..


Man can I relate. Some of the new packaging for foods are so hard to open.

God Damn that is a good way to traumatize a misbehaving child

"Jonny do you want to go in the bear box? No? I didn't think so. Apologize."

Capri suns are like this, they are notoriously difficult to open. If you don't get it on the second try you're probably dealing with a bent straw. Visualization is the key here. This also holds true for anal.

Each time they misbehave you remove one of the bolts.

I found a space bug in an oyster at a restaurant last night.

I found a space bug in an oyster at a restaurant last night.

looks to be a polychaete worm, possibly an oyster mudworm. they don't appear to pose any health risks. its extra protein if you like being frugal

Polychaete worms are fucking lit. Still probably wouldn't eat one though.

Polychaete worms are Still probably wouldn't eat one though.

What's the problem? It looks every bit as appetizing as the snot that's on your plate.

I shuck oysters at my work. There is a small crab that is very common in oysters, or at least the ones we get. I once opened an oyster to find a small little fish and no oyster.

I've also found them crawling with worms.

I don't get how people eat these things.

Edit; I've also seen oysters with flaky shells that ooze a yellow slime. In my opinion thats the grossiest I've dealt with. I'd take the pea crabs over that any day.

These motorcycle communication helmets

These motorcycle communication helmets

One fast brake and no teeth.

Reminds me of this.

Reminds me of

I don't think so, Tim.

As she rests her bare ankle on the exhaust pipe

shockwave from ammunissions explosion in Ukraine

That curly fry rocket sure looks useful.

I wonder if they had any whistlin' bungholes, spleen splitters, whisker biscuits, honkey lighters, hoosker doos, hoosker don'ts, cherry bombs, nipsy daisers, with or without the scooter stick, or one single whistlin' kitty chaser in that entire pile.

It is for helicopters.


Hole opens up in roadway after bus drives over it

Kudos to that second driver for being aware.

Watch closely at the first bus, the back window shatters from the bump

Now that bus eater is going to starve, I hope you're happy.

more and likely

It's more than likely, bro

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