That's gonna leave a scar...

That's gonna leave a scar...

Bearer of the curse..

Ring the bells of awakening and thou shalt know the fate of the undead

Hands look a little fat for it to be meth.

Looks like a burn of some sort, chemical burn maybe?

I've seen fat meth people. They don't stay fat for long though.

Woman passenger seated next to self-gratifying man says cabin crew refused to move her

Woman passenger seated next to self-gratifying man says cabin crew refused to move her

I have to wonder if they were capable of moving her i.e. had a seat available. But yeah, I can see why she would be rattled, nobody likes an airplane jacker.

Another airplane incident

Last year Allison Dvaladze, a passenger on a Delta Airlines overnight flight from Seattle to Amsterdam, said she was sexually assaulted three hours into the flight, when the man in the next seat repeatedly groped her.

The alleged perpetrator was allowed to leave the aircraft on arrival at Amsterdam without the police being involved.

Ms Dvaladze is calling for better training for cabin crew, and for warnings to be given as part of the safety briefing.

Better training would be a good outcome of this.

Should have whooped his ass right then and there.

my cousin walter jerked off in public once

I understood that reference.

Most likely drugs.

He died. I saw this on /sub/watchpeopledie a while back. Apparently he was a drop out and was excited on the ride home from his brother's high school graduation. Excited his brother made it. I have no proof of it. I'm just going off of Reddit, which could all be a curtain of lies.

Edit: on that post I saw that someone still framed it at the moment he realized the oh shit handle gave out and he stared at it as he fell to the road and his eventual death.

This is hilarious and wtf at the same time.

He died unfortunately, not many details given.

Thought, That must be a good song playing! until he started climbing out.

Somehow I feel like this guy deserves a role in Harry Potter

Somehow I feel like this guy deserves a role in Harry Potter

His performance is walking byer's stopper. Much better and difficult than show stoppers of the catwalks.

Weebles wobble, but they don’t fall down

I was thinking Baron von Munchausen.

Looks more like Terry Gilliam to me

Found at a gas station in my city

Found at a gas station in my city

Lucky. My gas station has loud as shit ads that you can’t turn down.

I’d probably avoid that gas station.

Feed me a stray cat.

GSTV. Holy hell, that's annoying. I can hear the same "news story" twice while filling up. Like even stupid ads about shit I don't need/want would be better than hearing about the 3 cent gas price rise across the states. And the "broadcaster" is always so overly enthusiastic about it.

I dont think this guy finished driver training

That's a Swift driver...

when u lie on ur resume

That's me playing Euro truck simulator

I think the last time this was posted they said the driver was having a stroke.

There's a third option besides burial and cremation

There's a third option besides burial and cremation

they call that The Fargo Special.

Funerals are normally a sad event but this one seems pretty chipper.

To shreds you say?

About 11 years ago my friends and I went to the funeral of our friend’s dad. My then boyfriend and my friend were awkward and uncomfortable and started giffling a bit after the service, during the reception. My friend was quite obese at the time and quietly chuckled ‘I don’t want to be buried or cremated, I want to be deep fried’. My boyfriend laughed out loud, and the friend who just lost his dad came stomping towards us and loudly proclaimed he was never gonna invite us to his dad’s funeral again, and then we all bursted our laughing together. I miss those guys.

100 mph gusts gondola arrival.

100 mph gusts gondola arrival.

What is the likelihood of wind like this causing the gondola to get stuck or fall off?

very low if not almost impossible in terms of directly impacted by the wind.

in a situation with a lot of wind, the main cause of concern is a tree getting blown over and falling on the lift line and also the ability of the cabins (the gondola cars) to enter into the stations cleanly. gondolas are detachable ski lifts, meaning, the cabin comes unhooked from the cable that is pulling it up. when the cabin enters the station, it needs to get funneled through a 'trumpet' to get the cabin to line up into the rails of the station that the car will run on once it is detached from the cable. when the cars are swinging this much, it can cause a lot of damage to the ski lift when the cabins aren't lining up smoothly with the rails in the station.

What would happen if a gondola got stuck in this kind of weather?

just wait it out, not much else to do besides run the lift extremely slow. there is some "negligence" going on in this video. storms of this magnitude don't come out of nowhere. it is on the operators of the lift to be monitoring the wind gusts from the anemometers and also the lift maintenance team to be watching as conditions worsen and then to be calling the shots. there is no way that there should still be people on this lift. as the weather starts to worsen, a "last chair" is marked and sent from the bottom and the top stations. this way the operators know that nobody is left on the lift. once the lift is cleared of people, the lift is shut down and will re open once the wind has died down to a reasonable level.

i was a ski resort gondola mechanic for several years. AMA

If I was in this gondola I would become a gondola...fuck me How could they even allow people to go up?

Skis in the gondola on the left.

Wind Turbine in my home town snapped in half

Wind Turbine in my home town snapped in half

The front fell off

This kills the wind turbine


Yeah that's not very typical I'd like to make that point.

Processed photo of an actual virus.

Processed photo of an actual virus.

That's a phage.

Not wtf but bloody amazing image.

The ones in Jimmy Neutron were HD

Yes, these are actually ubiquitous viruses that are being explored as therapeutics as they are harmless to humans and kill bacteria.

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