Unsettling Lyft Ride

Unsettling Lyft Ride

I shot Marvin in the face.

5 Stars=Excellent experience, top shelf service. 4 Stars=Enjoyable experience, friendly service. 3 Stars=Acceptable experience, average service. 2 Stars=Bad experience, bad service. 1 Star=Terrible experience with horrible service. 0 Stars=I literally blew my brains out, mid-trip.

Why the fuck did you do that!

And that's why you don't eat chocolate milkshakes in the car.

Hold up, I think you dropped something


Looks like the retaining pin fell out of the quick coupler. When Bubba went to pick up that pin, the reason for the pin became quite obvious.


"Hey Bob you think this is important"



My step father is having foot surgery...this is why

My step father is having foot surgery...this is why

You don't need surgery to CUT YOUR TOENAILS

I'll never forget the day I saw my high school librarian, Mrs Pierpont, without her shoes. She was an old, traditional woman who always wore pumps to work. Her toes looked a pile of GI Joe arms bound together.

If Stephen Hawking was a foot, this is what he'd look like.


How can you be old and young, woman and man at the same time? This is how.

How can you be old and young, woman and man at the same time? This is how.

"I want the old Chinese man look"

"Say no more"

Ah, here we go.

This reminds me of a video with a girl who ate corn on the cob the wrong way.

This guy started jerking off at a swimming pool on Long Island. He's 33 years old. here's a link

I just realized I'm in shock every time I get out of bed.

Tie-Down Straps: Optional

Tie-Down Straps: Optional

Tags say Colorado but that looks like Florida Man.

Tie-downs took our jerbs!!!!

He is, he's holding onto the wood.

Shit, that means Florida Man is spreading. We're all doomed.

Always remember to check your helmet for BEES before putting it on

Did he pour a bunch of mountain dew in his helmet or something? How did this happen and how long did it take? I have so many questions.

chances are those bees are swarming and since thats not a good place for a hive they will be gone in a few hours once they are rested up.

My aunt went to a McDonalds when she was a little girl, and it happened to be one of the McDonalds that still had a playplace outside. Well, she had gotten a Sprite, and had left it on a table when she went and played. During that time, a couple of bees started to crawl down the straw of her drink. She came back to get a drink, and sucked up two bees into her mouth, who were understandably pissed off, and stung her on the roof of her mouth. I always look down straws before I drink, ever since hearing that story.

Well I'll just add that to my growing list of fears I never knew I had.

People on brazilian beach stand around to watch as well as get sucked up by waterspout.[NSFW] [Volume warning]

People on brazilian beach stand around to watch as well as get sucked up by waterspout.[NSFW] [Volume warning]

Tornado blew them around and shit

I guess the concept of "getting the fuck out of the way" hasn't reached Brazil yet

I've always had a dream of going to a Brazilian beach and getting sucked off. If I made a deal with the devil for it, this is how it would come true.

Why NSFW though?

Vertical video, that shit is nasty.

Fidget spinners in Russia

In Soviet Russia fidget spins you.

Yeah, that's pretty Russian.

Now you have anxiety

Top Gear material.

Bullshit if you think that can stop me.

green and skinny is better than red and chubby

Mess with the bull, you get the horns.

So... Luigi is actually the better brother?

I'm not trapped in here with you, YOU'RE TRAPPED IN HERE WITH ME.

Will the balcony resist the weight?

Will the balcony resist the weight?

This is what a 24th trimester abortion looks like, folks.

I need someone to do the math.

Lets say it's 3 feet deep, 4 feet wide and fifteen feet long, 180 cubic feet of water. Which is 1346 US gallons of water. Let's just round up to 1350. Assuming a gallon of water weighs 8.34 lbs. The weight of 1350 US gallons of water would be 11,259 lbs or 1 OP's Mom.

So now we need to know if the balcony can support that much weight.

I would expect the glass railing to go first...

give me a pm, i have a business opportunity for you regarding new-age children books

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