Man who kept his right arm up for 40+ years

Man who kept his right arm up for 40+ years

Sadly, after Simon said "Put your right arm up." , he died.

So, did he ever get permission to go to the toilet?

How did he sleep and not put it down? How did he ride in vehicles? How did he do any form of work?

Coincidence or hate crime??


Yeeeees, shitposting can begin!

I believe it's the Yum! Center in Louisville KY.

Weird stuff bro 😯

When you thought you avoided a near death experience

When the Grim Reaper goes for a bank shot...

It all could have been avoided, had he not made the mistake of leaving home.

Most problems can be avoided that way.

Poor guy. But it is right of a cartoon, feet in the air and all. Hope he was okay.

[He survived. ](


That arm wave at the end is kind of like "Are you kidding me?!"

Two things I want explaindd.

How the hell did he not end up in the back seat. Why didn't the driver stop. I can't even see the bike by the end of the gif.

This will definitely be buried however there's another video by the exact same motorcyclist as this one. He punches off the side-mirror on a white Kia sedan(which may be edited out of this vid, but there was one which showed it), then starts flipping off/taunting the driver telling him pull over so he can "Kick his fucking ass!" Well they both pull over, motorcycle guy just barely starts his tough talk when literally Hunter S. Thompson (ok ok, he just looks like him) bursts out of the white Kia, wrestles motorcycle guy to the ground, motorcycle guy starts screaming "What are you doing?!? Help!!! Someone help me!! Call the police!!" White Kia guy says "They're on the way." Besides that he was silent the entire time until after he left he says "...cocksucker". He took the GoPro off motorcycle dude's helment, got in his own car, drove away. Apparently police later found white Kia guy, which is how the motorcyclist received his GoPro back.

***Here's a link to the video if anyone is interested:

His actual YouTube channel is abrennan077 "HD2". He deleted this video from his channel because no one took his side. He has also deleted hundreds of other videos from his channel because he rides around on one of his motorcycles (he used to own 2 or 3) trying to instigate fights with people, punching the side mirrors off people's cars, flipping them off, yelling/swearing, etc. Like in some of his old vids there were numerous times he'd see a car pull out onto the road wayyyy out ahead of him, like a road with a speedlimit of 35 - 40mph with MORE than enough distance to be perfectly safe. He'd twist the throttle wide open, zoom up on the car at twice the limit, then slam on his brakes all dramatic-like. He'd get up beside the car & start beating on the window while screaming at the driver "You almost killed me you STUPID FUCK! How could you not see me YOU DUMBASS?! I got you on video! It's going up on YouTube AND to the police you dumb bitch!" Then speed off & go do it again to someone else. Yeah, he's a big prick. I wish his old videos were the ones getting reposted every few days instead of this hitchhiking one.

***Edit: Here's the correct link to the Kia fight video, pasted the link from mobile & didn't check to see if I had pasted the correct one:

Hit and runs seem almost more common than stopping like decent people some places. I swear, when I lived in phoenix, every damn accident was a hit and run.

Gas station fire

Something very Cloverfield about that tank nearly killing the camera man

Often when we see a shaky video that points the wrong way, right when we want to see what happened, I say "Dammit, guy with phone you had one thing to do".

But not this one. There was actually a legitimate life saving "running from flying 1000-pound object" item higher up on his to do list.

Yes, that was my reaction.

"Dude! Hold the fucking camera still! What the hell, you are a long dis-" tank crashes in view. "... I retract my complaints good sir, well done".

StabilizeBot has no chance with this video.

Found this Pizza Crust When Washing Dishes.

Found this Pizza Crust When Washing Dishes.

Not wtf in the slightest.

Someone got it soaked with red wine and the tannines oxidized due to bicarbonates in the dough.

Is this what this sub has come to?

Moldy pizza wtf right?

Til death do us part...

Til death do us part...

It's always sad to see a marriage get off to a rocky start.

Seemed like such a gneiss couple too.

What’s up with the piggy guest, fourth from the front? He looks pretty excited!

Hopefully they don't take each other for granite.

She ruined her eyes.

She ruined her eyes.

Apparently she was some kind of super fan and tattooed her eyes. She lost sight in one of them, I guess.

A Polish instagram girl injected ink into her eyeballs.. Apparently, she is blind in one eye and suffers from headaches and other effects from the procedure.

She's gonna be pissed when she finds out they make contacts to give them the same colors.

Do they cause permanent loss of eyesight and headaches? Might have still been a better option than what she did.

Saw this at a target parking lot

Saw this at a target parking lot

This seems more like something you'd find in a Walmart parking lot. U sure it was target?

Sid turned 16.

I promise, look at the cart icon in the background it’s the same target uses. Plus I use to work there lol.

Edit: here’s a slightly different angle that also shows a cart

It's an art car. A shitty art car.

Honey, there's a kid on our bug..

Honey, there's a kid on our bug..

OP posts this once a year. Twice this year though.

That beautiful creature is Stick Insect - most likely a Goliath Stick Insect, Eurycnema goliath.

What are you talking about?

Oh and here

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