This is where you need to clean your shorts but your shorts are now 25 miles away along with your entire life. Devastating to the people involved in that. My heart goes out to them

i was going to say that you forgot to close the garage door...but never mind.

Mother Nature is awesomely terrifying.

Should have stayed in the gara...nvm, you made the right call.

This is the kind of cutting edge research that desperately needs funding today.

This is the kind of cutting edge research that desperately needs funding today.

Send money bitch lasagna

I wonder if Babu would have a word with me considering lottery numbers. 40/60 split?

Alligator lizard fighting back from inside the belly of a King snake

Alligator lizard fighting back from inside the belly of a King snake

Or the lizard is wearing a pretty sweet snake costume

Do not go gentle into that good night.

my yard

I'm pretty sure it's the king snakes' yard


Go on, the world is your little buddy!

Can't help but remember this now...

From that bird's perspective, it's like that human just threw him to the ground to get eaten by his pet cat.

The best part of that video is the dad trying not to break out into laughter infront of everybody.

Top 10 Anime Betrayals

Behold, the fury of - why aren't you running again?

Gifs that ended too soon...

Cameraman that ended too soon?

They started clicking their heals together and saying "there's no place like home" repeatedly.

It's just a baby.

They aren't nearly as dangerous at that age and can still be domesticated fairly easily.

Guy pulls out massive snake from toilet

Note to self: If i ever have to pull a snake out of a toilet, make a plan for what you do once you got it out.

Fuck it, i'll flush it.

I think he should have flushed while pulling the snake out. The snake would think he was going so much faster and be thrilled.

That's why they don't make snake-skin condoms.

It's ridiculously hard to pull a snake out of a hole. This is a smooth surface inside a toilet, in the dirt it's unreal.

Let me help you turn faster

All that white smoke came from the engine of that front white truck. I don't know what was going on, but suspect it was an attempt to push start it. A really bad attempt.

It is not tire smoke, comes too much, too quickly.

Actually the tiny truck in front was being pushed by the suv, the suv punctured his radiator. White smoke is coolant boiling off.

Edit: im wrong! I glanced and guessed, that gets you in trouble kids.

It's like a reverse-tow. What a helpful guy.

They call that a PUSH.

A river of non-stop plastic waste in Guatemala

A river of non-stop plastic waste in Guatemala

I have never seen a more plastic polluted country than Guatemala. There is plastic waste everyhwere, literally everywhere.

That is disgusting and shameful.

I've been to rural Kenya and rural China and garbage is a problem in both countries because there is no infrastructure. In small villages there is no municipal structure (i.e. council, town-owned land, etc.) and no by-laws (ordinances) that deal with garbage collection. People have no idea what to do with their garbage because landfills and centrally-managed collection do not exist. So they just find a spot on the edge of town and dump it there.

Underdeveloped countries across the world are like this.

Woman gives birth in the middle of the street

Source I can't help but feel like she has absolutely no fucking concern for the childs well being. Drops it 3 feet on its head and then makes no attempt to even pick it up just sits there and stares at it while the baby is face down on the pavement for almost 2 minutes. Luckily an older lady comes in towards the end to check on the baby.

That's quite the entrance into the world.

Okay, that actually made me say "what the fuck" out loud. Also made me pretty nauseous.

Grats, one of the most WTF semi-SFW things ive ever seen.

Logic is for losers....

How can you be this stupid and have a license

And then she calls a friend to find out where the gas station is that has the pumps on the other side

How can you be this stupid and survive to adulthood

Sometimes I wonder if it hurts these people to think.

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