Utah is a beautiful place, even when the weather is gloomy.

Utah is a beautiful place, even when the weather is gloomy.

I love how green everything is right now!

My favorite time to hike and be outside.

Hobble Creek Canyon.

Beautiful. Where is this?

Utah gas prices reach $3 for the first time since 2015

Utah gas prices reach $3 for the first time since 2015
has reported on Sinclair's "partisan tilt on trusted local news"

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Rolling Stone just recently published an article titled "Sinclair Broadcasting's Hostile Takeover". PBS NewsHour . John Oliver has featured a segment on his show, Last Week Tonight, on Sinclair. Most recently, Sinclair has had an instance of numerous news reports using the exact same script for a Sinclair-provided segment cut together and published on YouTube.

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Thanks Obama!

Gas in Texas is expensive right now, which means it must be downright terrifying in southern California at the moment!

Utah from above

Utah from above

Haven’t you heard? The earth is flat!

Romney (49%) forced into GOP primary vs. Kennedy (51%) for Utah Senate nomination... History repeats itself.

Romney (49%) forced into GOP primary vs. Kennedy (51%) for Utah Senate nomination... History repeats itself.
Romney (49%) forced into GOP primary vs. Kennedy (51%) for Utah Senate nomination... History repe...

People unfamiliar with the wackadoodly-ness of the Republican delegates are making too much of this. Romney will win the primary in a landslide.

And by wackadoodly I'm guessing you mean hard-line, tea party, maga, right wing, fox news thrall, build-that-wall, kool-aid drinkers?

No one in the State House represents the interests of Utahns.

I just mean they are not representative of Republican Utah at large -- much less Utah at large -- and they don't seem beholden to anyone's interests besides their own insular flights of fancy (the bloodsport dramarama over caucuses is an example). It manifests itself differently from year to year.

It's a beautiful day

It's a beautiful day

This is a random ass picture. Haha

I love Utah! I realize how privileged I am to live in SLC!

I love you both

Ran the marathon today. It's my sixth and it was easily my prettiest thanks to this spring sunshine.

Anyone miss yesterday's weather?

Anyone miss yesterday's weather?

No. It was windy as fuck here, enough so that my rather large BBQ grill blew around my yard, while attached to a second smaller grill. I miss Saturday's weather, when I was out working at my kids school cleaning it up then walking around the main drag and not having to worry or rush cause it was warm.

DID I miss it, or DO I miss it? No I didn't miss it (couldn't), it was windy as I've ever seen it, gusts up to 65 MPH and dust all over the valley. Do I miss it, nope, don't and can't because it's still doing the same damn thing still (Cedar City).


Thanks for the downvotes for no reason, whoever you were, ya twanks.

Utah lake?

But what about seventh winter?

Love this state.

Love this state.

Slot canyons are truely amazing


haven't done this but it looks like a good time

Is that Little Wild Horse? I have a hard time telling slot canyons apart, ha.

Spotted this guy in Zion. I believe it is a Great Blue Heron. Loved my recent trip!

Spotted this guy in Zion. I believe it is a Great Blue Heron. Loved my recent trip!

Holy shit! Didn’t know there were herons in Utah. That’s so freaking awesome!

Come to the Bear River Bored Refuge West of Brigham City. I took my family on New year's day and we saw 7 or 8 of them while driving the loop. We commonly see them in the marshes in cache valley too.

Rib eye of the sky

Nice shot. Common bird here in MN during warmer months.

My cousin is missing in Utah - please help!

My cousin is missing in Utah - please help!

I know it's a long shot, but I thought I'd reach out to my Reddit community to ask for help.

My cousin Grace has been in Clearfield for JobCorps. She is 16, about 5'2" and has been missing since about (at least) 6 a.m. MST today. You can find a photo of her on her Instagram. She apparently packed her things and ran away in the middle of the night, so they didn't know until she didn't report for her morning check-in.

Grace may be traveling with an 18 yo boy, but JobCorps will not confirm he is also missing. A police officer took the information this morning, but as of this evening had not yet filed a report with his department. Her mother is being told to call back tomorrow to talk to that officer for more details.

With more than 24 hours passing before she can talk to the reporting officer, my aunt is in a panic. Grace has been added to the NCIC, but the public doesn't have access to search those records. My aunt is currently talking to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children to get her added to their database. We are all in Montana, so this is an especially difficult situation not being able to be there.

If you see Grace or have any information about her whereabouts, please contact the Clearfield PD at (801) 525-2806. Thank you for your help, in advance.

UPDATE: If Grace is traveling with this boy, his name is Gabe, and we have reason to believe they may be headed for Las Vegas.

Also try crossposting to /sub/saltlakecity because it gets more traffic than /sub/utah and they'd head through Salt Lake if they are going to Las Vegas. Their rules may require a case number from Clearfield PD to keep the post up so include that if you have it.

Reading it again it looks like they didn't file a report yet so you won't have a number. Try crossposting with what you have.

Just a couple of insights on this:

The Clearfield officer, by law, had to have Grace entered into the NCIC database within 2 hours of his dispatch being notified that she had ran away.

NCMEC does have access to the NCIC database. Source "NCMEC is the only nonprofit, non-law enforcement entity to have access to the FBI's National Crime Information Center (NCIC) Missing Person File, which is reviewed by Call Center staff for records of missing children added by local and state law enforcement agencies and updates of these records. Law enforcement agencies submitting information to NCIC on a missing child are to notify NCMEC of each report that relates to a child reportedly missing from foster care, and they must maintain close liaison with NCMEC (and child welfare agencies) to exchange information and technical assistance about missing children cases generally. Cases of children who are believed to be seriously at risk are flagged in NCIC for NCMEC. NCMEC is permitted to search the Missing Person File to assist with long-term missing children who would be over age 18."

My source: 911 Dispatcher for 4 years.

There's also a su reddit for Ogden that seems to include the surrounding suburbs like Clearfield. /sub/ogden

Ninja edit- The facebook groups "You know your from Ogden if" and "Iron county rant and rave" are extremely active members of the community. Yes "Your" is spelled that way in the group name.

If she is headed to Vegas, most people either stop in Fillmore for gas at the Maverik (and they'll flag her) or Cedar City for the night or gas at the Maverik or Love's. Southern Utahns especially know that I-15 is a pipeline and they are hyper vigilant about runaways, trafficking, drug stops, etc. I have seen so many cases where people will pass through Beaver or Fillmore, get flagged, and get stopped in Cedar City or St George. I hope that gives you a piece of mind, that Southern Utah police and mobile units are really really good at their jobs.

(Northern cops are amazing too but we aren't talking about them)

Thank you! I just posted to /sub/saltlakecity, as suggested. Anything helps, and I really appreciate it!

Also, I will update all posts as soon as the information is up on NCMEC's website so everyone has a full description and additional details.

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