One million

One million

There is always someone willing to pay for this stuff


One Million

When you think you're doing the right thing...

"Stop playing with my food!"


One million what?

A sign that apparently needed to exist

A sign that apparently needed to exist

I suppose if you're used to a hole in the floor a toilet could be a bit confusing.

Well I'm aroused.

Squatting is actually the way to go in terms of efficient evacuation.

Haha, "apparently", right... Same surprised reaction I gave my mother when she put up a sign not to masturbate in the aquarium.

Where did that come from

Where did that come from

Must have taken a wrong turn at Albuquerque.

I've always thought that this was scary as hell given this ass drove in between people to get where he was going :|



Did I just watch someone die?

Yeah why isnt this NSFW or something, this guy actually died




Switch to your other weapon! It's faster than reloading

Expended all rounds

I didn't get what happened the first time through.

That's the joke I suppose.

Dude decides to randomly shatter a store's glass front

He got grilled from the bystander, then he got grilled.

I love how the bystander is not even fazed by the guy getting hit by a car. Hes just like โ€œwell he deserved it and i didnt feel like running anywaysโ€.

This movie has a good ending

The cops can't arrest him if he's dead. He had a foolproof plan.

Damn !!

Damn !!

It's over, Anakin! I have the higher ground!

What are those majestic insects

Flower Preying Mantis

. One will eventually eat the other.

I wish robert denero played anikan tho

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