Why I love summer

Why I love summer

Oh god

Some people are so sensitive. Did you tell her to grow a pair?

Error 666: God not found.

I would tell her to just walk it off.

Jackie Chan, 62 years old and still doing his own stunts

Those nesting dolls cracked me up.

I read the first part of that headline and thought Jackie chan had passed away.

Oh man the "owwww" and shaking his hands out always cracks me up.

Did you find another, smaller din7 inside of you?

Impressive camouflage ability

Watches gif again "Oh there it is I see it" Points in wrong spot Repeat

For some reason I always feel bad when an octo gets boned. It just shouldnt happen.

Especially this one, because it looks like the octopus was trying to get away from the camera man so it wasn't looking where it was going.

My thought process:

It's definitely that weird looking bush.

That is 100% an octopus camouflaged as a bush.

But I am on /sub/unexpected...

Is it that lump in the sand?

Maybe a shark is gonna swoop down out of nowhere?

Gotta be the lump in the sand.

I still ended up focusing on the wrong lump, too. Scared the shit out of me.


Unexpected profiling

Unexpected profiling

FYI, this guy was a Canadian Cabinet Minister when he wrote this.

Nice screenshot of an instagram post that is a screenshot of a tweet.

The more I hear about the brilliance of Canadian politicians, the more I suspect Canada doesn't actually exist... it can't, politicians can't be good

He was my MP! He used to send everyone in this district a Christmas card with a picture of him and his family. To bad they split the district and he lost in the new one.

Nice day at the pool

Nice day at the pool

The pool camera has a better picture than every bank and convenience store that's ever been robbed.

Because it's fake. Look at the fence pieces. They're not even posted into the ground.


This is an ad for Google's Nest Camera. It was part of their "Mystery Solved" Campaign for their outdoor cameras. Here is the Ad in full:

edit: credit to u/etharis

That's not what carpooling means.

Suspicious Old Man

"He's so cute what's his nam.."


I bet the lady holding the dog thinks the other lady did something to make her pooch puke.

I thought the same thing. "Did you just press my dog's puke button?"

The focus changing mid vomit is amazing.

Rescue Mission

One more frame and it will be a full dozen

Send another search party out to find all the missing frames from that gif.

Looks like a crate of Augustiner-Brau, the most famous beer in Munich, and very good shit.

I think they'll need some mouth to mouth resuscitation

The mayonnaise player

Is mayonnaise an instrument?

My girlfriend is in there playing one of those tooters. I forget the guys name but they still give him shit.

Why would they give him shit? That's legendary.

Eat a sandwich

Ad by swiss police

I totally expected the ending. Traffic safety ads like these are all the rage in Europe.

And now Lambert is fucking his grieving wife.

And they all started here.

Edit - yes, shocking and unexpected ads have been around for quite some time - but find one that depicts a cyclist as a douchebag before the Top Gear ad.

Cyclists get that "I'm a sailboat with full right of way" attitude going which turns out to not only be fallacious, but deadly.

How do I know?

Cycling since I was six on roads and highways - I'm sixty five now and have pretty much seen it all.

We need a medic over here

We need a medic over here

That monkey handing over that towel like "it never ends with this shit."

Well, funny until you see the chains.

He just realised he didn't have insurance

God dammit. You are right. But god dammit.

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