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Octopus hunts crab

Octopus hunts crab

It looks like you're interested in everybody's favourite cephalopod. Did you know that octopuses are capable of observational learning? An octopus can learn to perform a task from anot...

This bot was created to share the remarkable complexity of the cognitive lives of octopuses. If you have any comments or suggestions, please reply to this comment


R*pe jokes are knot funny [X-Post /sub/funny]

R*pe jokes are knot funny [X-Post /r/funny]

It's a good thing the posters are blacked out. At least I know Adrian Burroughs and Elizabeth Sloan liked the comment.

Game break

I love how they slo-mo'd him pulling up his sock



Truly unexpected. I was expecting the man to poop on them.

The skatepark.

The skatepark.

The picture being at the top kinda spoils the whole unexpected part

Drunk guy goes for a run

Dont worry, this is staged. He's a professional pilot that goes around the country. However amazingly executed.

Full flip on bike.

And on that low of a ramp too!

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