And that kids is why certain haircuts are good for certain face shapes.


Edit: Gold! Thank you! :)

Edit: Gold! Thank you! :)

"There's a bird under there, grab it when I lift this up"

"There's a bird under there, grab it when I lift this up"

That kid woulda killed that bird had there really been one.

That was well deserved

Not if it was an ostrich

LMAO. I thought the unexpected part was that it was shit and not a bird, but I thought "I've seen this prank so many times". And then I just waited and saw him wipe it on his fucking face.

I was gonna take a nap but then I got high.

The guys reaction when he sees it..lol


Good lord yes. I was trying to figure out why they cut this in the middle of the guy's reaction.

I don't even know what you could do in that situation except land as quickly as possible and hope the cat hangs on.



/sub/dogberg strikes again!

I had heard that pets get pretty competitive about their kids' sports... but this is getting out of hand...

"Doesn't say anywhere in the rules that [dogs] can't play flag football"

Kid playing d-line looks like he is taking cover from incoming airstrike

Testing the new bolt lock

Oh you wanted a functional lock?

Just had to install it at a 45 degree angle and it would have worked.


I don't know about you, but I don't keep the lock to my bathroom on the outside of the door.


"Guck-guck!" is meaningless to me. Anyone understand?

Maybe OP speaks German. Guck-guck translates to look-look. Means peek-a-boo.

Edit: this subreddit is in German now. That's why. :)

"Guck-guck" is German for "peek-a-boo".

The OP certainly does.

Gehen Sie hart oder gehen Sie nach Hause

(the mods think they are being clever for giving the unexpected sub a german feel, shhh, don't say anything they'll feel baaaaad)

What's with all the Google Translate German titles?


Thank you for finally speaking your mind! 

I want to believe  

Edit: Someone wants your head, /u/hentmas.

Thank you for finally speaking your mind!

I want to believe

Edit: , /u/hentmas.


The German title is unexpected.

Just seems really unfunny and unnecessary.. Even though i am german.

No humor ☒ Dislikes inefficiency ☒

Yep you're German alright

His expression is priceless.

He looks so happy

Karate hacken auf der Bühne


What's with all the German title in this sub.

I'm actually in Germany right now, so this has been especially confusing. At first I thought I was just on German reddit, but then I wondered why only /sub/unexpected was German. It gave me quite the puzzling.

This was amazing

Try one of these subthreads