Booty dancing has sure changed

Booty dancing has sure changed

This dance style is called "daggering" and is popular in Jamaica. I've been to a lot of house dance parties in Jamaica and this is actually very, very tame daggering.

I'll answer what i can. Two strangers is fine. Yes it's raunchy and sexual, but there's no actual sex involved. It's like grinding, but extreme. The moves the guy is doing are pretty standard. The girl's dance moves can be pretty raunchy yet impressive. They are dancing together and most of the dancing only works with a partner. This is not a competition at all, this is probably just at a house party or club somewhere. These moves are standard.

My best friend was born/raised in Jamaica and I've stayed with his family there many, many times over the last decade plus. I've see a lot of really interesting things, but I'll never forget the first time I saw daggering. I honestly thought people were fucking all around me. I eventually grew to love it and some of the stunts they do are dangerous and really impressive. The music and culture of Jamaica are truly something special. Usually when daggering comes up people are automatically turned off, but I love it and it takes me to a good place in my mind. I once saw daggering at a wedding if that puts some perspective on things.

I have so many questions. Are they both considered to be 'dancing' or is just the guy? Is this a competition or just something people will randomly do? Would two strangers do this or just people in a relationship?

A future civilization will somehow uncover this gif and others similar, without context, and determine our increasingly bizarre and violent mating rituals somehow contributed to our extinction.

Strawberry picking machine

OMG, robots have started using people to do their work!!!

I've picked strawberries before and I would have loved having something like this. After a few hours of walking and bending at the waist it gets miserable.

Lived in SoCal for 12 years of my life

Lived about half an hour from Ventura which had a shit ton of strawberry fields, a good chunk of them after picking through would let people come by and pick the left overs for something like $1 a pound

Edit: Camarillo was where I had lived

Kneel brotha

A mildly interesting candle

These things spin around and sing a high-pitched happy birthday song on repeat until they die. Unfortunately, they have the lifespan of Jason Voorhees and will drive you insane. We threw it off a 5 story ledge, dunked it under water, cut a wire inside... still going. The sound haunts my dreams to this day.

Children are biological weapons bred for destruction

I smashed mine apart with a hammer in my garage. Much more effective.

These things are hell in candle form. They live forever and play happy birthday louder than you ever thought possible, at the most annoying pitch possible.


Just another day at work

That didnt phase her at all

Bitch, I'm a train.

Didn't see the gif loop the first time and thought she hit two cars in a matter of seconds. Like, RAMMMPAAAAAAAGE

"We're sorry to announce that the next train will be delayed by approximately 5 seconds"

My neighbours internet is very slow...

My neighbours internet is very slow...

It's the same as our routers, but they operate on the left.

I could help the guy out, but he's in England. I don't know shit about their routers.

Yes, you can speed it up considerably by getting off of it.

Also they call them rooters there

Kind of small

Needs a quarter for scale

Was expecting Dickbutt.

My father-in-law worked for a Big Name manufacturing company. One day they got a letter from Major Competitor. The letter contained a human hair, and a note reading 'can you do this?'. The hair had a microscopic hole drilled through the center.

They sent back the same hair, with six holes drilled around the original hole. "Yep."

I wonder if it's because they start off by using an electron microscope, which only displays in black and white.

Good parenting

Good parenting

The sacrifices we make for kids

As long as you don't start helping him look for a girlfriend under similar circumstances.

My sisters in laws always bring bags full off chocolates and milk shakes for their grand daughter whenever they come over. What my sister hasn't told them is that their grand daughter doesn't like milkshakes and chocolates (I know, weird). My sister just eats it all herself. Sometimes she even lies on the couch and my niece has fun feeding her the chocolates.... yes I go over to have some too.

You'd think it's easy not to eat your son's girlfriends but then McDonald's shuts down and whatdya know....

Q-tip massage

"Wait there's nothing unexpec-"

"ok yep"

"I surrender to the pleasure"

But how is he/she holding the camera.......

No pls

Van parties are the best kind

This is in Brazil during the carnival, prob this people got into the van as witness of some fight or by doing some minor misconduct (really common on a week long party all over the country), they prob not in trouble, at the worst they're going to the station, sign a paper and get back to the party.

I'm guessing the MDMA / speed has yet to wear off so the only thing they can do is dance.

I think this was around carnival in Recife. I recognize the police van from the state's "pacto pela vida" social iniciative.

Edit: "pacto pela vida" would translate roughly to "a pact for life", meaning that the police force has a "pact" with the citizens for protecting their lifes or something along those lines.

Okay grandpa, we'll get off your lawn.

Brilliant engineering.

Done. I hope you like cock.

California was considering using a method similar to this for toll roads.

They had engineered car wheels to have rods sticking out of the sides of them that would fit through slots on toll booths once you stopped to pay (they'd align themselves at that point). If you didn't pay one would break off, and you'd have to buy another from the state or else your car wouldn't pass inspection.

This obviously didn't work for many reasons, and was ultimately scrapped back in nineteen ninety when mankind finally seemed to accept EZ Pass in most states.

Jesus, those last few lines made me feel like I was gonna get duped by the undertaker dude.

How about my BBC

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