Sudden dance party

Sudden dance party

I was going to be like "meh it happens" until op came in with the attitude of a13 year old. Fuckyouop.

This was posted 30 minutes ago

And also about 30 months ago.

Repost less than an hour ago

Repost in honor of the US Navy

This was very expected.

Am I the only one impressed with the symmetry of those balls?

That is some precise carving.

I expected the circle to be skated on until it Breaks and the Guy falls into the water


In Russia Bucket Wear You!

In Russia Bucket Wear You!

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The bucket under the bucket was a charming touch of satire.

He had two buckets

Hitler of the Olympics

Hitler of the Olympics

Surely Hitler was Hitler of the Olympics?


Seriously, fuck the 400m. I had to do it in school a few times and its the worst, you basically have to sprint a whole lap and the last 100m are pure torture.

No we've rebooted Hitler like 2000+ times since the original.

D.I.Y 4K Screen Upgrade

Ok, that one got me. The whole time it's being disassembled I was like how the hell do you even upgrade a monitor?

/sub/outside is leaking

it took me two loops until I got it...


Druglord gets a visit from a SWAT team...

Check your corners!

Wow, its a drug lord now. yesterday it was a burglar. I guess tomorrow its a mass murder

This was deemed fake yesterday.

Before that he was just a grower. They grow up so fast!

Drawing a line in the sand

Why is the snake trying to zoidberg out of here

It's a sidewinder, they do that to minimize contact with the hot desert sand.

Oh shit boi, a stick! Whoopwhoopwhoopwhoopwhoopwhoop


I wish I was like that plane

I wish I was like that plane



what plane is that?

looks similar to the Seversky A8V

or is it a boeing P26 variant?


Seems like some dead spot at the Australian Open. It’s a tennis ball so I should bounce right up but not at this one spot RIGHT ON THE COURT CMON PPL WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!?!

My bad. It's a Dead spot on the court at the Australian Open.

More information?

This gif accurately draws parallels to how well my jokes go over.

Bart Bomb

I didn't need to know this existed

Shart Simpson.

My gold fish do this


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