Good ref

The bar has now been set. I refuse to watch a wrestling match that does not include these ref’s moves

I have A LOT of questions. Primarily:

Um... but why tho [sorta serious here].

Points, based on blades touching the mat


Breaking a glass with a megaphone

My expectation lasted exactly .5 seconds.

I feel like I didn’t even have time to expect anything

When you wait to make a move on your crush and some fucker beats you to the punch

Always such a let down when you see this sub's name and figure it out before it happens

Absolutely destroyed

Was fully expecting it to end before any contact was made at all.

I fully expected it to just loop over and over without anything actually hitting. Thank god something happened or I'd have thrown my phone against the wall.

Just by nature of this sub I knew the opposite would break. So expectedly unexpected?


You're in my spot..

That was frustrating to watch but surprisingly unexpected

I really wanted them to back up one last time.

How is anyone this bad at driving

Yup...yes...just like that... ok... good! Now hit the gas as hard as you can. Perfect.


Me watching due dates get close

Not really unexpected, but that face right when the ball hits him is so perfect I'm not even mad.

You can literally see the cat go “DX”

Including the look of shock and hurt when they due but you still haven't started

Don't push the car backwards

If you reverse the gif it's a mole person catapulting from his tunnel to save a child from an out of control vehicle.

You can tell by the way the camera shakes that whoever recorded this was laughing pretty hard after the dude fell.

Looks more like they’re replaying the security footage and filming the screen with a phone.

I’d like to believe this is the original video. They just reversed it to begin with. It’s a conspiracy to cover up the fact that mole people exist.

VR Ice Cream Truck


Visual representation of what a brain freeze feels like

I need ice cream for twenty! Next!

'Another satisfied customer.'

Just a nice shower.

Just a nice shower.

The limp legs flopping at the end was the deal sealer. Epic.

She ded.

Bill Cosby’s methods have gotten much less subtle with age

A relaxing shower can indeed help you sleep.

90% floof

2% more floof and it could probably phase through solid walls.

0% Floof

Are you sure it can not as is?

It very well could do. Which would be a little horrifying; imagine rabbits just wiggling into your bedroom in the middle of the night, straight through the walls.

Why you lying woman!

Hyper masculine black guy melted by seeing girliest poodle who obviously loves him. Good decision.

Judge Judy don't play



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