I have trouble tying my shoes

I have trouble tying my shoes

I was waiting for her to just drop her like a real weightlifter would.

They banging.


Usually you can tell CrossFitter by their incessant talk of CrossFit or their detestable socks, but I think they’re CrossFitters.


The dance at the end! She could be in a fighting game, and that would be her endgame animation.

What do the numbers mean?

559 Punch Units

An old friend punched one of these and got like a 900 or something. It was awesome (we were at a pub) except for the next day he came to work with a big cast and needed multiple surgeries on his hand bones.

From human to jellyfish

And deaf, don't forget deaf.

From normal hearing to tinnitus.



She is absolutely lethal on the field.

But can she do it on a cold rainy night in stoke?

Left foot = Messi

Right arm = Sterling

cold rainy Tuesday night in stoke*

So... what you mean is it's not that impressive and basically what you'd expect from an average, competent high school player?

"Excuse me, where did you get such a nice bag?"

Such a twist! It was a fanny pack all along.

i seriously wanna know what her front side looks like.

Ya know guys you do not always need to post "staged."

We know okay, we know there was no demon walking down the street.

But... her feet...

She's got no fear while she's tearing up the streets

My skin cringed

What a great, innovative, artistic way to die.

Glad I'm not alone. It made my skin crawl watching that. All I could think of was her wiping out and becoming road burger.

Glad she's wearing a helmet. Gotta protect that head and all of that common sense it's holding.

Girl gives deer cpr! HumansBeingBros removed it, so there you go UNBG.

The mods at that sub are pretty high on themselves. Don’t sweat it.

I'm wondering if the deer sustained lasting brain damage considering it wasn't breathing for 8 minutes and was super young.

Oddly enough, being really young is one of the best factors it has going for it.

I had trouble upvoting this I was so happy. Literally missed the button several times.




Is this one of these?

Lol. That Chinese meme "Karma's a bitch" comes to mind. Awesome cosplay though. Very badass.

I like that the joke is self-aware and mocking itself before you even get a chance to return to the comments.

Girl Making Popcorn

Better in reverse

Better in

That's just computer graphics! The girl is CGI.

It's sad people have to call bullshit on this to begin with. If anyone thought for a moment that a screen could get that hot, then let me know. I have a bridge I'm looking to sell.

Aw. My popcorn turned small

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