Fierce and friendly.

Fierce and friendly.
Her commercial.

Rina Takeda.

edit: video version, she was doing this at a baseball game.

This can't be good for the brain.

Cute Japanese women

Now I want a Big Mac.

She made a spinning lego thingie.

I believe that's an orrery.

The big yellow one is the sun.

I think that's about a 24-month year. Still cool though.

I believe it's an orrery.

Cheerleader helping a friend out for a picture with a fan

Cheerleader helping a friend out for a picture with a fan

Letting her friend stand on her hair. What a bro!

The guy in the photo op is standing on ground level. That wall is there to hide his legs, he's embarrassed.


Is there a female equivalent to the word bro?

This girl made one hell of a hogger at the Blizzcon.

This girl made one hell of a hogger at the Blizzcon.

That's @KazulGFox on Twitter! She's super nice, talented and hard-working! Her and her husband Frostee are wonderful people.

Can she see out of it somehow or does she just get lead around?

She can see at least a little. Near the end when they were all leaving the stage, she had some help so she didn't fall off the stage... Which she got pretty close to doing.

Dayum. That's badass

This Guitar solo is pretty badass.

This Guitar solo is pretty badass.

facebook links are arse


a much better cover of Eruption by Van Halen by a far more competent guitar player.

It's not boredom, it's concentration

i'm glad i got to see, and hear, this via internet video and not over my back yard fence.

Somebody call her a priest.

She took a picture of the person filming her.


A tribe that trains from childhood to control dilation for diving purposes.

anyone have explanations?

I had a discussion with my eye doctor who had no idea about this until I showed him how I could control my pupil dilation. Not on this woman's level but his mind was definitely blown.

Edit: Thanks for the upvotes and my highest rated comment yet! It's awesome to know that many of you can also do this or attempted and succeeded! I have no idea if this is actually "medically" proven/safe/plausible beyond the clip above and my experiences.

Now that we're on the front page... If an optometrist has any additional knowledge that would be awesome!

Edit 2: /sub/eyeshakers - credit u/WhatIsThisSorcery03

Edit 3: We get it. She's a priest.

Shout out to u/rongkongcoma for the first official "She's a priest" count of 29

Edit 4: This marks the day reddit came together and spread information of an unknown super power, beginning the next evolution of increased senses!

Edit 5: Here's a great example of average speed! Thanks for the upload /u/ZombieHuNtEr183 https://www.reddit.com/sub/UNBGBBIIVCHIDCTIICBG/comments/7lra63/somebody_call_her_a_priest/drok35w/

She didn't think it was going to go right, but she still did it.

As someone who gave his friend a fractured skull and brain injury from playing with golf clubs irresponsibly... this gif is horrifying

If he misses he can drive her to the hospital.

Have you seen the gif/video of the guy attempting to slice a cigar in half by swinging a sword at his friend's face? It went poorly. The gif is very NSFL (it ends in gruesome game of "got your nose").

EDIT: Oh, and then there's the paintball trick where a guy tried to shoot a can or something of his friend's head. Instead he hits him square in his unprotected eye at a fairly close range.

TL;DR: Don't swing or shoot things at people's faces.

that foot wiggle

Girl With A Cannon

Based on how many parking spots, and average parking spot being from 7.5ft (compact) to 9ft in width, than that's roughly 51 yards, damn

Last time this was posted someone commented that she plays professional women's football

Edit: digifork just corrected me by saying she played for University of Maine softball

How much you wanna bet I can throw a football over them mountains?

Back in ‘82, I used to be able to throw a pigskin a quarter mile.

The Browns need to offer her a contract asap

This is even harder than the harder that it looks.

I don't know op, that looks pretty freakin hard.

Yeah but it's even harder than the harder

that's the hardiest hard harder I've ever harded

That is a stunningly well thought out route. Who ever set that also deserves applause.

Vladimir Putin's daughter showing you how to do the Moscow Boogie Woogie back in 2013.

I couldn't even begin to understand the pressure her dance partner must have felt to not drop her.

He probably would’ve felt so bad he’d commit suicide by a few shots to the back of the head.

That guy must have the most dangerous job in the entire world, throwing putins daughter 3 meters into the air and catching her....

Nah, this guy looks sophisticated. He would stab himself in the back with a polonium tipped mystery object that would never be found.

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