Olympic champion Aly Raisman attacks USA Gymnastics over sexual abuse case

Olympic champion Aly Raisman attacks USA Gymnastics over sexual abuse case


For 29 years? Nassar is being sued currently by 125 women. One hundred and fucking twenty five? Wtf?

WHY did this go on for this long?

Who shares the burden/cost/stigma of treating someone if one of the 125 become abusers themselves? I would be impressed if some do not end up perpetuating this.

Who else knew about the depth and breadth and did fuck all to correct this? They should face punishment as well if this is as correct as itis claimed. I hate to pass judgement against someone who doesn't deserve it, but come on... 125 different women? (If i read correctly he also had child porn?)

As a former competitive gymnast, the mentality is that you respect your coaches, judges, and medical personnel unconditionally. Injuries are devastating to a gymnast's psyche and you do whatever you can to get back to practice as quick as possible. I went through numerous surgeries, PT, acupuncturists, chiropractors, etc. all by the age of 13. And you don't go to normal doctors, you go to doctor's that treat olympians and professional athletes. These people are hard to get into see and you don't question them. I'm honestly not surprised this happened but I am glad that this will help identify or bring attention to those that may have had a questionable experience or been a victim of abuse. This is a positive step to taking out the scum that prey on these girls.

Summary: "When filmmaker Bryan Fogel sets out to uncover the truth about doping in sports, a chance meeting with a Russian scientist transforms his story from a personal experiment into a geopolitical thriller. Dirty urine, unexplained death and Olympic gold are all part of the exposure of the biggest scandal in sports history."


Kept me on the edge of my seat.

I just finished watching Icarus on Netflix. I am now officially jaded about the Olympics.

3 months ago I found out I was hiv positive at 22 after an unprotected sexual encounter with my gay best friend.

3 months ago I found out I was hiv positive at 22 after an unprotected sexual encounter with my gay best friend.

The title is self explanatory. My gay friend was going through a hard time and I was too, we had both just broken up with our boyfriends. It was a drunken night and things happened. Being idiotically unaware of the risks I didn't immediately seek medical attention. Needless to say we are no longer friends. As a woman this is the hardest thing I've had to overcome. I don't know how to live with this. There is literally no community for straight women with HIV. So I'm posting here in hopes of finding a kind word. I'm on the edge here guys.

EDIT Hi guys, just got home from work. I can't believe all the support and love I've gotten. It took a lot to post this here but I am so glad I did.

I have not been able to read all the comments but I have noticed a few recurring questions so I'll try to answer them to the best of my ability.

Did my gay friend know he was positive? I believe he did not get tested, even though I had asked in passing a long time before the incident occurred just out of curiosity and he said yes. I think knowing him, he was too afraid to get tested so he ignored it. But after we did the deed he seemed cagey and nervous. I woke up and he was gone.

I had some symptoms and a bad feeling, also a skin rash on my arm. I got tested at the local health center and they called me two weeks later and I went in and got the news. I cried immediately asking about my Boyfriends health and whether or not I could have children someday. I had so much on my mind and I didn't hear a word the lady told me. But I do remember she made me laugh when I got all weird and didn't feel comfortable shaking her hand before I left. She made me comfortable.

I'm in treatment and haven't missed a pill. I moved home with my family to be in a better environment. I got kicked out of my place I was renting because they found out about my status.

I am undetectable. In January I did NOT have HIV. I got tested again in April and got the results in early May. In that time period I had only been with my current Boyfriend and the friend who infected me so narrowing it down was pretty easy when I learned my boyfriend did not have it.

My boyfriend still does not have it despite having unprotected sex on a daily basis before we knew when my viral load was 400,000, now we have protected sex and I take my pill everyday. I'm on Genvoya. I have not heard from My 'friend'.

Some commenters are asking how I got it since getting it through vaginal sex is pretty rare, what actually happened was we started to have vaginal sex and my 'friend' asked to do anal (not surprising) and I had done it before with my ex so I agreed. I'm assuming I had a cut or something and that's how I got it.

Thanks again for all the responses good and bad. Gives me a lot of hope!

BTW, I AM A WOMAN! lol that was kind of my whole point of posting here. A lot of people think I'm a gay man based on the title of the post which just goes to show how people don't think of this as a woman's disease.

Also, I do know that HIV is not a death sentence. I have known that pretty much the entire time. I'm more worried about the quality of life I will lead, the emotional distress, the things I will potentially miss out on.

Hi, MD here- HIV treatment has far outpaced the stigma associated with it to the point that my friends in medical school and I would hold debates as to whether we would rather have diabetes or HIV starting at age 20, with people on both sides of the issue. The MOST important factor is that you take your triple therapy every single day of your life. No exceptions. And see your HIV doc consistently. The way people run into trouble is when the virus becomes resistant because they didn't take their medications. So do whatever you need to- phone alarms, don't eat breakfast until you've taken them, whatever. It's a small price to pay to live a long and relatively normal life!

Edit: Eat breakfast, it's good for you. :-)

I'm both hiv positive and diabetic. Been pos since 2010, and the hiv meds caused diabetes that was diagnosed in 2015. I can say without a doubt that I'd much rather be positive than diabetic. No question. With hiv, I take a pill every day. That's it. No side effects, hassles, testing, diet changes, etc. Most days, I don't even think about hiv. I just take my meds and that's that.

But diabetes? Holy shit man. Change this, do that, stick yourself. And the disconnect between what the doc told me and actual life are crazy. All I'm gonna say is, I was given some bad info by the ADA counselor. Her diet suggestions resulted in way high bg for weeks before I made an account here and asked what the issue was.

Anyway. Hiv is a cakewalk once you get used to seeing a doc and doing blood tests every 3 months. The mental problems it causes are not to be downplayed though. The stigma is still there, and I would never think of telling anyone I'm positive unless we're about to have sex. Most of my family still doesn't even know.

OP it's 2017 you're not going anywhere anytime soon. Imagine how far medicine will come in the next 10-20 years. For all we know you'll be able to get a shot once every 10 years that completely negates the effects or cures the shit. Hang tough

Yeah I am starting to understand that after tons of research, but I'm still so upset that this is happening to me. Even if there was ever a cure or better meds I would have to say at some point 'yes I had hiv' and he stigma attached to it is so severe. I am now undetectable with the meds I'm on which means with a blood test they cannot pick up an trace of the virus so essentially it is dormant. But even if I wanted to have protected sex with another person I could potentially get charged with attempted manslaughter if they claimed i did not tell them I had it. Thankfully I have a supportive boyfriend who knows about my status and loves me anyways. But it makes me feel for the women who don't have that. What do they do? Do they feel like they are unlovable or infectious? What if my boyfriend breaks up with me because of this, or another reason? How would I survive? I mean, just do some reading on reddit and you can see what people think of hiv. It gets you down. Sorry for venting lol

Iran Planning to Raise Women’s Legal Age of Marriage

Iran Planning to Raise Women’s Legal Age of Marriage
Iran Planning to Raise Women’s Legal Age of Marriage

If anyone else is disturbed that it is perfectly legal in many states in the US to marry and sleep with a 12 year old, often with full permission from the parents of the child, please consider donating to a non-profit organization that works to end such abuses. Like

Hey what's the federal minimum age for marriage in the United States again?

Well you heard wrong.

I believe that's where your wrong. Maine's legal marriage age is 13.

Heather Heyer's Parents Call Mourners to Action, Remember Her Legacy

Heather Heyer's Parents Call Mourners to Action, Remember Her Legacy
Heather Heyer's Parents Call Mourners to Action, Remember Her Legacy

I really respect that her parents are using their faith to show love and forgiveness. Too often religion is used to justify hatred. People like this are a beautiful example.

And I'm not religious at all.

Mark Heyer, said to the New York Post, “I can’t hate the man who did this to her because that would make me as bad as the people who did this.”

See that? That is forgiveness. He doesn't want an eye-for-an-eye. He wants to continue the work but not exact a pointless retribution.

Compare that with the rhetoric of the alt-Right who say the killing of this woman was justified because of some skirmishes they say some people opposing the Nazis started. That isn't forgiveness, that is escalatory revenge.

If we don't forgive some trespasses and instead use them as justification for violence, then this will be a war. Forgiveness is the path to peace.

Fuck fascism

Fuck whataboutism

Mormonleaks releases a doc with 316 pages of reported child sexual abuse in the Mormon church from 1959 until now. Why is this not as big as systematic abuse in the Catholic Church? It is equally terrible. If you have also been a victim, info to have your story added to this doc is in the comments.

Mormonleaks releases a doc with 316 pages of reported child sexual abuse in the Mormon church fro...

If you want a serious answer, the people I know who expressed outrage about the Catholic version of this were particularly focused on the idea that the requirement for priestly celibacy more or less "guaranteed" that sexual abuse would happen. The distrust of that institutional requirement, and the feeling that sex abuse proves they were right to distrust it, drives a lot of outrage most likely.

The reality is that anywhere you have adults with authority over, and access to, kids, it happens. It's pretty obvious I think that people with those predilections would seek out those positions. Adding a religious component of loyalty and secrecy just ups the attractiveness of religious vocations to people who want that access. There's plenty of instances to be outraged about, apart from the Catholic Church, but people seem to be belatedly waking up to that fact now.

If you give people power, some will abuse it.

Case: U.N diplomats sexually abusing children in other countries and can't be prosecuted. Or Americans raping Native American women on Native land and the tribunal courts can't get the people arrested and brought to justice.

When you have a mentality and an organization willing to hide you, LDS is no different. It makes it worse because religion should keep one feeling safe in faith.

Biggest flaw in the mormon church is that anybody can become a bishop. They are just regular people..

Everyone is just "regular people", regardless of how they came into positions of authority.

The biggest mistake anyone can make in how they view leadership is assuming leaders aren't just average people with the normal set of flaws and biases that everyone else has.

Seems to be common amongst missionary religions.

One of my exes was a Mormon and the local bishop got put away for it.

His teenage daughter burst in on him one day and he quickly shut down his windows, which made her suspicious enough to spy on him. She saw him looking at kiddie porn and told her mum. The mum confronted him and told him that he had 24 hours to hand himself in, which he did.

Bishop Tapp had also been in chat rooms grooming a 12 year old girl called Jessica. Turned out that Jessica was also a paedo so he was busted too.

Bishop Tapp also had a job as a lab technician in the local girls' school and had been taking upskirt pics of the girls.

My ex also told me that one of her sisters had been abused as a child by a 15 year old Mormon boy and the church kept it quiet and moved the boy away.

To anyone who has ever felt uncomfortable by someone who keeps approaching you in a restaurant/bar... don't be afraid to ask for an employee to walk you to your car!

To anyone who has ever felt uncomfortable by someone who keeps approaching you in a restaurant/bar... don't be afraid to ask for an employee to walk you to your car!

I am a restaurant server in a rural town. Last night there was a forty year old man who kept approaching two 18 year old girls that were sitting at my table. A few times outside while they were in their cars and again once they entered the restaurant.

Since they were obviously uncomfortable, I asked my manager if he would walk them to their car. I have seen posts like this before but I just wanted to say it again. I know bars and restaurants are the main place where most women will be walking in and out alone at night. You should never feel unsafe and truly it is our jobs to maintain a comfortable restaurant atmosphere. So if you need someone to walk you to your car never be afraid to ask!!!!

It may seem like a small thing, but I watched the man when the girls left and he stood up from the bar like he was going to follow them until he saw my manager walk out the door behind them.

My friend was roofied at a bar in NYC and my boyfriend just had knee surgery so was on crutches and couldn't help get her out of the bar. The bartender carried my friend out to our car. Edit: this happened 20 years ago. My friend was talking to two guys not too far from us but I guess they didn't realize that she was not alone. She was like a rag doll from the drug. It was so scary.

I am so happy to see someone encouraging others to ask for help in these situations. As a teen, and in my 30s, I had to ask service/hospitality staff members to help me get away from guys who fixated on me in a short period of time. Once I was in New York and a guy followed me for several blocks, trying to chat me up in a lewd manner. I ducked into a hotel and the manager brought me into the back offices until they could handle the stalker. The other time, someone followed me off a bus, in San Diego. I was eating at a Sushi place and this stranger bought a dozen roses and tried to give them to me. He was clearly imbalanced. The Sushi artist could see my fear and asked if I needed assistance. I said that I did. The manager swooped in and took me through the kitchen, up a flight of stairs, and into another business, where I could leave- even comp'd my Sushi. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP!

Having been in your friend's situation, my friends are the only reason that a bad night didn't turn into a horrific night. Don't ever leave friends who you suspect may have been drugged alone. If you can, take them to a hospital and call the police. One of my great regrets is that I didn't report the event to the police the next day. When I finally did, it almost was worse than actually getting drugged--they told me I had probably just gotten too drunk, that the bar we were at made super strong drinks (I had one drink that night). Nope! Turns out there was a whole drugging ring going on there, and close to 30 people reported being drugged and often assaulted.

Tldr; Don't leave friends alone if they are acting strangely at a bar. Take them to the hospital or call the police. It could save them and a whole lot of other people from a much worse situation.

I am a male server and I can't think of a single person I work with who wouldn't do this in a heartbeat if a woman (or anyone, frankly) felt unsafe.

Simone Askew is first black woman to lead West Point cadets

Simone Askew is first black woman to lead West Point cadets

“I can’t believe this has happened in my lifetime,” said Pat Locke, one of two African American women in the first class of women to graduate from West Point in 1980. “When I entered the Academy in 1976, the men did not want us there. Now 40 years later, everybody recognizes the talent and skills women bring to the game.”

It's a long, slow road, but this is a great step! Good for her!

Went to high school with her, she has some of the most tremendous leadership skills and one of the best work ethics of anyone I've ever known, no ifs, ands, or buts about it, she's earned this.

Can we talk about how great that name is?

The Army takes itself way to seriously to delegate important tasks to those who can't or won't do a great job. Normally I don't think its all that newsworthy when someone is the first [Anyone but straight white male] to achieve something, but increased diversity at the world's premier military academy can only be a very good thing.

To the woman who yelled at the strange man taking pictures of me at the gym, thank you again

To the woman who yelled at the strange man taking pictures of me at the gym, thank you again

I was at the gym, leaning in to a hip flexor stretch and unaware of what was going on around me. After all, I go to the gym for myself, not to worry about other people. Suddenly a lady was walking up the stairs and yelled "Stop It! Take away his phone!" and pointed behind me. I turned around and saw a strange man standing behind me. He turned to the side and I could see his phone had the camera app open. At this point one of the employees was there telling him he couldn't take pictures and as I stood up, I could see the floor and feet moving through the screen of his phone. The lady told me later this man appeared to be taking pictures of me while I was stretching, and had been taking pictures of other people at the gym as well. I went with her to speak with the manager and tell him what I saw. I don't know what his intentions were, but I appreciate this woman so much for speaking up when something didn't feel right. She was brave and bold and stood up for me when I didn't even know I needed it. I made a point to thank her in person, but I wanted to share it here too. She made me feel safe and protected and I didn't even know her.

What a total creep. Good on that lady for speaking up and sorry for the experience.

We could all learn to be more active bystanders in life... good on her for speaking up for a stranger

I almost had to choke a guy out at the gym because he wouldn't comply when I asked to see what he was recording. Turns out he was making videos of people exercising incorrectly without their permission. Needless to say, his membership was terminated.

What are you gonna do with the pictures afterwards?

lets get real here.

Taylor Swift: judge dismisses DJ's case against pop star

Taylor Swift: judge dismisses DJ's case against pop star

Now, that is what I call... swift justice.

Count on Reddit to Taylor a pun for every occasion.

I used to enjoy puns. I still enjoy puns but I used to too.

Now we wait for Monday when the jury starts deliberating. They will need to find whether her mom and bodyguard are responsible for Mueller's job loss.

I'm a bit confused, will they also decide whether Mueller did the deed or not? And is Taylor's counterclaim a separate case or will this jury decide that at the same time? 🤔

Taylor Swift fights back with sass against the man who is sueing her after he got fired from his job for grabbing her ass.

Taylor Swift fights back with sass against the man who is sueing her after he got fired from his ...

I am not a fan of her music or her public persona but I really admire how she shut down, quickly and smartly, every time they tried to turn it round on how she wasn't a good enough victim. Fuck, it was satisfying to read. Let that creepy ass motherfucker take responsibility for the fact that he felt insecure and decided to reassure himself by molesting a young woman. Scum that he is.

'Countersued for 1$'

Dam, that is sassy.

"Mueller’s attorney Gabe McFarland asked Swift why the photo shows the front of her skirt in place, not lifted up, if Mueller was reaching underneath to grab her butt. 'Because my ass is located in the back of my body,' Swift replied."

"McFarland said, Swift could have taken a break in the middle of her meet-and-greet if she was so distraught. 'And your client could have taken a normal photo with me,' Swift countered'"

Not a huge TS fan, but goddamn, she was lighting them up. Respect.

I strongly suspect that's a very calculated legal/PR move. If he fails in suing her, there's no fault found. If she counter sues and wins, it shows he's in the wrong. It gives her further legal protection against him, because a court decided he did wrong to her. Also, It is really difficult as a defendant to not walk away from a $1 verdict.

Additionally, if she we're suing for, say, $3 million, people would inevitably say she was doing it for the money. If it's for $1, people just say it's sassy.

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