[Sanity Sunday] A sentiment I can get behind

[Sanity Sunday] A sentiment I can get behind

yeah. this.

I don't see how anyone can think making say, SHerlock black is somehow representation or empowerment.

Blade, on the other hand, or T'challa, is an organic, original, black character. More of that please, less of "Let's just put a traditionally (x) character in (Y) face!

Yeah, had this conversation with one of my professors when Chick Ghostbusters came out. He was trying to sound all woke, "It's good to see women finally getting lead roles in action movies." and I was like "Finally? Ellen Ripley, Sarah Connor, LeeluDallasMultipass, Lara Croft, The Bride, Empirator Furiosa, etc etc. We don't need to defile excellent source material simply to pander to women. There's nothing 'empowering' about that."

He had a reasonable response.

"Eh I guess. I still want to see it. It's like Ghostbusters for a new generation."

On a personal note, I will admit that I went into the movie with a hostile bias, because of the way the movie was aggressively marketed, and how everyone was like "Now little girls know they can grow up to be ghostbusters." which is a patently ridiculous sentiment. But when I finally got around to seeing the movie, I can now say, with a clear conscience, that it's objectively a pile of burning shit.

This also applies to women (ie. Ghostbusters), homosexuals, etc. Choosing a minority group to extend a probably dying idea, show, movie series is ineffective.

Katy Perry is a bit of a bad person

Katy Perry is a bit of a bad person

If we would like to deal with the issue of men (sexually) harassing women, then the other way around isn't acceptable either.

I have experienced one kiss during a concert. She recognized a guy in the audience who has been to every single concert during her tour. She said this out loud and said how fking great that was and she appreciated it. She asked "that's so cool man, can I give you a kiss?" And he agreed. It was absolutely mutual. That was the right way to go.

The post in the OP fails to mention that the contestant kissed by Katy Perry was kissed because he said he had never kissed a girl before. He was saving it for someone special. I do think it's kinda fucked up to take away someone's "first" that they've intentionally saved for so long.

I get groped on the regular by women at bars and the usual response is either to accuse me of being gay because I complained or do nothing at all.

While I'm aware that I am in a tiny minority, I don't really feel like this kind of thing is that bad regardless of the sex. Someone slapped your ass. OK. Meh. On the scale of bad things, this is like a 2 out of 100.

EDIT: Because it's blowing up I'll add that if it is a workplace situation, you should absolutely go straight to HR without hesitation. No, it is not 'OK' that someone touched your ass. It is however among the most mild of bad things that can happen to you and if you disagree then I am comfortable in assuming that you've lived a very cozy life.

[Sanity Sunday] A tweet I can get behind

[Sanity Sunday] A tweet I can get behind

I've being saying this for a while in regards to gender-swapping male superheroes to make comics more "inclusive". They're essentially admitting that the only way for a female character to be successful is to rip off a male character's success. How the hell is that feminist?

There's Blade. :D

If there's any franchise that deserves a reboot, it's Blade.

Personally I wouldn't mind a black James bond or black Spider-Man or black superman or whatever in a movie or something.

But 1) don't change what currently exist (for example, don't just randomly change 616 Spider-Man to black) and 2) unless you can make it relevant to their character development, don't make a huge deal about them being black.

Follow those two simple rules and the majority of fans won't give a shit.

If masculinity were toxic, the results of fatherless homes would be radically different.

If masculinity were toxic, the results of fatherless homes would be radically different.

I think the key idea with "toxic masculinity" is that "toxic" is supposed to be a specifying adjective.

For example: If I say "green apples" I'm not calling all apples green. I'm referring specifically to apples that are green.

Maybe "toxic masculinity" refers to specifically to masculinity that is toxic. For instance, look at the idea that "men don't need to show emotion." It's actually been proven that bottling up emotions can have negative consequences on your mental health. Or in other words, it has a toxic effect on you.

Masculinity isn't a bad thing. I think both boys and girls need to embrace masculine qualities to some extent. As they should embrace feminine qualities. The problem is people who think masculine = "emotionally constipated macho men" and femanine = "submissive stay at home moms".

That is actually what the term toxic masculinity implies, saying that men shouldnt cry be strong etc etc instead of ya know being who you are. It is a very real problem, but putting masculinity in the name is not too good tbh because radfems tend to abuse that term

Agreed, the issue is that doesn't really get talked about how to fix it, or what good masculinity looks like. There are subs which I won't link here that talk about it, but they're sadly very small in scope, in the grand scheme of things. I can dm you the link, if you're interested

So... it’s almost...like,, f..friendship??

So... it’s almost...like,, f..friendship??

More proof that 99% of this shit is just made up.

TIL I'm demo....demi....demiplapo....whatever the fuck it says.

Edit: Wait, is this it? Can I be oppressed now?

Of course it is. This is the type of unnecessary bullshit that caters solely to narcissistic shitheads on the constant lookout for their next fix of social outrage. Can you imagine how exhausting it must be to be offended by everything...and only forge "demipanplatonic relationships" with people of the same coddled, sheltered mentality? No thanks; I'll live in reality and take harsh truths over comforting delusions any day.

edit: also, think about how far up your own ass you'd have to be, not only to think this nonsense up, but to design a fucking flag after it.

C'mon, it's ridiculous, but it's easy to pronounce. It's "demi" as in demigod, like Percy Jackson or Wonder Woman, "pan" as in the flutes and the Peter, and "platonic" as in the regular solids and my relationship with OP's Mom, I swear.

Repost to fix formatting. A change of lighting is whitewashing according to Tumblr.

Repost to fix formatting. A change of lighting is whitewashing according to Tumblr.



She's Swedish.

They're pretty much as white as you can get.

Both her parents are Swedish too.

Why would they assume she wasn't white in the first place?

Which is why this is racist, evryone knows that the majority of sweden is middle eastern

Tumblr always seems to be incapable of understanding lighting. It blows my fucking mind.

Sanity Sunday came early

Sanity Sunday came early

Didn't I read they put it right back, too?

If so, I'm glad, because that means the statue shit has jumped the shark, and people will shut the fuck up about it now.

Honestly, gorillas get a lot of hate. Obviously its racist to compare a black person to a gorilla, don't do it. But people then go on and act like gorillas are terrible, violent creatures. In reality, gorillas are highly intelligent, sensitive, and usually pretty gentle. They are very social and empathetic and create deep, lifelong bonds with each other and with other animals. Humans can learn some things from our other primate cousins, I think.

Blaire white is amazing

Her last name is white? Such a racist name /s

Found this gem of a screenshot on Tumblr

Found this gem of a screenshot on Tumblr

How can men even be homeless?

Like, everywhere is a safe space for men!

Probably more than you'd expect, but less than a tumblrina would expect. People who actually are trans (or gay or anything like that) are vastly more likely to be homeless because some parents will kick their kids out of the house over it. But what Tumblr never seems to realize is that cisgender people aren't just a majority, but an incredibly overwhelming majority, so even if a lot of trans people are homeless, that still leaves very few homeless people who are trans.

There's also a portion of the population who self-identify as something stupid, but you don't see many of them on the streets, or anywhere else that could be reasonably described as "the real world".

How many are non-binary though???

Obviously it just doesn’t matter that 3/4 of homeless are men because it’s a safe space.

[sanity sunday] I’m not trans but i really do agree with this. SJWs have tainted the LGBT community’s image.

[sanity sunday] I’m not trans but i really do agree with this. SJWs have tainted the LGBT community’s image.

They really have fucked up things more for the LGBT community and have turned it into a joke. These people also join LGBT groups and just ruin it. I'm bisexual and used to be in an LGBT group at my school, then it became a shit show. People came in with all these weird ass made up sexuality (most of which make no fucking sense at all).Like a guy claiming to be a lesbian saying he was a trans woman who is also a lesbian that also identifies as male, like just wtf is this shit, you're just a straight guy that wants to be special. Then once these asshats joined you could no longer just be gay, you had to be trans and they would be telling all the gay people this "encouraging" them to come out, but just pissed everyone off. I couldn't just be bisexual they said I must actually have been gender-fliuid non-binary and a bunch of other shit trying to get me to "realize it and come out". Like no mother fuckers I am just a woman that likes women and men. Anyone that stood firm on "no im just gay or bi ect" were suddenly bigots for not recognizing the other sexualities.

I'm a trans woman and this is something I completely agree with, I think I've mentioned stuff like this on other posts, although this is worded much better than what I managed.

Bisexual erasure is a really weird thing, yet it persists to this day. Everyone keeps insisting that you have to "pick a team". There's a lot of sexy things about women and also a lot of sexy things about men. I happen to like both, as well. Thats all there is to it. Its simple. There's really nothing to analyze. There's no deeper meaning to it, its just that I like both.

Yes, yes, YES. As a fellow trans man, I agree 100%.

Coming out to my family was scary. Coming out to anyone else? It's embarrassing. The other day I had to explain to a doctor that I was trans because they were going to see my breast binder. I was embarrassed because I was instantly worried that they'd think I was a crazy SJW that would shout at them if they said the wrong pronouns.

We should joke about men and cis people so we can commit genocide on them

We should joke about men and cis people so we can commit genocide on them

Yeah, Holocaust/Chemistry was a lot more fun.

I don't know about you guys but I hated my Holocaust/Sociology class.

Okay, since this is the age of just making up and redefining terms, preemptive self-defense is now a thing. Have at it.

I majored in chemistry, so I loved every chance I got to take a sociology class. It was like going from a boxing ring to skipping through a green meadow chasing bunnies.

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