I gotta get me some of that orphan privilege

I gotta get me some of that orphan privilege

WOW... all that shit and all they respond with is "You can't even self crit."

"I worked my ass off and had a super shitty life and after pretty much giving up all sense of fun in my life, I succeeded!"


"Sounds like you are trying to condescend to me"

"Um ok sweety"

Didn't even miss a beat.

It gets worse. The use of "self-criticism" in this context is a reference to the "struggle sessions" in Maoist China and the Khmer Rouge where enemies of the Party, real or perceived, were forced to detail the ways they hindered the revolution, known as "self-criticism." This was often done at gun-or-knife point or in advance of execution.

In short, Melissa is disappointed in Red's lack of groveling about her oppressor status.


Fuck. Communists.

Melissa's clearly shitting envy.

I can't help but feel whenever these types use the term 'privilege' in their arguments it just sounds like they're trying to downplay the achievements of others.

I mean, if you've done fuck all with your life that's your problem. Take some personal responsibility and stop using 'privilege' as an excuse for your own failures.

TIL Pretty people do not have the right to a political opinion

TIL Pretty people do not have the right to a political opinion

Wait... is this person accusing vocal political celebrities of being pro police? Is that the political issue they're all lining up to talk about?

Am I missing some context because I don't use Social Media, or is OP divorced from reality?

just shut the fuck up look pretty

Yes. Male celebrities should shut up and be pretty. They're just there for their looks. One could even liken them to especially pretty objects.

I wonder if there's a word for that; likening people to objects with but a single function (and an aesthetic, bordering on sexual function at that)?

It looks like op is legitimately objectifying people. "shut up and look pretty". Yup, objectifying.

I'd bet my house that she's the same kind of person who would go into a blind rage if someone told NFL players to just stand up, shut up, and play football.

[Sanity Sunday]Why is nobody talking about this? [wrong information]

[Sanity Sunday]Why is nobody talking about this? [wrong information]

My favorite:


Information that is literally being relayed by all major news outlets, while trending on all social media.

It's like people say the phrase without even thinking about what it means.

About a year ago there was a rape on campus in my town. There were articles flying around with headlines like "why is nobody doing anything about this???"

Except in the body of that very same article it says that;

The campus police are investigating, and they're adding more nighttime patrols all across campus.

The city police are also getting involved and helping out with the investigation and patrols

A student volunteer SafeWalk program is increasing their staff to walk people home from class.

If that's not "doing something about it" then what is? Think before you headline!

If I could stick this post to the login page of that site, I would.

Nothing in particular. Tumblr just has a high incidence rate of making claims that aren't entirely accurate, like claiming that no one is talking about some hot button issue while it is being played on basically every news channel.

PSA: Cisphobia isn’t real. I hate cis people, and that’s okay.

PSA: Cisphobia isn’t real. I hate cis people, and that’s okay.

This has 70 likes/loves, and no, it is not satire.

No, but it is tumblr in a nutshell. DRAMATIC VIRTUE SIGNALING! Oh.. btw.. nobody who disagrees is allowed to respond.

So -phobia went from "fear of" to "hatred of" and now means... what?

I mean seriously I can't even theorize what OP means by cisphobia.

Bursting their bubble is literally violence.

Stay classy folks

Stay classy folks

What's BC?

Blade Cunter?

Bisexual Christ?

Blatant Canaanites?

Bitch Cunt?

Birth control I think

"Listen Baby, I don't care if he is a Fat Bastard, you don't give a man a shot in the pills... it's just not cricket"-Austin Powers

British Columbia

A very polite answer to a question from anon

A very polite answer to a question from anon

True story. At the local Whole Foods they found a gigantic Brazilian spider in a bag of grapes. It was the size of a human hand. They had to have a professor from a local college come identify and capture it. Ever since I've been terrified. I'm not sure what this has to do with POC/LGBT but I fucking hate spiders.

Ah yes... let's make other people's fears all about me!

This is why no one likes Tumblr. We can only pray it will go bankrupt soon.

Also, allow me to save you the Google - the answer is Entomophobia.

The idea that there are large numbers of trans people and PoC walking around in a constant state of existential fear just seems like total bullshit to me.

Does anyone actually know people like this?

Harry Potter was a rich white boy

Harry Potter was a rich white boy

His parents were murdered, he was raised by abusive Assholes, he's tormented for the sircustances of his birth, all wizards in England go to hogawarts, he's made a public enemy for what he believes in and most of the people he loved are dead and it's his fault.

Doesn't look to privileged now, huh.

The point about going to a prestigious school is absolutely ridiculous.

The Weasleys, who are about the poorest family we see in the story ALSO GO to Hogwarts BECAUSE IT'S THE ONLY ENGLISH WIZARDING SCHOOL THERE IS.

he was raised by abusive Assholes

I'm lazy when it comes to reading, so I'm fresh off the first book. They kept him in a locked box under the stairs, and went as far as moving to a remote island to keep him from getting the Hogwarts invitation - it wasn't just the abuse.

now the phrase "fresh off the book" is going to stick with me.

Im not saying breastfeeding is rape, but...

Im not saying breastfeeding is rape, but...

Holy SHIT talk about sexual hangups. I'm sure a mammogram is forcible rape with an object according to this wingnut.

God damn, bet this person refers to them as "dirty pillows" and talks about her "Secret garden" to her gyno.

A newborn human will instinctively seek out its mother's nipples in order to suckle. This is called the breast crawl, and more or less proves (as if there was any doubt on the subject) that breastfeeding is perfectly normal and natural. Every other baby mammal seeks out their mother's milk and drinks from her breast, and humans as mammals and animals, are no different. Not only does breastfeeding serve the purpose of feeding a baby, promoting the bond between mum and baby, and protecting the baby from infection and disease, but also helps mum recover from childbirth, as breastfeeding contracts the uterus, helping to stop post-delivery blood loss, and return the uterus to its normal size?

But clearly, it's totally weird and unnatural, and how dare you push your nipple into your hungry baby's mouth, you pervert!

A newborn human will instinctively seek out its mother's nipples in order to suckle. This is called the breast crawl, and more or less proves (as if there was any doubt on the subject) that breastfeeding is perfectly normal and natural.

Look here you rape apologist, just because things are "natural" does not mean they are "normal" ok? Dolphins rape. Ducks rape. Geese rape. Chimpanzees rape. It's in nature, so does that make it "natural"!? You're literally condoning rape and molestation in the name of "nature" and that is problematic af tbh smdh ttfn tgif ymca usa usa USA USA

This reminds me when older women at church would say breastfeeding was immoral. I want to ask them now why God created us to do that if it was immoral

It’s not the women, just the MEN

It’s not the women, just the MEN

I wonder if they have any idea that they're giving people so many perfectly justifiable reasons to hate them? I think BLM has actually helped to bring racism back. I don't know a single person who doesn't think BLM is a hate group based on pure bullshit.

People weren't as informed in MLK's day as they are now. Also the Black Panthers did a lot of what black lives matter is doing today, and even though MLK refuse to the associate himself with them, a lot of people at the time thought he was with them.

Someone obviously doesn't know shit about current events or history. More black cops kill black men than white cops that's a fact. The Spaniards killed more Native Americans than any other nationality, that's also a fact. But ignorant people always love to just blame the white man because that's the easiest person to blame.

Brenda Spencer, the first modern school shooter who invented the awful thing is a woman. Also, good to know the Virginia Tech massacre didn't happen. The families of the victims of that Korean guy will be glad to hear it.

[Sanity Sunday] This completely destroys the 'fat acceptence' """"movement""""

[Sanity Sunday] This completely destroys the 'fat acceptence' """"movement""""

Aw thats so beautiful and I'm so proud for her. But Tumblr will just complain. "Not everyone has the money and time!" Or "A cheese bugar is easier to buy than make a salad!"

We all know this woman posted this post to fat-shame other women because of internalized misogyny. /s

The funny thing is that the moment I decided to start eating healthy, I also had more money. The argument that a burger is cheaper than a salad is bullshit, and is only even remotely valid if you eat out every goddamn day and buy those overpriced, sugar-loaded salads from a place like McDonald's (which, by the way, aren't good for you).

You can get a six-pack of romaine lettuce hearts for $6. Each one gives you roughly enough for two whole salads. You can get carrots, celery, and radishes for a couple of dollars. Chicken isn't exactly cheap, but it's less expensive than beef and it's healthier; perfectly reasonable to get enough to meet your protein needs for the week on a thin budget. For something like $30 a week you can have almost endless chicken caesar salads, or go with balsamic dressing to cut it down a little further on the carbs and fat.

I'm South Asian, and we have genetic issues with heart disease and diabetes. My family has those issues, and practically everyone has heart disease by 60. If you're even one pound overweight, you get diabetes and heart disease at 40. That's what happened to both my dad and my grandpa . Literally one pound over weight at 35 and they were both on a cocktail of meds by 50 even though they kept themselves well otherwise. My grandpa has had two strokes and two heart attacks (stroke age 44 and 73, heart attacks at age 51 and 75.) and my dad has been on diabetes meds since he was 42 (he's 51 now). I've had so many aunts and uncles just drop dead of heart attacks. So I've always been paranoid about seeing weight gain on anyone, since I've never seen it end well.

My mom knows my family history and she saw my cousin gaining weight after he got married and my nephews were born and she scolded him for gaining weight since he's only 30 and she doesn't want to see him going for bypass at 35. My SIL is a white southern lady and she feeds him really fatty foods so that's was partially why. About two years ago back when I was an SJW, I was telling this story to my friend who was fat and that I have to be really careful about my weight, and for her to be careful too after seeing the horror stories in my family. Then this other rabid SJW now ex friend who had nothing to do with it harassed me over Snapchat (the fat friend didn't want her to and actually asked her to stop and MHOB), called me a fat shaming shitlord and refused to stop when I apologized. She then harassed me on fb over this, and over something else i won't go into that wasn't her problem in the first place. Long story short I called the cops and placed a do not contact order against that ugly rat face Bitch. If she calls me again she'll be hit with a full restraining order.

The fat acceptance movement is poison. It can literally kill people, if i fell for its lies it'll kill me by 35, and if my family did no one would live to 40. If my mom told my cousin he was ok and beautiful she'd be sending him on a dangerous path, fat shaming him may have saved his life. You often don't know how bad that fucks your body until it's too late, especially if your high risk by virtue of existing like me. What's even more cancerous that the ideals of the movement are the people supporting it. They are literally permitting and encouraging reckless and dangerous behavior. Some of these cows will only learn when they have the beetus at 35, like how most of my family who dared get fat did.

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