Guys, gals, and non-binary pals

Guys, gals, and non-binary pals

I should mention that the last commenter is OP's younger cousin

Tell that cousin we said they are awesome.

"Bachelors in getting mad" I'm weak

That last guy just made me laugh a bit on the inside

Edit: thanks for my most upvoted comment of all time!

"some men" because women find BO attractive

"some men" because women find BO attractive

I don't know why the "bitch you stink" at the end made me laugh out loud but it did.

It was originally a woman trying to sell her father's invention of deodorant to women.

How Advertisers Convinced Americans They Smelled Bad

Is it possible that people actually did smell bad, and the only thing advertisers convinced Americans of is that it was a fixable problem rather than a fact of life?

This feels about the same as reading about vaccinces: "How Big Pharma Convinced People that Rubella is Unpleasant."

You're fetishizing PoC humour something something racist sexist scumbag

No, not everything is beautiful [not tumblr]

No, not everything is beautiful [not tumblr]

This is what bothers me most about the "All girls are beautiful and perfect" movement. How about instead of lying and telling every girl she's perfect and beautiful we teach them to value themselves on something other than their physical characteristics.

She may not be beautiful, but she's not delusional, which is attractive.

That's what I've always thought. Like, I know I'm not traditionally beautiful or attractive, but that's okay. I'd rather we taught kids "It's okay to not be beautiful, there's other things about you that are great and make you unique" than "You're beautiful, because everyone's beautiful!" If everyone's beautiful, then no one is.

Not everyone is beautiful, no one is perfect. But, you're almost definitely attractive to someone, and even if you aren't pretty, that's ok.

If everyone's beautiful, then no one is.

Thank you, Syndrome.

The truth about genders nowadays

The truth about genders nowadays

I would love if there was a serious study that would follow during 10 years those who self identify as "non-binary" and see how many of them are still non-binary in 10 years. I'm not saying nobody is struggling with their identity. I know some people suffer because of it. But to me it looks more like a trend or a political statement for most of them.

They're activisionkin nowadays

I'd like to see how the people who identify as blizzardkin (lunatics who identify with the weather... thing known as blizzards, sort of aligned with snowkin and bullshit like that) would be doing in 10 years

This post made me sanity-gender

that must have hurt

that must have hurt


This hurts me, because hurt is also a verb.

Oh Tumblr, never stop being retarded. And never stop having great porn. Thaaaaanks. x

Thanks for showing me that sub



At least she's being honest i guess

I had a conversation with a very feminist acquaintance and the topic of misandry in some feminist circles came up. She went on the usual men are just fragile shtick and asked "why do you care so much that some women hate men", to which I replied "why do you care so much that some men hate women".

She was very close to gaining some self reflection, but doubled down and muttered some buzz phrases instead and I shortly left the conversation afterwards. But it was funny to see her go silent for a few seconds.


So close. So close to taking off her shit-colored lenses and seeing what kind of person she really is.

Not rooting for the black guy: Racism!

Not rooting for the black guy: Racism!

At least the replier knows what's up

I can't imagine the inner monologue that leads up to someone feeling racist to object a wife beater.

What does this person do with team sports? Switch allegiance after every transfer window?

The SJW dilemma - do their oppression points outweigh their shitty actions.

Because what would the Irish know about being treated as second class citizens in America, right?

Don't appropriate your own character. (x-post from r/TheLastAirbender)

Don't appropriate your own character. (x-post from r/TheLastAirbender)

Little Misandry: Damn. Now I hate the show. White people playing PoC is racist as fuck.

That someone feels comfortable calling themselves a misandrist says everything about tumblr

I'm ok with ruining shows for assholes.

Also anyone can be a water bender

So apparently even using Emojis is Racist

So apparently even using Emojis is Racist

"digital blackface" Well there goes my morning

These people are just demonstrating they didn't even know what was bad about blackface...

It was because it was used to push forward negative stereotypes. It wasn't just about representing or looking black.

Emoji is a Japanese invention. Black people who are using black emojis are racists by committing cultural appropriation.

This shit is getting more and more asinine by the day. I stopped caring a long time ago.

Every fucking day

Every fucking day

This is actually really sad. I feel sorry for this person having to live in a perpetual state of guilt that is, in all likelihood, upheld by their friends.

There's no sincere guilt present here, this is social posturing.

In Communist China, they called this kind of thing "kowtowing".

I learned something interesting today.

The first person to combine Galls, Celts, Romanians, Spaniards, Jews, Scandinavians etc into a single category was a super racist German philosopher called Christoph Meiners.

Calling people "White people" or "Black people" is polygenism, and for some crazy reason the only people who still cite him are racists and the social justice crowd.

In other words, this form of social justice finds its roots in racism.

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