Such a confusing date

Such a confusing date

With the plus that our bodies are not in any way comparable to currency. But I liked the comparison because sex is something that all these guys take for granted when they go on a date (or are alone with a woman/flirt with a woman), but being pressured by anybody to give money is obviously not.

I don't like this analogy at all. I also wish we could talk more about how important it is to speak up clearly in a situation where we are uncomfortable, rather than assuming in any situation that the other person or people must be picking up on our feelings. In a situation where things are assumed, like he assumes she wants to hook up/she assumes he can tell she doesn't, everyone is wrong. I just hate the narrative of "men should just know." Why? Should I just know anything that you have not explicitly told me? I assumed a lot of men should have just known, and they didn't, and I learned that I needed to be clear with my wants. Obviously this is not going to always work, and we've been there too, but start off with speaking up. When I go out to dinner with my partner and he wants to rush home I learned to say no, I want to finish my coffee, there is no rush. When I am feeling frisky and he is not, I have learned to listen to him when he says no, I really need alone time.

I seem to have found a tangent and climbed on for the ride. Money can be replaced, being raped is just a touch harder to get over.

Yeah exactly, it's so ludicrous to think anyone would do this with money, let alone someone's body. Yet, here we are, pointing out the bleeding obvious.

Image Transcription

"Went on a date with a guy. He insisted on paying for everything. Lobster appetizer, steak dinner, wine, dessert, the whole nine. He also paid for a cab.

We went back to his place and I said, "hey get your wallet out, I wanna see that cash." He said "Can we slow it down a little?" I was confused but thought he was being coy. I said, "Sure," then dug into his pants and pulled out his wallet. He gently put it on the coffee table.

But it's not like he put it in a safe, you know? And he obviously likes spending money on me... so I laughed and picked up his wallet and pulled out some cash. He said "I dont want to hate you," and took it out of my hand.

If he said "Don't rob me" things might have gone different but he didn't so I took the rest of the cash from his wallet, put it in my purse, gave him a kiss and said "I had a really great time tonight."

Imagine my surprise when I got a text from him later that he felt violated by the way I "treated" him. WTF?

If a guy wants to change his mind about how and when he spends money he needs to be a LOT clearer about it. I thought we were having fun. I'm not a mind reader"

~ Livia Scott

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dudes be like...

dudes be like...

Reading thru /sub/askwomenadvice it's common to see questions like this:

I asked this girl out and she said no. Do you think she really means it? How long should I wait to ask her out again?

It's so frustrating seeing women clearly stating no and the guy just glosses right over it and is back to asking how he can get what he wants from her.

Lol. The kind of guys that are afraid of having sex now are precisely the kind of guys that women are afraid of having sex with.

The opposite happens a lot too.

I had a conversation with this girl and she said (something very straightforward and honest). What does she mean by that??

lol at the men who can't figure out what consent is - is it really that hard??....there's men all over reddit (including r sex which has become a dumpster fire) that are 'afraid of even having sex' now. Eyeroll.

Glucose guardian

Glucose guardian

Sucralose Source

Patron of the sexual arts

Suguardian, you silly goose.

Fructose friend

Maltose mate

Lactose lover



I move the fingers to the appropriate place and whisper "there"

Two minutes later they've moved them again sigh

Oh god this! "Just there. That's great! Don't stop. No.... no... don't stop. No, not that, what you were doing before. Great. Ooh... shit, now you've sped up and ruined it!" I think some of them get a bit over-excited when you start making those good noises and lose focus, but some seem genuinely offended that their technique is being adjusted by you. It's like - gasp! - not all women like the same thing! Who'd have thought, eh?

I've had at least two furiously fondling my urethra.

What goes through their heads?? “I couldn’t possibly be wrong!”

My reaction when I read that James Damore is suing google for discrimination against "conservative white men"

My reaction when I read that James Damore is suing google for discrimination against "conservative white men"

Boy I bet Google regrets hiring that asshole now; first his manifesto on the inferiority of women that drags their name in the mud while they're also being investigated for sexual discrimination. Now his bullshit lawsuit to waste more of their money and the tax payers. Bang up job fellas. 👍

That's what happens when you hire young conservative white men; you get fragile, bigoted, whiny, bad workers.

I don't know why he's so upset about getting fired. It's not like he wanted to work with those women anyways, he made that abundantly clear.

You guys are missing the best part! One of his pieces of evidence for this claim was slack discussions where they were joking about punching Nazis, which is apparently discriminatory against conservatives. It's one of the greatest self owns in history. He basically said "I feel discriminated against because I identify with the Nazis" in a legal filing.

No no see he clearly wanted to work there because it's an (I assume, I've heard nice things) awesome job. He just wanted them fired because he can't handle things that don't fit his world view. Won't anyone think of the white males in these trying times.

I spent all of New Year nauseous, cold, cramping and miserable...until I too a pregnancy test and realized that I told infertility to suck it.

I spent all of New Year nauseous, cold, cramping and miserable...until I too a pregnancy test and...

Background: I have PCOS and hubby and I have been trying for a year and a half. With the help of a great fertility doctor and lots of sex, we managed to be lucky enough to side step IVF or IUI. I found out on Jan 1st. What a way to start 2018.

GRATS!! I had a friend many years ago with a similar story. She had some major scarring on top of it from an assault and was told she would never have kids. She now has twin girls who are about 7 or 8 now without IVF and such. Those girls are so loved!! Love hearing stories like that!

Oh my goodness what a great way to start the year! Wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months!

Suck it, infertility! Suck my embryonic sac!

My body decided to redecorate just in time for the new year

My body decided to redecorate just in time for the new year

Same! And with a brand new feature, warning: gross smells like spoiled meat and raptor poop!

Happy New Year!

Flushing out all the bad stuff!

My period used to do a reboot on New Year's Eve. Every. Fucking. Year.


Iceland just made it illegal to pay men more than women, and manchildren everywhere are losing it!


Companies with over 25 employees will face fines if they are paying women less than men for the same job. Seems reasonable, why would anyone be upset about it?

Honestly I think deep down many people think that men are just better at working and this would be unfair in that crazy universe. Omg and all the people saying shit like women should be paid less because they’re less reliable employees due to the fact that they birth children and society still views women as primary carers. It’s like oh so they’re less valuable because they’re continuing the human race? How is that less important than having to get that PowerPoint finished by 2?

Icelander here.

What I think is strange that while many foreign news pages write about this all our local pages have been silent on this matter. Maybe they don't think it's a big deal or perhaps it will be in tomorrow. Who knows but I have gone through all pages and not one article about it.

But the news are making me very happy.


The original trolls

The original trolls

According to Snopes, this isn't true, it's just a group of women at a pie eating contest. Sorry.

I tip my hat to your historical accuracy and also like to imagine that women who would enter a pie eating contest in 1921 were secretly happy to annoy men anyway.

Thanks! We gotta change the caption of this viral image to "Early trolls engage in pie eating contest in bathing suits" because that's just as bad ass and is definitely a "Troll" thing to do!

Let's bring this back, including the old timey swim suits

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