Daddy's little girl.

Daddy's little girl.

Lol, he looks like he is nursing.

Daddy's little, girl.

His hands are so tiny

Little daddy's girl.

"Exclusive Trump Nanners $16.95"

"Exclusive Trump Nanners $16.95"

There's always money in the banana stand.

Lucille's $10 dollar banana has been adjusted for inflation

"It's a banana, Micheal, what could it cost?"

Someone should 3-D print these for $1 and make $63 million dollars selling them.

Stopping by to lend a little hand.

Stopping by to lend a little hand.

This is what good content looks like.

The oversized hat is perf

High praise indeed. Thanks.

Do you want good content? Because this is how we get good content

Staff Meeting

Staff Meeting

Musical chairs, musical chairs!

Still? Amazing...

Not as funny as still supporting Trump

The Mooch already lost.

MiniMooch Visits The White House

Damn, this is some high quality gif action. How long did this take OP?

It's a repost from /sub/highqualitygifs

It's a masterpiece. Even the minimooch head turn is perfect.

The creator is /u/critters.

the Army Chiefs Trump talked with about the recent Transgender Ban

the Army Chiefs Trump talked with about the recent Transgender Ban

He was grossed-out by their lack of distinctive genitalia

Who knew being Commander in Chief was so complicated?

At least it would have been small enough for those hands, had it been included in the plastic mold.

He grabbed the wrong pussy!

Illegal alien

How were his tiny hands strong enough to break through?

He used his big head





This is completely incorrect. He's just a baby, not a man.

Inb4 the trump lovers get here to defend their comb-overlord

I wish TIME would go for the kill with their next cover. Following the whole fake covers in mar-a-Lagos. Let's really see how much the media can piss whiny bitch face up

Nah. I don't think anybody has dispatched an investigative team to Hawaii to vet out the Orange Ones birth cerificate yet.

We thank you for the blessing you've given us to change your diaper and keep your sippy cup full of Juicy Juice.

This whole thing was seriously the most pathetic thing i have ever seen. How in anyway Trump can claim he has accomplished anything is beyond me, he hasn't signed any bills the orders he has issued have all been taken down by the courts the single greatest thing he has accomplished is a record disapproval rating

My friend is a psychologist. Yeah, this was pathetic, and yeah, it's further proof of Trump's narcissism, but the part he's most upset about is that 1/3 of this country doesn't recognize how blatant Trump's mental illness is.

Kim Don Trump literally called his Cabinet in to say nice things about him and 1/3 of the country is fine with that.

Trump is the symptom of our country's failure to recognize and deal with mental illness.

If they came out publicly and wrote an in depth psychological analysis and diagnosis, yes, that's a no no. But a psychologist telling a friend "hey, my take is x" when Trump's not their patient, no real harm done.

Isn't it like, considered incredibly immoral and illegitimate for a psychologist to make a diagnosis of mental illness without any actual direct sessions?

Don't get me wrong personally I'd agree, but I'm pretty sure that's a significant rule in psychology

Eat your breakfast!

Eat your breakfast!

This is a painting by Mark Bryan. Not cool that his name was cropped out of the pic, it was originally stamped in the left bottom corner. Here is Mark Bryan's twitter page if you wish to see more of his work.

edit: here is his website https://www.artofmarkbryan.com/

Damn, heavy! Is it swastika and dunce cap cereal? Also, what is The Donald drawing?

Swastika and little Klan members.

Thank you! Pretty shitty that OP didn't include a source.

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