We thank you for the blessing you've given us to change your diaper and keep your sippy cup full of Juicy Juice.

This whole thing was seriously the most pathetic thing i have ever seen. How in anyway Trump can claim he has accomplished anything is beyond me, he hasn't signed any bills the orders he has issued have all been taken down by the courts the single greatest thing he has accomplished is a record disapproval rating

My friend is a psychologist. Yeah, this was pathetic, and yeah, it's further proof of Trump's narcissism, but the part he's most upset about is that 1/3 of this country doesn't recognize how blatant Trump's mental illness is.

Kim Don Trump literally called his Cabinet in to say nice things about him and 1/3 of the country is fine with that.

Trump is the symptom of our country's failure to recognize and deal with mental illness.

If they came out publicly and wrote an in depth psychological analysis and diagnosis, yes, that's a no no. But a psychologist telling a friend "hey, my take is x" when Trump's not their patient, no real harm done.

Isn't it like, considered incredibly immoral and illegitimate for a psychologist to make a diagnosis of mental illness without any actual direct sessions?

Don't get me wrong personally I'd agree, but I'm pretty sure that's a significant rule in psychology

Eat your breakfast!

Eat your breakfast!

This is a painting by Mark Bryan. Not cool that his name was cropped out of the pic, it was originally stamped in the left bottom corner. Here is Mark Bryan's twitter page if you wish to see more of his work.

edit: here is his website https://www.artofmarkbryan.com/

Damn, heavy! Is it swastika and dunce cap cereal? Also, what is The Donald drawing?

Swastika and little Klan members.

Thank you! Pretty shitty that OP didn't include a source.

Trump's fantasy

Trump's fantasy

Would that be Donald's and Ivanka's baby?

This whole presidency has made me uncomfortable

A bunch of people at the restaurant just turned and looked to see why I suddenly laughed so loud.

Jesus this shit show just doesn't stop

This makes me uncomfortable...


Your word is "Coverage"

Your word is "Coverage"

so THAT'S what he meant!

Getting my news from /sub/tinytrumps now. I think it might be time to check myself.

Yea, I actually wasn't entirely sure. It seems like you

For anyone out of the loop

Edit: It was removed :(

Edit 2: found it elsewhere


G7 leaders

G7 leaders

The thing that gets me is that the other leaders look so damn respectable. Macron, Trudeau, Merkel, I would be proud to have any of them as the leader of my country.

Meanwhile, Trump wasn't in the original photo because he was following behind in a golf cart. No, really.

This is fucking hysterical.

Edit - This is worthy of The New Yorker. OP...you should submit to them in cartoon format.




Brown shoes (Oxford's preferably) plus blue/navy blue suit is the way to go, tbh. Or are you making a joke? Not sure..

Lil Donny refusing to eat what's good for him.

Lil Donny refusing to eat what's good for him.

The details make this. His tiny little hands, his tie stretching off into infinity...

All it needs is a piece of tape on the tie.

Edit: done

All it needs is a .

Edit: done

Joking aside, Super Stick It is normally really good and used all the time by costumers in film, tv and theatre.

But the president really should have a tie clip.

The woman even looks like Kate McKinnon (aka Hilary and Conway from SNL)

Let me in front, I can't see! (Found on Twitter feed of @insoniascarvao)

Let me in front, I can't see! (Found on Twitter feed of @insoniascarvao)

Left out the best part where he straightened his suit in triumph.

He must hate these. I do hope someone is tweeting them to him.

That was the part that had me busting up all afternoon.

One thing, okay, maybe a little forceful "excuse me." But the suit pull and the smile had me in stitches

This is the type of quality post I subscribe for.

Reporter makes tiny trump cry

"Little Bitch" of course being President Trump's secret service code name.


Whoever made this is a national treasure lolol

Congratulations! You can read numbers!

The future for Donald Trump

The future for Donald Trump


You can almost see his tiny wrists.

"China" how fitting.

Can you do a similar analysis on t_d?

Three Men and a ManBaby

Three Men and a ManBaby
Three Men and a ManBaby

Bravo! This is next level good!

Here I'll save some time:

"You guys lost get over it!" "Sure, like memes are going to get him impeached!" "Everyone here is a shill for George Soros" "This isn't funny at all!" "Is this really the best way to reach out to your fellow Americans who just think differently than you? I'm very concerned!"

There we go, now you guys don't have to comment to express your outrage that someone would dare mock your favoritist President ever. It's all here already, better get back to TD, I heard Hillary mishandled classified information, it's super serious!

If you don't like it, go back to your safe space.

Awwwwww. Is poor little Trumpkin snowflake triggered by seeing baby Trump? I hear there's a safe space echo chamber for you. It's called /sub/the_grumpyoompaloompa.

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