She wasn't impressed

She wasn't impressed

It will work eventually. Trust me, I'm Japanese.

My battery lasted longer than that convo

Charge your phone.

Incognito tab open at the top there. We know what your doing ;)

My bio says "will make pizza for attention". Finally worked.

My bio says "will make pizza for attention". Finally worked.

Kindly get off of tinder.

To be honest I'm not gonna pursue it. I'm not really on tinder to meet up with people, just to waste time making empty judgements based on appearance.

I'm gonna edit this before everyone comments further: The reason I'm not up to meeting with people from tinder is because my last girlfriend died in December and I'm still pretty fucked up from that. So for now I just use tinder to see who's out there.

Kindly get the fuck off tinder. FTFY

Wow, she really looks into you. She is not a 10/10 but you cannot let this one go.

I'm the absolute worst

I'm the absolute worst

Lmfao, he did not deserve that but it was given to him nonetheless.

What a weaselly introduction.

It's nice and all but you're a grown man you don't have to explain yourself.

/sub/niceguys was born from intros like that

I won the Tinder lottery. We get married this summer. Matched two years ago.

I won the Tinder lottery. We get married this summer. Matched two years ago.

Ah, back when tinder was functional and not broken by the tinder corporation.


They've tried to make it better with algorithms... instead of it just being last active as it was in the past.

Plus the pay options make a lot of accounts less visible.

Nice try... Tinder™ Corporation

I have no illusions about it.

Am I the idiot here?

Am I the idiot here?

Swipe right on girls you aren't that attracted to.

Either that was brilliant or she's a complete idiot XD

Or maybe both :)

How do you get the girl to message you first

Mate we didn't want to say but now that you brought it up, yes you are.

I didn't get a response funnily enough.

I didn't get a response funnily enough.

Not often I'll actually audibly laugh at something here.

Sounds like 3 girls made a fake Facebook/tinder to fuck with guys.

I thought girls making an account to fuck with guys is what Tinder is for..?

Its pronounced "La-Dash-ah"

I got unmatched lmao

I got unmatched lmao

She just wanted to relate and have conversation with you, but holy fuck haha that's funny. Probably unmatched you out of pure embarrassment

Yeah I felt pretty terrible afterwards haha

She actually wanted to like you...


This is kinda old. I sent it to a friend who loves hockey eons ago and just came across it again

EDIT: since it's so old here's a screencap of the convo with my friend so y'all don't think I'm making anything up


I superliked, obviously.

I superliked, obviously.

Peanut butter allergy. Like whole peanuts are totally fine. It's the creaminess that kills

Depending on the severity of the peanut allergy, she might not even make it through spreading peanut butter on you.

Just to be sure, you should replace all your peanut butter with sun butter. The joke's on her when she actually survives licking every inch of your body.

Doctors will hate him for this one simple trick

Sexy and informational!

I'm sooo fun

I'm sooo fun

She was right.

Naomi that's I moan backwards

Now you seem fun

You don't even Areo Wolf


Tinder, in a nutshell.

Tinder, in a nutshell.

this is happening to me, too often.

I'd still adopt it. Am I right bros?

The idea I would postulate is that these people think they are better person (emotionally, intelligence, comparability) than their actual body type would indicate. They are ashamed of themselves at some deep level, but still want to get laid.

If maybe they can convince you that they are an awesome person, maybe you will overlook the small 'lie'.

It's not just women that do this, guys often are just as guilty I think.

If a girl doesn't have a body shot I'm probably not gonna meet up with them, because chances are they aren't showing it for a reason.

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