Saw this on Twitter and just had to share it here

Saw this on Twitter and just had to share it here

He doesnt even need to get laid since thats all he does anyways

"I just need someone to turn me on instead of switching me off"

That's dedication.

Malaysian tinder game is strong apparently.



Wish I could meet her. I'm half deaf too. We would have a great conversation:

Her: "What?" Me: "What?"

Edit: Wow my most upvoted comment due to my disability! Also I didn't realize how many of us there are! Unite half deaf people!

Can't believe she is 29, looks more like 19, damn girl

This. I'm 49 and people swear I look 48. Cocoa butter is the truth.

I'm 29 and most people guess my age to be 23-24, I figure it's the age just before things start to go downhill really fast...

I've got a better idea Anna.

I've got a better idea Anna.

Hit you up first, check

Still into you despite your weird food fetish, check

Probably should get at that OP.

As much as I wish I could shoot lasers from my penis, we matched a month ago and I never messaged her. She messaged me last night and I responded.

He took a month to answer as well and she still replied!

How magical is your cock OP?




Jesus saves

Jesus saves

"No but I'll toss your salad"

He rapes, but he saves. He saves more than he rapes. But he still rapes.

I do because I'm dank. He just got a graduate degree from MIT so he is probably too busy with nerd stuff like reading or learning.

Put it in a large bowl, maybe put in some dressing and other toppings, then throw it repeatedly in the air without spilling it until the contents evenly mix and are coated lightly with the dressing.

She prefaced this by saying she's met a "handful of quality men" already.

She prefaced this by saying she's met a "handful of quality men" already.

Good response to her red flag. She demands qualities she likely doesn't possess herself.

"Treat me like a princess so I can treat you like my servant"

She has placed a monetary value on the pleasure of her company. We have a name for that.

The first red flag was the dog nose filter.

"Good income"

I make a good income by North Korean standards

This whole fucking subreddit in a nutshell

This whole fucking subreddit in a nutshell

Comment that asks. "Well?? Did you smash?"

Comment criticising Catie's profile picture by expanding the image 600% to see the thumbnail better.

comment that asks you if you followed the two rules

Comment that is not op and responds ,,yep, he definitely smashed that"

Mmmm hotdogs

Mmmm hotdogs

That was a setup and a half

This. She did more work than him

OP has a Vienna sausage.

Smoother than an entire hotdog down your throat.

She replied and unmatched me within 15 seconds

She replied and unmatched me within 15 seconds

What's the best thing to say to a girl who's got height requirements? I'm thinking just lie and tell her you're 6'1 but you aren't into shallow girls

Tell them you're 7'10"

I do want to say that I've dated many girls (both shorter and taller than me), and while height is coming across as an issue because of the conversation, I generally don't have issues dating because of it.

I just thought it was a funny conversation and I'm a karma whore :)

What a bitch. I can sort of understand having a preference for someone who is at least as tall as you, but having an actual minimum height requirement is quite shallow.

To hell with double standards

To hell with double standards

It reminds me an older post where a chick asked a guy his height and he wasn't tall enough for her so he asked her weight and she acted offended that it mattered

Idk, I like this one better.

The difference is that you can change how much you weigh.

I'm 5'7" and only go for girls that are 5'9" or taller.

Tall girls don't get hit on as much, and if you prove to be cool enough, they'll make an exception and date you anyway.

I've heard "you're the shortest guy I've ever dated" a gazillion times already.

This 100% legit profile

This 100% legit profile

Can you not post my profile in Reddit please?

So girls have bots too!!

Brad? Tier 1 chad disguise.

Hey it's me, ur match.

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