Taller than her, but not enough

Taller than her, but not enough

Just tell her you like wearing heals too

She was still responding to you, so my guess is that it wasn't a total dealbreaker.

You should have responded with something like, "Don't worry, I'll climb that mountain" or something equally silly (I also say things like "Yeah, sexy usually doesn't come in this form, but luckily this time it did"). I've had girls go, "Oh you're too short for me" plenty of times, because I'm 5'8".

If you wanted to be particularly brutal (could blow up in your face but might work well), you could say something like, "Oh yeah, I hate tall girls too". She'll probably get PISSED at you because she feels insulted, but my guess is that you two would quickly resolve that (provided you quickly made it funny) and you'd get a date.

I don't let it bother me and tease the fuck out of her about it. The current girl I've been dating said something along the lines of, "You're not really the type of guy I'm attracted to", sometime in the first month or so we were dating/hooking up. Now I tease the fuck out of her about it, because I am pretty much THE guy she is attracted to, as she's totally smitten with me (and she has admitted this).

Instead you came off as butthurt. She's allowed to reject you for any reason she wants. Personally I think she just wanted to make sure you were going to be able to handle the fact that she was tall.

Dating is a game of verbal sparring and flirting. If you were a ripped billionaire, you being 5'10" wouldn't be an issue. Work backwards from there. Start with your attitude. What would the attitude of a 5'10 ripped billionaire be? Confident as fuck, without being cocky or conceited. Go for that.

I can tell, you've used tinder once or twice.

The whole "I like a guy to be taller than me when I wear heels" is just a polite way of saying that they aren't going to find you attractive in real life.

Sure, you can't change your height. But ugly people can't change being ugly. And I doubt you're swiping right on ugly girls.

Girls get criticized for posting pictures that hide their weight. Try not posting pictures that hide your height.

It's a hookup app, not a soulmate app.

We like to bang hot ladies

We like to bang hot ladies

We're three cool guys looking for other cool guys who want to hang out in our party mansion. Nothing sexual. Dudes in good shape encouraged. If you are fat you should be able to find humour in the little things. Again, nothing sexual.

I'm pretty sure 19 is thier combined age

I think "Nothing sexual" should be underlined.

Did you print this on a bicep invitation?

Sent 9/18/17

Sent 9/18/17

"Whew...glad you're back. Do you want to grab dinner sometime?"

This is what people have in mind when they say "So there's a chance?"


I've never been unmatched faster in my life.

I've never been unmatched faster in my life.

I can never tell what this sub is supposed to be about cause the comments are always 50/50 on whether OP is funny or a dick pretty much no matter what they write.

But why... did you learn nothing?

He did it for the lols

trolling on tinder for reddit karma lulz what a life man, what a life!

I didn't cut out her name or picture because I want to support local businesses.

I didn't cut out her name or picture because I want to support local businesses.

52 weeks in a year, not 48. Seems like you went to the Mayweather School of Math.

Your math checks out according to every HR person I have worked with during salary negotiations.

Any cougars or jaguars out there who are willing to do the same rate: let me know.

$96,000 of spending money, did she come from the Mayweather School of Money Management?

Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci

Second pun was a lot better. Well done.

She doesn't seem to have heard a lot of clever things in her life then.

OP is also named Alyssa

or, you know, punctuation helps

I had to read through it several times before I understood the first pun.

The second one was surprisingly smooth though.

Problems logging in

Problems logging in

Anyone else keep getting booted out like I am right now? Was using app fine just half our ago. Rebooted phone, did a fresh install, still same issue šŸ¤”


Mine logged me out and then deleted all of my matches when I logged back in :/

anybody else able to log in but unable to see their matches?


Edit: well screw me tinder is stuck on "loading your matches..."

Can't log in?

Can't log in?

So I was on tinder this morning and last night and everything was fine. Had a couple new matches but I hadn't messaged any of them (or anyone for that matter) for days, possibly weeks.

I opened the app 5 minutes ago and it took me to the 'login with facebook/login with phone number' screen. I hit 'login with facebook' (because I have a new number and I don't think my phone was connected to it anyway) and instead of logging me in like it usually does, it gave me an 'Oops! Something went wrong' error message, no error code or anything. Tried it a few more times and it kept giving the same message.

Any ideas?

Same issue, must be a problem on their side.

Damn. Well glad it's not just me, I've heard horror stories of friends being banned for (apparently) doing nothing.

Same here, sure it'll be fixed soon

Dunno, not an iphone user, but I see you can get CCleaner for iphone; it'll do the trick. I use it on my droid regularly.

Try one of these subthreads