So I matched with Theresa May

So I matched with Theresa May

You gonna fuck her as hard as she's fucking our country?

Weird, I found Tim Farron on Grindr

All I can say is that it isn't just Jeremy Corbyn who's completely fucked her over the past few weeks

Nah I recon it's the real Theresa May that I matched with

Excuse me....

Excuse me....

Should have included her in for a threesome, OP.

She is a ballerina... ;)

I would've immediately assumed it was a bot

Very similar joke to one of the top posts...

what did I do wrong?

what did I do wrong?

I wouldn't use this subreddit as a guideline for what 'works'. The pun thing is funny and makes for great content here, but most submissions here seem to be from people who know they are tanking the match when they do it.

The D is for Despair.

Get the fuck out of here with your sound advice.

I guarantee 90% of girls who hear a guys tell them they are going to "give them the "D"" dry up instantly. It's cringe worthy


Her bio simply said "swipe left if you have bad grammar"

Her bio simply said "swipe left if you have bad grammar"

Really really smooth af

Since you don't (COMMA) can you help me with this sentence?

Come on, OP!

Thanks! I think I impressed myself

Wtf? An actual smooth line that wasn't a pun?? Am I still on /sub/tinder?

But seriously, well done. You baited that like a pro.

His profile and my response

His profile and my response

That giant penis must look absurd on such a tiny body.

His profile is a really really old copypasta

Yeah and my lazy ass is just now getting around to posting this on here.

Well she messaged him in March so that's part of it.

What's in a turtle's name?

What's in a turtle's name?

Shelby just fine

Have you considered enabling push notifications?

So the current girlfriend could see it when it pops up?

You crazy.

Where do humans live? In skin obviously

I think I'm in

I think I'm in

Consensual and sensual.

Smooth af

Best I could find: http://25.media.tumblr.com/f5f72f7fc226393777201eef8566e30e/tumblr_mkephwNozA1rhkyyso1_400.gif

Best I could find:

Intimate and intimidated

That time I wasted the perfect pun

That time I wasted the perfect pun

I wonder how many decent puns have been wasted on bots and are now lost into the abyss.

Wait.... when did bots start liking messages??

lost into the abits

what do those links lead too?

It's all about confidence

It's all about confidence

Well she seems nice.

This one GOTTA be ugly.

nice and crazy

"Hey" "Fuck off"

That seems reasonable

You're grammar

You're grammar

Op, Your rude. If your nicer to people on tinder there going to to be more inclined to go on a date w you. Please practice up on you're tinder game, their are many single people out they're looking for they're soulmate

possible that bryanna inherited her spelling skills?

Almost everyone is attractive on the eyes of someone.

Lighten up man, it's not like you are 5'4 or something..

Nurse: "How do you want to spell your daughters' name?"

Parents: "Yes"

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