Perkz said Bjergsen played close to flawless

Perkz said Bjergsen played close to flawless

Yea this whole Bjergsen thing is getting out of hand, he played so well on Xerath. It's like they wanted Bjerg to play Xerath like he was a different champion or something.

Powerofevil backing the statement too, several pro's actually commenting.

Guess I won't go on the main subreddit for a few days..

Edit: Jatt also responded to the tweet

It's so stupid. The mentality is that because Bjerg was the in all those teams that failed at worlds, he must be the problem. Conveniently disregarding the possibility that Bjerg is the biggest reason those teams even made worlds. This meme is actually festering in the minds of idiots and the fetid stench can be smelt through the drivel they type.

This kind of reminds me when Lebron couldn't win a championship, so he was under scrutiny by the media/fans.

Spring Split 2018 | W1 G1 | TSM vs TL

Spring Split 2018 | W1 G1 | TSM vs TLNA LCS 2018 SPRING

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Team Liquid 1-0 Team SoloMid

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Winner: Team Liquid in 28m Match History

Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B TL ornn zoe azir thresh khazix 59.2k 11 10 H3 I4 B5 O6 TSM kogmaw tahmkench ezreal braum shen 47.0k 1 2 O1 C2 TL 11-1-36 vs 1-11-2 TSM Impact gangplank 1 3-0-6 TOP 0-3-0 1 gnar Hauntzer Xmithie gragas 3 0-0-9 JNG 0-3-1 4 shyvana MikeYeung Pobelter malzahar 2 2-1-7 MID 1-0-0 1 ryze Bjergsen Doublelift tristana 2 5-0-5 ADC 0-2-0 2 kalista Zven Olleh taric 3 1-0-9 SUP 0-3-1 3 alistar Mithy

i honestly guessed we'd lose this one, but i kind of wanted us to have at least a pulse....


TSM Legends S8 EP1: Rough Start

TL looks super legit though.




Happy to be a part of the subreddit!

Happy to be a part of the subreddit!

Just wanted to extend my thank you to the TSM family over here on Reddit. You guys have been extremely nice and supportive of my recruitment onto Fortnite, much love!

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Welcome dude <3

Appreciate it my man.

Can't wait to see what you can do myth! Love your streams

I'll be totally honest with you, I had zero idea who you were when I saw the announcement. After watching your stream for a while and seeing how cool of a dude you are, I'm incredibly happy with the pick up.

Welcome to the family, and I can't wait to see what you can accomplish with the team.

TSM Konkwon announced as translator for 2018

TSM Konkwon announced as translator for 2018

Previously a pro-player. Konkwon has announced on twitter he's gotten picked up by TSM as translator for the 2018 season.

Welcome Konkwon!

Good to see them hire a translator with league experience, don't want things getting lost in translation.

Last time we signed a Team Coast alumnus we won an international Tournament.

This is a clear sign that TSM is winning Worlds this year.

Really? Was it that great?

As much as everybody loves lustcena, his english is likely still not at the level of a native english speaker such as konkwon. Even if he was good, maybe he voices concerns of maybe not being 100% confident in english and even then, konkwon as translator is not necessarily permanent. If the team decides lust is good enough, then konkwon can be relieved. Its really just a safe pickup which can easily be reverted.

Find yourself a guy/gal who looks at you like Sven looks at Mithy

Find yourself a guy/gal who looks at you like Sven looks at Mithy

Did you mean Zven?

I just noticed. I mean Zven, not Sven.

its gonna take sometime ..... :(

I'm sad now... Both cuz of Sven and cuz I don't have someone who looks at me this way.

TSM Arm Wrestling!

TSM Arm Wrestling!

"This was our last piece of content with the '16-'17 League of Legends Roster." 😢

Damn this video had a lot of cameos, loved seeing all the different generations of TSM hanging out

"This is for Sven morale, this is for next season TSM"

Oh general...

seeing Regi with the players really shows you he's more of a friend than he is owner/boss. Really puts into perspective why he goes the extra mile for his players even when they leave the team to get them the best offers.

Welcome SSONG + Lustboy!

Welcome SSONG + Lustboy!
Welcome SSONG + Lustboy!

Watch us make TSM great again. Fk it Baylife


I won't get excited. I won't get excited.

Fuck it were gonna smash NA, then go smash group stages.

thats what i fucking like !!!! these changes might end up be the most important out of all the roster changes

This is the year. I can feel it.

Coaching update will be next week!

Coaching update will be next week!

Ssong hasn't been officially announced yet. It was rumored that he was joining, but I think they're adding more than just a head coach.

Dilly dilly!

yeah, Ssong as been leaked a bunch now, and Lustboy said on stream he was going to be with TSM this split. i'm much more excited about the coaching changes than the player changes, tbh.

Fake fan.

Sven joins C9

Sven joins C9

Wish the best for sven, I know he has it in him to grow back to the player he once was.

Please Sven, stay off all sub-reddits. c9 subreddit is being soo cruel right now and he doesn't need it. Feel bad for him honestly, he doesn't deserve this hate and it makes me so sad :'(

Bio to CLG, Sven to C9... ugh my stomach

It makes me kinda sad they got such a beast jgl and they're complaining

Apparently they were too happy with their QF finish in playoffs with contractz

Parth's goodbye tweet to bio

Parth's goodbye tweet to bio

For me nothing will ever hurt like watching Dyrus give his retirement speech at worlds. #TearJerker

I'll miss this guy more than any other TSM Player who ever left even though he was only here for 3 splits

The CLG TSM Rivalry has been revived. TURN DOWN THE WHAT

That was different as we a had alot of great Dyrus years and he retired with the team. With Bio I'll always wonder what could have been, and would love to have him back on the team in the future.

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