Svenskeren back in TSM house!

Svenskeren back in TSM house!

Surprised no one has posted this?? I just settled in for dinner and watching Bjergs stream from earlier, and to my surprise about 5 seconds in he talks to Dennis! I know this is probably obvious to everyone else but I'm just so pleased he's back (keeps my dream for current roster alive)

Welcome home, Sven!

Im glad hes back.

Are you $100% sure that’s Dennis he was taking to and not MrRallez?


Too many people are drinking the main lol sub koolaid

Too many people are drinking the main lol sub koolaid

I voted you up if that counts for anything :(

I respect G2s bot lane but I love DL and Bio more. Would Regi really replace DL and Bio? as for as im concerned G2 didnt make it out of groups so what makes their bot lane any better than ours?

So Doublelift and Biofrost are definitely better than Zven/Mithy based off 2 bo1's in a meaningless tournament, but there is somehow a problem with our team/bot lane having only 6 games to prove ourselves in worlds group stage?

The main attraction of Mithy is the game knowledge and shotcalling he brings, something that TSM has been in DIRE need of for several years. Yeah, the Yellowstar experiment failed, but that doesn't mean you can't try again. We need better shotcallers period. Assuming they come as a package deal, it's worth it imo as Zven isn't any worse than Doublelift, but I'd be fine with just Mithy joining if it was possible.

If you honestly believe keeping the same roster and shifting around the coaching staff again is going to produce significantly better results come season 8 worlds, then I don't know what to tell you man. Using WE and MSF's knockout stage performance to justify TSMs failure at worlds is ridiculous, though.

Have my upvote.

So Doublelift and Biofrost are definitely better than Zven/Mithy based off 2 bo1's in a meaningless tournament, but there is somehow a problem with our team/bot lane having only 6 games to prove ourselves in worlds group stage

How many international tournaments it took for G2 to "redeem" themselves? They failed at every Worlds they've gone too, and MSI was just full of teams playing like fucking garbage.

Regi just posted this on Instagram. TSM Lakers?

Regi just posted this on Instagram. TSM Lakers?

Wouldnt surprise me considering other top Ball teams have got teams. It could be anything like a random discussion but i sure hope TSM gain a major investor from someone as big as the lakers that doesnt want a controlling interest.

You guys got it all wrong, it's Regi buying the Lakers.

I almost had a heart attack for a second thinking Lavar Ball was going to buy into TSM.

Thats some small ball mentality.

Talk to Thorin: Reginald on S7 TSM Post-Worlds

Talk to Thorin: Reginald on S7 TSM Post-Worlds

So at the end Regi pretty much confirms additions of subs and coaching staff. Now we play the waiting game to see who we're getting.

God I fucking loath Thorin's social media personality but his actual content is so fucking good

I mean, with B teams being a requirement for being in the NALCS next year, everyone will have a full roster of subs. So shouldn't be a huge surprise.

LOVED Regi's analysis of the draft for the final game.

Because it addresses what everyone has been saying, and addresses why people were both right/wrong.

Like he said it wasnt a "bad" technical draft... it was a poor strategic choice. Putting a team that was struggling in the early game, on a snowballing team comp... when they are SO OBVIOUSLY not getting any early game leads, not capable of putting on the pressure and maintaining it to win with that comp... it made NO SENSE to go into game 5, relying on snowballing winning lanes... Why force even more pressure onto your players by telling them "well if you dont get ahead in the first 10 minutes... your worlds run is over... good luck guys"

As LS addresed... it wasnt a bad technical draft. It was a perfectly acceptable/winnable draft.

But as Regi said, it was TERRIBLE in that situation.

Honestly... what these teams and especially TSM really need, is someone who can be the level/mature head in the room during team discussions. Someone who can go over basic strategy and understanding with them.

A lot of TSM's mistakes were mental mistakes, in that they didnt properly assess a situation, or properly analyze a draft.. and recognize what they needed to do to win.

IE if you are playing 5 late game champs... your only goal is to NOT give HUGE leads... small deficit is fine when you are on a better scaling composition...dont make plays, just avoid getting plays made on you.

Likewise... if you are going against a strong early/midgame team... your goal should be "just survive until 45 minutes" when a lot of the time they were looking TO engage, vs a team that was on its peak power moments, when they should have recognized "We dont need to make a play... we just need to chill and let the tide pass over us"

Not to mention, because most of these players are younger/immature and most of them were never in strictly competitive teamwork environments... you need someone to just help facilitate the communication among the players... someone who is willing to be the bad guy/good guy etc... the Guy who isnt afraid to address glaring issues.

As an example of player immaturity... if anyone watched the TL documentary about them back when they had Dardoch/locodoco/Piglet... it was SO INCREDIBLY OBVIOUS all they needed, was an adult/someone who was willing to parent these kids and put them in their places, as well as just facilitate simple conversations.

Instead it was just a bunch of immature narcissists competing in a dick measuring contest 24-7, trying to bully the others into agreeing with them.

Bjerg is back. Send him smiles.

Bjerg is back. Send him smiles.

Tweet 1:

Tweet 2:

He needs to just stay away from the lol subreddit tbh... literally just a cesspool of overconfident EU fans that want to make pros feel bad about themselves for some reason.

To be fair they've gone from shitting on Bjerg back to shitting on Doublelift...literally the top 2 comments in a post about a new player wanting to learn about the game are about doublelift not using they literally will find any way possible to shit on him even if it has nothing to do with the topic.

like they literally will find any way possible to shit on him even if it has nothing to do with the topic.

This sums up that sub in a nutshell. Goes further than just insults and shitting on people. Reading that sub is so boring because you know what the first top 5 comments will be before opening the thread, it will be whatever just hit front page shoehorned in to every thread for the next week. Then you get a minimum of 10 replies to that post saying FRESH, or SPICY, or some even lamer ones like "wow, i love me memes spicy in the morning men xdd".

I feel that a player such as Bjergsen shouldn't have ever had a problem regarding his position in TSM. He is still an exceptional mid laner with solid mechanics and great knowledge on a wide variety of champions. His plays from today still turn heads and make people go "wow". They aren't as great as the old days when one of his plays would spend a few days on the front page or would find itself on all sorts of montages from channels such as synapse or

Obviously a medium such as Reddit can be extremely toxic especially if you read those 3-4 comments written by haters that don't just slam their keyboards with their face. But I am glad he took the time he needed to recover his mental state and be able to move on from all the depressing stuff relating worlds.

I personally want him to stream some more. Seeing that he made a step towards a better streaming setup makes me all that more happy to view his future streams. I enjoy him as a streamer more than others because he isn't streaming just to force entertainment upon the viewer but to actually play almost in a casual fashion some League while from time to time explaining certain scenarios that occurred or can occur. And that makes me enjoy his stream 10 times more than someone's such as boxbox or tobias.

Bjerg, if you're reading this. Welcome back buddy! Stay possitve, we all know that you'll do a lot better in the future. Now start streaming! :p

EU bs and r/leagueoflegends

EU bs and r/leagueoflegends

Fucking everyone gets appreciation thread upvoted to the top except TSM. Hell we got overrated Bjerg instead.

lol the appreciation post about G2 going 3-3 in the group of death and saying they did well when TSM had the same group but even harder and everyone shit on them... it's just bias against TSM.

I loved the reasoning of "but TSM was so hyped!!!"

As if that was done by TSM themselves - and don't even get on Haunzter making tongue-in-cheek comments about semifinals and whatnot. A majority of hype comes from 3rd party content producers that target the largest audiences for the most clicks, views, and revenue.

But hey, I guess it is better to be EU teams and make basically zero content, only talk themselves up after a performance rather than before, and cry when things don't go to well.

I stay away from the main sub. Mostly because of this. I think without needing to say anything Riot needs more international tournaments. Hands down. These types of situations happens because Worlds is the only thing to look forward to internationally besides MSI.

Just wait until next Season. I personally still believe we are a stronger region currently. And maybe I will be wrong, but I think TSM will come back as a stronger team.

Parth: My last tweet was an emotional response to our results + lack of sleep. We will have an official update on potential changes for next year.

Parth: My last tweet was an emotional response to our results + lack of sleep. We will have an of...

To me this sounds like he was self-flagellating a bit with his original post.

My assumption, though it might be wrong, is that Parth doesn't feel like he's up to the job anymore. "That was my last time on stage" sounds more like "Ok, I'm not cut out for this, please let someone else take over" in this context.


I guess we'll have to wait and see what this means for the coaching position, but the major thing to take away from this is that it sounds like he's staying with the team, which is a good thing imo

I think he'd be perfect as Analyst, the role he originally had anyway.

they’re probably just as crushed if not more? lol those guys have dedicated basically every waking moment of their lives to achieving this goal and you have the audacity to make a statement like that?

Parth steps down

Parth steps down

Unfortunate, but I think its for the best.

I would still like Parth to stay as an analyst as I feel he has a very good intelligence for the game. But I think the team needs someone with a bit more authority as a head coach who can make the team more proactive on the map.

But best wishes to Parth in whatever his future endeavors.

It's for the best. But I hope he doesn't leave and stay with the team as an analyst

I'd actually love to see him in the management side of TSM. We all know that he's a very smart person and with the brand expanding exponentially with new sponsors and new eSport teams, Regi could need help with somebody he can trust.

I also think it would be more beneficial for the new head coach to be able to pick his coaching staff kinda like in traditional sports. This way, it's a fresh slate and the new coach can enforce his culture.

Dear Bandwaggoners,

Dear Bandwaggoners,

Please leave with your dumb suggestions. People are literally suggesting that TSM should kick Bjerg and Sven. Like really how ungratefull some “fans” are. I am not saying that we dont need changes. I am saying its wrong to treat our players like this when they are down. Everyone is sad and remember you cant be more upset or dissapointed than our players.

I doubt it’s even TSM fans at this point, just feels like toxic league loiterers trying to stir up drama honestly. I barely ever see shit this toxic on the sub until TSM take a hard loss and then we get super toxic shut being posted all at well as on C9 and CLG subs as well. Feels like it’s just a major influx of assholes trying to have fun with people.

Thank you for saying this. I was afraid to say something cuz I know theres gonna be a thousand 13 year olds bitching like they know how to manage the best league organization in NA history. Theres a big difference in being a real fan and being an ungrateful child

Anyone that says we should replace Bjergsen is INSANE. He's one of the best mid laners in the world, this isn't his fault as an individual. We made mistakes as a team.

I'm not really too much of a TSM fan (G2 till I die!!), but it is disgusting to me, and to many other EU fans, the way many are treating the TSM players on this sub and on /sub/lol right now.

Yes, your team didn't make it out of groups. Yes, your team had (theoritically) an easier group than before. YES, THEY FUCKED UP. But drilling that in won't help your team in the future, it won't help the players.

If you're true fans, then why are you hating on the players that a few days ago most of you were going on about "how much they loved them" and "how great the team is." That's not what true fans do; true fans stick through with their team, no matter what trouble happens.

It sucks. It really does suck. You all know that. But it sucks even more for the players when they come to their own team sub, a sub where they should be away from the hate, and they see a sub filled to the brim with exactly the things that they shouldn't be seeing (Although they probably aren't browsing at this point).

These players, YOUR players, invest their lives into the game, into entertaining you, and this is how you treat them? I'll say it honestly: it's as if they aren't even human to the majority of you. It's as if their purpose in life is to satisfy you. That's not how any of this works.

Perhaps TSM did, as most of you are saying, underperform. Perhaps they simply were not ready for this level of competition. Whatever the case may be, over the past 24 hours, this sub turned into a cess-pool of toxicity that needs to stop.

Support your players. Support your beloved team. Right now, more than ever before, that is what they really need right now.

And if you still want to talk shit about the team, take it somewhere else.

Ask yourself this: If you're feeling down and angry right now, how do you think the players and staff are feeling right now??

Post Group Stage Thread

Post Group Stage Thread

Welp it's over.

How do you guys feel? How do you think the team will go on?

Playing not to lose is the mentality that NA teams bring into week 2 of worlds last three seasons.

Sure MSF lost the first time vs TSM in week 2, but they took a shot. Blitzcrank and yasuo. When in the history of league can you remember an NA worlds team taking a shot like that to catch opponent off-guard.

Sucks to be an NA fan and 100% know your team is going to draft meta, and just praying the other team will do the same... But deep down you know... the opponent actually respects your team so they've got an actual strategy to go against your predictable picks whereas you're just going to go into game and hope you win by default.

NA teams are not the favorite. They need an underdog mentality. NA need to go out and take wins through proactive plays and taking risks. That's how MSF and FNC are still playing right now and IMT and TSM is flying home. Only difference in these teams is creativity and willingness to go for it.

I honesty believe Parth and TSM thought in every game this tournament "if we don't get snowballed on, we'll win [by default]". Even WE, which most analysts had as a top 5 team coming into the tournament had a great plan for TSM in wk2. Pure mid-game, Mystic on Caitlyn and 3 winning lanes. What was TSM plan? Play standard and hope for the best.

This year wasn't a fluke or a choke. It was a massive failure in preparation, a lack of respect for opponents, and a gutless low-risk low-reward approach in a highly volatile six game round robin situation. TSM isn't SKT. You don't just pick the best five champions and "let Faker do Faker things". Disappointing as hell that TSM thought they would just auto-win games and put out this performance.

ggwp MSF and WE. Go make some noise in the rest of the tourney. You definitely earned the spots!

To all the TSM haters and disbeliefers, to all those who doubted us, to all Thorins and Montes of the world: You win. I give up. We haven't been this dominant in NA since S2. If this team with these players can't manage to get out of this group, then we won't ever go far. I have never seen a TSM this cocky on social media before. Honestly, I am not even mad. I am just deeply, deeply disappointed.

I've been a fan since season 1 and for the first time in my life, I've decided to put the breaks on being a fan and keeping up with professional League overall. Not trying to imply that TSM will have lost anything substantial in my no longer keeping up with the team (I don't have nearly that much of an ego). But man, this is just too much.

I realized today after watching the games that these losses just take too much of an emotional toll on me. I've never really kept up with sports so TSM was the first team I was invested in, and man did I pour my heart and soul into them. I watched every "Legends" episode, read every thread (and sometimes contributed), followed the players' Twitters religiously, even listened regularly to the recent TSM Fan Hub podcast (y'all are great, btw), and even did my best actively to defy the "annoying TSM fans" narrative by encouraging other members on this subreddit to be positive, not jump to conclusions, and stop flaming fans of other teams.

It's not even frustration or anger that I'm primarily feeling right now. I think I'm just tired of being disappointed. Perhaps that's because my expectations were too high. Who knows. I'll be taking a long break from esports for a while. As for the rest of you who have the heart to continue supporting TSM, good on all of you. God knows our boys are going to need it.

please get a new coach and jungler, for the love of god. if lee sin isnt viable sven is practically useless, and he isnt even the best lee player.

parths drafts are so bad, there was a reason he wasnt hired as a coach originally.

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