Happy birthday to the man you started all of this. Happy birthday Reginald!

Happy birthday to the man you started all of this. Happy birthday Reginald!

It has been a hell of a ride supporting TSM for 7 years, all thanks to Reginald! Happy birthday man and enjoy your day!

Happy baylife bro

Happy birthday boss

Heres to 7 more!

Happy Birthday Regi!

In anticipation of a very historic finals this Sunday, I wanted to give a shotout to my favorite bot laners to ever play the game. Give it all you got, Peter. You will always be one of us. We love you.

In anticipation of a very historic finals this Sunday, I wanted to give a shotout to my favorite bot laners to ever play the game. Give it all you got, Peter. You will always be one of us. We love you.

Wishing peter the best. If it can’t be TSM it should be him. 100T look strong as hell too, but team peter can take this!

Damn good picture. I wish that roster worked out. God damn it, it's hard seeing them on other teams. So far that roster is still my all time favorite.

Whom we lost to...

I'm just rooting for both of these teams so I want a 5-game series. Though for me it's gonna be 3-2 in favor of TL.

Steve announces Peter will be playing in the NALCS Finals, let's give him our support!!

Steve announces Peter will be playing in the NALCS Finals, let's give him our support!!

Peter will always be TSM family no matter what team he is on and what he experienced was more awful than anything I can imagine someone his age going through. I am so inspired by his determination and strength. Let's make sure he remembers that this team and its sub still loves him, win or lose!!

Link to Steve's Tweet

I really hope it isn't a story line during the games though and I really really hope no one asks him about it if he is interviewed etc.

Agreed. Man, what a great competitor. Hope he pulls through and puts on a performance for the ages. GL DL!

o man. I was curious so i looked at the TL sub. They have some really bad idea that are getting upvoted. One guy suggested they wear patches on their uniforms as if a fellow player on the team had passed away. I already have a fear that that TSM CLG and TL fans are going to have a really hard time just letting peter do his thing and twitch chat and social media are going to be a constant supply of reminders of this tragedy that he probably wants to forget.

Sadly i think Twitch chat will remind him of this tragedy for years to come everytime he streams. People said that they already did this in Sneakys last Stream so he, the dude who tolerates alot of shit in his chat, eventually had to turn chat to submode.

Doublelift confirmed playing in LCS Finals

Doublelift confirmed playing in LCS Finals

What a fucking guy, nothing but respect for him. In a situation like this, choosing to compete, it's really inspirational. If TL win this, im pretty sure Doublelift becomes the NA born GOAT.

He already is imo.

he already is. Doublelift's resume is just too good. He failed at worlds, but we all know bo1 series at world aren't the most competitive, Best ofs are where it's at in league where it comes to finding out who's the best. Double in Series was always. Always. Unbelievably clutch. He was semi finalist S1 worlds and was fucking carrying already in his first big tournament. He was instantly recruited by CLG, top 2 org at the time, cause he was that good. He hard carried some dogshit CLG rosters against fucking M5/Fnatic/CLG.Eu who were fucking monsters at the time in tournaments like ipl5 and s2 worlds and iem's. He hard carried another of those dogshit roster in OGN, getting a pentakill. It's been 3 years IN A ROW he's been winning summer playoffs, getting 1st seed at Worlds. With 2 different teams. When CLG was about to get relegated losing 0-2, they just played three straight games of protect the doublelift and they won. They were that desperate. Then when TL was about to get relegated, they fucking bought him from TSM so he could get them in LCS. And that was after he had not played for a split bc he was streaming. He's that good. First LCS player with 1000 kills, most pentakills in pro play ever, with TEN. The second are Rekkles and Bang. They have FOUR. Always been Clutch in playoffs series, where it's most important. Ex: The ultra clutch lucian cull, or any of his insane game ending pentakills. also his recent playoffs perfomance

Bruh DL is family what are you talking about

Helping Peter

Helping Peter

Please forgive me if this is not the appropriate place to seek information.

Peter's tragedy is something that is very close to the heart for me. I won't reveal too much personal information for the sake of my family's privacy, but some time back my uncle (father's brother) murdered both of my grandparents (his parents). He has paranoid schizophrenia that was going untreated and remains incarcerated in some capacity to this day.

While I completely understand the circumstances are different, the pain and grief that its caused our family is something that is very difficult to experience. It hurts to see somebody I "know" go through something so painfully familiar.

When appropriate, I'd love to send Peter a letter, and my wife (a huge Peter/Vincent fan) would like to crochet a blanket for him, she does those very well.

I wouldn't do it this soon. But I was wondering if the folks here would know of a way to send fan mail/gifts to Peter.

Hopefully you can get in contact and this stays up

Hi there! Thank you so much for your support. We really appreciate all the positive energy being sent to Peter right now.

Feel free to DM me and we can arrange something.

Thanks a lot u/sleepyjeannn !

Post this on the TL sub, they most likely have a PO Box for the players to be sent stuff.

Try contacting u/Warchao, he's a kind of liaison for Liquid, and he's active on the subreddit

DL's unfortunate news :(

DL's unfortunate news :(

Peter is family; let's show him the support he deserves. He loved TSM and fought for us. Lets give back with support!!

This is heartbreaking, sending lots of love Peter.

This subreddit is always here for you, Peter.

You’re TSM family for life, and I can’t imagine what you’re yoing through. Like everyone has said, we’re with you and take all the time you need.

I thought it was fake. God please ease the pain he must be feeling.

Congratulations Doublelift/ TL thread

Congratulations Doublelift/ TL thread

44-2-34 KDA in playoffs, deathless in 6 out of 7 games, he is playing absolutely fucking incredible


edit: Doublelift also made finals in the last 5 splits he played in in a row (Spring 18 TL, Summer 17 TSM, Summer 16 TSM, Spring 16 TSM, Summer 15 CLG). Truly the greatest native NA player ever

I didn't agree with the removal of DL or Bio so I'm glad to see DL thriving without TSM.

Doublelift is absolutely insane.

Supporting former players is ok :)

Bjergsen will be on Beyond The Rift tonight

Bjergsen will be on Beyond The Rift tonight

Oh damn, thanks for sharing. I had no idea.

Opens up Qt stream and removes the chat

I'm ready.

Oh my god I didn't know how much I wanted this until now. I've always really wanted a Reflections with Bjergsen by thorin but this is also good.

Nice, one positive to come out of not progressing in playoffs

Lol everyone misinterprets his words so much. All he said was it wasn't like Clutch played like SKT or some insane team that it felt like there wasn't anything they could do vs them. He said Clutch played well but TSM made a lot of mistakes.

Can we have a serious discussion about post-game threads?

Can we have a serious discussion about post-game threads?
Can we have a serious discussion about post-game threads?

Because otherwise you get 50 threads on the same damn topics like the front page of /sub/lol has been complaints about the Irelia rework. At one point I'm pretty sure there was 3 on there about Frostblade alone.

This is why reddit isn't a great discussion format, something that's better suited to a message board.

I agree personally, if you don't want spoilers you shouldn't even be on the sub before watching the game. Trying to find meaningful conversation in post match threads is impossible these days, even I myself post only immediate reactions to live gameplay on there and then expect meaningful discussion after some time to cool off after the game.

They need to at least separate meaningful discussion from emotional reactions somehow, and a single thread is just a pain to deal with

There is a day after post where you can post. Otherwise there is a 24 hour rule that no one seems to read about.

TSM Haters be like

TSM Haters be like

To all the TSM haters, how does it feel? How does it feel to call a team bad every year at the beginning of the split, and later on get stomped so hard by them it makes all of your teams look like academy teams? Must feel pretty bad, I would feel pretty bad. :')

Nah, they're here

and they're salty

Probably the wrong subreddit to find tsm haters in 😆

Can confirm (C9 fan here). /s Although, I will say that I really do hope for TSM to perform well at MSI if they go. I usually root against TSM in NA, but I've always wanted them to bring pride to NA internationally.

Best of luck for playoffs, hope to meet you guys in the finals.

Try one of these subthreads