Roomba Dog

When your humans won't give you belly rubs so you resort to drastic methods.

Bark bark ima shark

Catching the fishy

Catching the fishy

lol wtf does that cat think it's doing


Need a version of this gif with a fishing pole doodled in.

If you look closely, you can see the kitty has on tiny AR goggles

"How the tables have turned"

"How the tables have turned"

Awww, your lizard brought you a cat.

When did you get your cat newtered?

Picked him up from the shelter, so he was like that from the gecko.

“Pleathe help. I’ve made a huge mithtake.”

Puss in socks

Puss in socks

Is your cat making too much noise all the time? Is your cat constantly stomping around driving you crazy?! Finally there's an elegant comfortable mitten for cats! Kitten mittens!

You'll be smitten

I didn't think I'd see a cat twerk today.

Water broke the circuits

What kind of pasta are you cooking?


Does no one else see a giant bowl of ramen?!


Cat.exe crashed

So they do have an off button!

Scruffing a cat is normal. It releases endorphins that make the cat relax

Ah yes. The, momma wants you to stfu response.

Explanation in another thread on this gif.

The short version is that binder clips don't hurt the cat, the cats are actually calmed by it and have a semi-positive response. It's felt that owners should be taught to use this technique for restraining the cat during claw trimming and teeth brushing as cats die because they're difficult to control at these times.

Sleepy old boy fading in and out of existence

He looks so strangely human. Grandpa boye

I want to call him 'The Colonel'.

(sorry for naked foot)

When the edibles kick in and you just sit there focusing on surviving.

/sys/module/usbcore/tail is stuck in a boot loop

Upvoted for pun

More of a jeans and socks loop. No boot sector was found.

Finally someone made a title other than dog.exe has stopped working!

A LG branded dog

cat.sit has encountered an error

cat.sit has encountered an error

flex/toes.exe is cycling on a continuous loop.

Thats kitty yoga. The position is upsidedownward cat.

Nice repost

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