My grandma just adopted a cat

My grandma just adopted a cat

Ah, she's going to have so many "what the fuck are you doing?" moments. Its cute, so it can get away with pretty much anything.

Also, your g-ma records? Mine can barely find the right channel on her TV!

Smelling durian can make any system crash

It's a fruit, known for it's "interesting" smell.

Sorry to ask, but what is "durian"?

I have the same reaction to durian.

It’s an apparently delicious fruit with the smell of rotten garbage.

The way he just stares out of the glass

Bets on there being a sunflower seed in sight?

He's planning something... don't sleep alone tonight!

Nah, he's just judging your life choices.

Puppy stopped working completely

Puppy stopped working completely

Oh my god, this face though, hilarious.


Reminds me of the non-HD design of Ripper Roo from Crash Bandicoot

Did you waggle the puppers tail and boop the snoot?

chew.exe has stopped working

chew.exe has stopped working

Please move that squirt bottle away from that power strip

Ping: 4200

Didnt see the leash until now

Åh, so that's how it's happening. Nice spot.


You're gonna pet m... oh. Back to the tread mill.

Walk.exe could not be found

I like how the cat stopped, went over and gave her the "what you looking at?" then went back to enjoying itself

Took me a while to see that it was on a leash

Me whenever my brother uses netflix

oh fuck!

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