Ticklish boy lag

The thumbnail makes it looks like he has the torso of a man.

C’mon u/Gallowboob, I know you’re a serial poster but at least get the gender right!

I can just picture you waking up, putting on your suit and tie, kissing your wife saying "I'm off to work, honey" then walking straight into your room and pulling up reddit

I was going to say 'chicken' but whatever...

Chip bag extension is not compatible with dog, and has caused it to freeze

I️ know someone who’s dog suffocated from this, be careful

Yup I had to bury my neighbors young dog while they stood there weeping. It was awful to say the least. They were gone for a hour and the dog suffocated with a chip bag on its head.

Thank you! Unfortunately that happens a lot. I don't find this funny at all.

I guess habit would be opening up the other end of the bag before throwing away. Good to know

Tongue.exe crashed

For that model the refresh button is on the nose

Boop the nose.

mlem.dll is missing

you may need to update your salivers, or try contacting your snoot provider directly

boop the snoot

Stand.cfg was installed in an inverted manner.

Stand.cfg was installed in an inverted manner.

A football with paws


A floofball.

The z axis is inverted, common bug

When they bring you back your girlfriend after a girl's night out

Can’t tell you how many of my friends I have delivered to their significant others in a state similar to this after a long night out. But I at least had the common decency to drop them off holding a bag of fast food (softens the blow of having to deal with a drunk girlfriend when you at least get a cheeseburger and fries out of it)

You're a good friend

Shes practically falling for him

Keys in the door, that's "making it home safe" in my book

Snow leopard cub's first jump attempt

Snow leopard cub's first jump attempt

Proof that cats will push literally anything off a tall ledge... including their young

You know he’s gonna jump right back up and try again. Bless him and his murder mittens.


Be like the snow leopard. When you fail, jump up and try again.

Meow.dll has encountered an integer overflow

My guess, someone's got a laser pointer aimed at the wall in the direction the cat is looking, or it can see birds outside a window.

Yeah, that's their "hunting yapping" not quite sure how that works in the real world but my cats do this as well.

The "hunting yapping" is exercising/stretching the jaws so that when they get the prey they can efficiently break it's neck.

Kitty wants to murder the camera or the person holding the camera.

"This looks comfy"

Cats are a liquid confirmed.

I like how angry he was that the human interfered like "I'm workin heeeeeeere"


Anyone fancy a loaf of cat?

Ever started laughing and just couldn't stop? (x-post r/funny)

Ever started laughing and just couldn't stop? (x-post r/funny)

Get fucked ribbon.

When the Ariane 4 space launch system was built, the flight controller was programmed in Ada. Ada is an extremely paranoid language. If there is ever an integer overflow, it doesn't just give back the resulting number, it throws an error which must be handled by the program. The engineers working on the Ariane 4 carefully considered their launch system, realized that an overflow in certain parameters was impossible with the physical design of that system, and didn't worry about catching an error in those places.

Later, the Ariane 5 was built. Much of the software was reused. The Ariane 5, being generally bigger and more powerful, resulted in the sensors giving some larger numbers to the flight computer than would have been possible on the Ariane 4. An integer overflow error occurred in one of those pieces of code that had been carefully considered for the Ariane 4. Being written in Ada, the program did exactly what it was supposed to: it threw an error message.

Because it wasn't caught, that error message got passed on, and eventually was output from that computer instead of flight control data. However, because this wasn't supposed to happen, the error message got interpreted as flight control data. Since it was entirely the wrong kind of data, this basically resulted in random signals being sent to the controls, and the rocket exploded shortly thereafter.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure that's what happened to this cat.

Indeed, but there is no surer way to guarantee

Indubitably, my dear compatriot, and well met upon the peregrination...

I hope they fix this in the next generation of cats.

When the treat-excitement breaks the doggo

He just can't come to terms with the bliss

He's trying to wag his tail so hard that he's actually wagging it slower. So much excitement.

I have never been this happy about anything.

It's more cinematic that way.

My first gold...thank you kind stranger.

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