Relax! It is a prank bro can't you see the camera!

Oh yea, those two play that game all the time. You can tell because the dog is very deliberately not looking at the cat, just waiting...

You know when the tail starts wagging in that fashion they're about to do some devious shit

She didn't attack my feet, she stuck her paws into my tea mug and bit me when I pushed her away.

Yup. One of mine is currently sitting on my lap staring at my feet and wagging her tail that way. I expect to be attacked any second.

Oh that’s your foot?

Oh that’s your foot?

That little mouth open thing is called "flehmen response" and is so they can smell you more effectively. Looks like stripey sock had a (relatively to the cat) smelly foot!

And here folks we see the elusive helpful redditor, carefully pointing out that OP needs to wash their feet without being overly insulting.

Oh interesting thank you!

Aww thanks! She just got spayed this week but she’s acting like nothing happened and continues bouncing off the walls.

Look at me I'm brave.... ahhhh no I'm not!

I would really love to know the thought process behind some of those actions there.

What is that posture called? It seems like leading cat scientists would want to name it instead of the got into the catnip on Halloween defensive dancing monster pose.

I always love cat side attack mode, gets me every time

He would be a lot more calm if this furry brown snake wasn't always trying to attack him from behind!

"Hmm, I wonder what this is... AHH! Retreat!"

This is a crosspost from /sub/catsisuottatfo, and the video is from This kitty has Cerebellar hypoplasia. It doesn't stop him from living a good life! They have lots of cute pics and videos on their account.

Here's the source:

At first I'm like..."Wow, that first swipe was pretty far off target"

Read your comment and felt awful. You do you kitty, you do you. :)

This cat's name is Marlo. I had the pleasure of couchsurfing with him and his amazing humans in Melbourne. He lives to the fullest and doesn't let anything slow him down, not even his drunkeness.

What fucking angle is this

Cat messing with the drying rack.

Oh this look so sof... ahhhrfdf.....just a little to the... aghhh,....swing.... Ajit

Edit: my phone corrects ‘shit’ to ‘Ajit’ Good phone

If you look closely, you can see the exact moment he realizes he’s fucked up.


He really is a shit pie

Cat startles himself

I used to have that same ball!

Figured this belonged here (x-post from r/bettereveryloop)

Figured this belonged here (x-post from r/bettereveryloop)

It always amazes me how cats jump without moving any muscles! It looks like they just expel from the floor!


That cat is in another dimension now

Smells good.... WHA!!!!


I never understand why cat's 'slap' something they're cautious about. If I wasn't sure what something was I'd verry cautiously open it up for the reveal. Not slap the fucking shit out of it xD

I don’t understand why they always slap it toward them and then get startled because it moved toward them.

Cats work in mysterious ways

This is a crosspost from /sub/catsisuottatfo! Here's the source video:

POP! 🎈🙀

Rude to the cat

He wasn’t ready

This kitty's name is Shadow! Here's the source video with sound:

Catnip lover

Well the cat's out of the bag now!

When it opened it's paws while jumping, it just seems so human like, I have no idea why. Cute lil kitty


Jazz hands!

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